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Zantac for Babies

A: We used Zantac for our daughter while she had reflux (up until the esophagus matured at 6 months-ish) and had great success with it. I would say that after only 24 hours she showed marked improvement and was much happier. As she grew we needed to adjust her dosage, so if you notice symptoms returning ask your doc if it’s time to re-evaluate the amount she’s getting.

We also had a scrip for Reglan but our daughter displayed some of the very rare but very serious side effects so we took her off of it immediately.

If you are trying to avoid using meds on your baby you can try eliminating dairy from your diet (if nursing) to see if the reflux pain clears up. Sensitivity to the protein in dairy (casein) can be a common problem in reflux babies.

As far as Zantac being the “best,” it depends on how severe the reflux is. Most gentle on baby is removing dairy from mom’s diet and altering baby’s positioning (sleeping on a wedge, etc) to see if that helps. Next would be Reglan. Reglan is a motility med and is considered the “lightest” med because it just helps the baby digest faster, thus clearing the tummy and hopefully alleviating the esophageal irritation and/or spitting. After that, Zantac is considered next “lightest” as it just helps neutralize the stomach acids. After that would be something like Prevacid which turns off the acid pumps altogether. If those things don’t work and there is an extreme case (baby aspirates a lot, is showing signs of malabsorption, FTT, etc) then there are surgical steps that can be taken. Again, that’s only in very, very severe cases.

FWIW, we mixed Zantac and some apple juice in the syringe to make it more palatable. If you have a compounding pharmacy near you, though, they can make it without the mint flavoring that comes standard in the pre-made stuff.

Who thought babies would like mint-flavored anything? Crazy :-P

Q: Babies with acid reflux using zantac?
My baby was put on zantac at 5 weeks old for his silent Reflux. When can i take him off of it. He is now 14 weeks old and a lot better. Has anyone else had to have their baby on zantac? And when did they stop using it?

A: My son had to stay on it until he was 8 months old. His doctor went through all of the other options before putting him on it, but it made a world of difference. We have a wonderful pediatrician who would call to check up on him every now and then, and I didn’t stop giving it until we had discussed it. I hated seeing the poor guy in pain, and she knew I didn’t want him on meds, so she kept check on him.

Call your pediatrician and ask their opinion. Sometimes the only reason they’re doing better is because of the meds.

Q: Zantac for babies?
I posted a question about my son not eating properly for the past 2 weeks. I went to see another doctor and he told me he had reflux. He prescribed Zantac. I’m really concerned about giving my 3 month old medicine. I know he has trouble eating, he would only eat 3 oz at once compared to the usual 5oz he ate before. Could it be possible to not have reflux for so long, and then all of a sudden at 2 1/2 months develop it? Also, if I keep giving my baby Zantac, will he be on this forever? Are there any other solutions for Acid reflux, such as maybe different formula? The doctor said, Zantac was my best option right now so he won’t be in pain. The thing is he never really spit up with his reflux, he would only turn beat red and cry and arch his back and turn away from the bottle, is that really reflux?
The doctor asked me if he arched his back, and I said yes. He said that is a big sign of reflux, and another sign is when a baby suddenly changes his eating habits, like my son did. That is how he diagnosed him with Reflux. Is that not the right way?
I just got back from his regular pediatrician, and she told me to not even think about Zantac, and basically asked why I would put him on medicine.

So she sent me home with Enfamil Lipil A.R with added rice starch. She told me this should work and not to bother giving him medicine.

The thing with this is, I’m not so sure I want to change his formula. I have switched his formula 3 other times before I found the one for him which is the 4th formula which tried and that is Similac Advance. I’m just scared that I will stop this medicine (WHICH IS WORKING ON THE 2nd DOSE) and put him on a formula he wont eat, and then I would have to go back to the process of getting his system confused and going back on meds and back on old formula.

I’m really upset, and angry, and I don’t know what to do anymore. I need someone to talk to that is going through this.

A: OK breath…if it helps him the give it to him. my son had the same problem. he was born a preemie so most time acid reflux comes with the other concerns. I had to give my son this medication about a month after he came home and it work almost right away. he starting eating normal. we had to change to another type because zantac wasn’t working for him. but rest assure it will help your son! if you decided not to give it to him you should know that you are running the risk of him getting phenomena because the vomit can go into his lungs. and no he will not be on it forever. he will out grow it.

Q: My baby seems to have acid reflux, has anyone tried zantac for babies? My ped has requested a GI check first.?

A: My daughter was given Zantac (prescription – liquid based) when she was a baby. I remember that she ended up sleep through the night a lot better with the stuff, as well as didn’t spit up as often as she did. They also suggested with the formula that she was on to add rice cereal to it. That did tend to help quite a bit as well. She did eventually outgrow the acid reflux. And also she just turned two years old in October.

But, please, I very highly recommend that you talk to your child’s pediatrician first and foremost before giving your child Zantac. As well as take his/her advice, since they do know what is in your child’s best interest.

Q: What has been your expierence with Baby Zantac?
My 3 month old daughter was diagnosed yesterday with Acid Reflux, they gave me a perscription for baby zantac to give her 3 times a day before feedings. For parents who have had expierence with acid reflux, how long did it take for the baby zantac to take effect? Also I read there were no serious side effects but I would like to hear personel expierence good and bad with this medication. Thank you in advance!!!

A: My daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and along with that sometimes comes reflux ( which she got , Lucky her…lol) any how she has been taking it since she was pretty little ( she is only almost 8 mos now) and has done great on it. She hates the taste so we mix it with a little fruit and a tiny bit of rice cereal to make it not so runny. She eats it right up now. My daughter has been on meds that we had to mix with fruit since she was 19 days old so you can give your little girl a bit of applesauce and cereal. If you have any other questions feel free to email me! Mandy

Q: Has anyone given their baby zantac syrup for reflux & found it keeps them awake?
My baby son was prescribed zantac syrup – 1ml per day to treat reflux but I’ve noticed that he’s now waking every 3 hours when he used to sometimes sleep at night up to 6 hours straight. He’s 9 weeks old so wondered if it could be the zantac?

A: Yes, my daughter took it from 1 month to 6 months and it never kept her fully awake but she tossed and turned all night. She always seemed very uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure if it was the medecine or if the reflux was still bothering her. I have had her off of it for one month now(she’s 7 months) and she sleeps 10-12 hours solid at night. I was told at 3 months to start thickening the bottles with rice and that helped some. I hope your son grows out of it a lot sooner than my daughter. The spitting up got really annoying!

Q: Pros and Cons of baby zantac? anyone notice that these drug companies offer most of the info on pros or cons?
Not only are the drug companies driving the reader toward the pro of zantac, i can’t help but wonder what the cons really are…I know my husband is in excrutiating pain if he misses just one pill. most of the natural stores i’ve gone to say its very hard to get off of for an adult, so what would it be like for such a fragile system in a baby or child? Help me with these questions…please!

A: One of my little brothers had terrible acid reflux as a baby, but once we put him on baby Zantac, he did great. His acid reflux cleared up once he hit about 15 months, and he had no problem coming off of the Zantac.

It seems like your husband has some SERIOUS gastrointestinal issues that need better treatment than an over-the-counter antactid medication. He may have some form of ulcerative colitis. I suggest you take him to a doctor. My mother has acid reflux and used to take Zantac daily–she stopped with no problems. Those natural stores are likely just trying to get you to buy their products.

There’s nothing wrong with baby Zantac as long as it’s used appropriately.

Q: Has anyone given there baby Zantac for Reflux? How soon does it strat helping?
I’ve been giving it to my baby for 2 days and he is still in pain. ANy recomendations? When do you give it to them?

A: My son was prescribed Zantac from 8 days old. It takes approximately 7-10 days to give full benefits. He now takes Prevacid…much better!

Q: Does Zantac work instantly for babies?
Okay so I was given Zantac because I think my baby has mild acid reflux. It’s enough to make her fuss and cry all night and day long. But anyways, my baby was just screaming at the top of her lungs and I so I gave her her dose of Zantac, and about a minute after she drank it she stopped crying. does it start working THAT fast? How long does it take to see a difference?
She is allergic to cow’s milk protein so she is on a hypoallergenic formula, and I think it has a probiotic in it already.

A: It is designed to cool and calm on the way down , so in answer to your Q , yes it wirks that quick , as she swallows it it soothes x congrats and best of luck x

Q: Does Zantac have bad side effects for babies?
My 7 month old twin girls are on Zantac for gas and acid reflux but I am not convinced this is a good idea. Did anyone have any bad experiences with it or do you know if it can be bad for babies?

A: It helped for my older son when he was a baby. But it didn’t work for my baby girl. She still vomited using that. But I found out that medicine burns when it goes down the throat. Prevacid works a lot better for my baby girl. She is 1 year old and still on it.

Q: My 3 month old was prescribed zantac for acid reflux… has anyone experienced babies using zantac for reflux?

A: They prescribed that for my niece when she was diagnosed with reflux. I think it’s pretty common practice.

Q: what is zantac and their side effects to my baby?
well my baby brother recently got checked and what we thought it was colic was actually a sensative stomach. we he fed he would curl and cry, in colic babies usually cry alot but my baby brother didn’t. so the pediatrician recommended zantac, she explained what my brother has but didnt say the name.

so is zantac only for babies with acid reflux and what is its side effects

A: My daughter was put on that last year when she was 4 months old. What a life saver! She too had a sensitive stomach and acid reflux. The Dr. also mentioned it takes time for the valve in the back of their throat to open and close normally. So this zantac just seemed to keep everything down. She was on it for 6 months at most. And her valve must have started working right because she out grew it. It’s pretty common I hear. I’m willing to bet that all those mothers years ago that had babies with “colic” really just needed zantac. It really helped my little girl. Smelled like black licorice though! I know their is a zantac for adults too, pill form I think though. My daughter had no side effects and it worked within 24 to 48 hours.

Q: Has anyone given there baby Zantac for Reflux? How soon does it startt helping?
I just started giving it to my one kiddo but he is still in pain and is still throwing up. I’m alwas worried about him choking in his sleep. durign the day i can burp him well and keep him up for a long time before putting him to bed, but he feeds at night too and i just don’t have the energy to stay up for 30 minuts to make sure he doesn’t through up

A: It generally works within a couple of days. It’s not absolute, though. My son slept on a wedge in addition to taking Zantac for months. Make sure to go through with his follow-ups. Reflux is sometimes an indication of more serious GI problems. Your child’s pediatrician should have discussed these concerns with you, however. If he never seems to have the time or doesn’t have a nurse dedicated to answering your questions, it might be time to find a new one.

To the first responder: Of course the child has a prescription. That much should go without saying.

Q: Zantac (Ranitidine) for babies…
My Daughter (almost 3 months) have just been prescribed this for reflux. She is having 0.4ml three times a day. My question is two fold:

1) Do any of you remember how much your child was prescribed at about the same age as my Daughter?

2) When I was pregnant I had really bad acid reflux and felt the constant need to burp (which began really painful) so I was given Zantac/Ranitidine tablets which worked a dream. However, I NEED my Daughter to burp during the day and with feeds as she suffers from GI problems and since starting the medicine yesterday her burps seem to have diminished. Anyone else experienced this or has she suddenly just got lazy with burping?

A: 1. I believe my son was taking 0.3 ml. But he probably only weighed 9 pounds, so if your daughter is heavier that may explain the dosage difference.

2. I always had trouble burping my son, but I never connected it to the Zantac. I think he was like that before he started taking it, but now that you mention it, I’m wondering.

Q: If your baby took Zantac for reflux how long did it take to start working?
My little guy was just started on it today – he is 5 months old and has been in so much pain lately from reflux. I’m hoping it works quickly! Thanks!

A: My son was put on Zantac, well actually Retadin the generic at about 3 months due to reflux, but his dr also put him on a special formula after I was no longer able to breastfeed. It seemed to me that the medicine made a difference within a days time. It is quickly effective I think. Now he is 6 months old and if I am even late giving him his dose you can definitely tell. makes for one cranky baby. But at least I know the medicine is working well. Hope you have as much luck with your little guy!

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Tums Pregnancy

A: Lol…….. what is sin tums he he he ?
i guess it should be symptoms lol…….
friend every women experience different types of symptoms mainly like
appearance of white glands on the nipples of the boobs,
gigivitous a kind of gum problem,
some feel hungry all the time and some gave up to eat,
nose stuffiness,
and many more you should try to search on google about this .you can find any info about pregnancy there.Good luck and improve your english little bit.I will help everyone to help you.

Q: Is it ok to take Extra Strength Tums or Rolaids during pregnancy? Or do they have to be regular strength?

A: Tums and Rolaids should be fine, it’s usually painkillers that can cause problems. But you should always double-check with your doctor first because what might be ok for one person during their pregnancy might not be good for someone else during their pregnancy.

Tums and Rolaids are mostly calcium, and calcium is a neccessity for many women anyway, especially before and during birth (as well as after) to keep their bone strength. You should also be making sure you get plenty of Folic Acid (which I think is also in Tums and Rolaids, but I don’t have a bottle near me to check). Find a bottle of one or the other and see what the label says.

Good luck! And Congratulations!

Q: Are Tums safe to take throughout the entire pregnancy?

A: My doctor told me to take tums during my pregnancy because they are full of calcium and very safe

Q: What can I use to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy?
TUMS doesn’t work for me.

What else can I use that is safe during pregnancy?

A: ginger is a natural remedy…you can eat food with real ginger in it, like ginger chicken (yum!) or get the pills at a health food store (read the label to ensure it contains only ginger)…

you can also put one teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of 8 oz of water and stir until the baking soda is dissolved (very important)…it doesn’t taste very good, but it works super fast–you’ll be burping in no time

I have also eaten something high in protein so the acid has something to work on, like a 1/4 cup of walnuts—get your omega 3s and unsaturated fat along with acid relief

milk doesn’t work for me–it seems to create acid instead of reducing it…

Q: What have you found works well to get rid of heartburn and nausea during pregnancy?
I am 3 months pregnant with my second child. My doctor is on vacation for another 2 weeks, so I can’t ask him this… I need something to help me out with heartburn and nausea. I have AWFUL heartburn and nausea all day long. It doesn’t matter what I eat, how I sleep, what I drink.. I drink water and I get heartburn. I have some candied ginger I chew on that slightly helps the nausea, but not the heartburn, and TUMS and ROLAIDS only help the heartburn for a short time… I obviously need something safe for pregnancy and hopefully a food or something that will help… thanks

A: Ask your doctor about taking Prilosec or something similar, they allowed me to do it in the second trimester if I remember correctly, The nausea should be going away any day now. I was a big fan of rice cakes and ritz crackers. Also, try a small amount of caffeine free Pepsi or Coke.

Q: Can someone please tell me something i can do for severe heartburn besides Tums?
I am early on in pregnancy and have terrible heartburn and I can’t stomach the taste of tums or rolaids- is there anything else someone could tell me that works?

A: Milk will give you instant relief but not for a long period of time.

Q: I am almost 17 weeks and the heartburn phase of my pregnancy has just started…argh! Can I eat Tums?

A: You will become very familiar with Tums–I personally like the Smooth Berry kind. Just don’t take more then what the directions say.

Q: Does anyone out there know of anything other than tums that I can take for acid reflux?
I am 20 weeks pregnant, and I haveacid reflux (before pregnancy) the medication that I took, I cannot take while pregnant. I have been using tums, but everything I eat causes it, and at times it gets so bad the tums have no affect. Any suggestions?

A: I hear ya:) I’ve been living on Tums and if the heart burn isn’t enough to make me cry the taste of the chalky tums is:) The best advice would be to call your doctor – because they know the full list of prescription medication for acid reflux that would be safe to take while pregnant. Drink milk – which i can’t stand either – but it does help and also eat smaller meals more often and try to avoid the foods that really make it bad. Good luck:)

Q: What everyday foods are good for pregnancy heartburn?
Well folks, I am hitting that third trimester, and the baby is high enough and pushing everything up enough to give me good old heartburn at night.
I just wanted to see what natural suggestions people had for getting rid of the heartburn. This is my second time around and I don’t remember what all I did with my first, besides Tums.

I’m looking for more along the lines of what I should put in dinner to help.

A: Well Drinking a cup of milk always helps me. I’m 33 wks along and I know all about the heartburn. Another thing you could do would be to try and hold off on your tomato type foods. That’s one of the worse heartburn starters for me bc of the acidicness of anything tomato LOL. Also keep a extra large container of tums by your bed at nite ;) Water sometimes helped also, or taking a bath. Dunno why but it works for me

Q: What do you do for indegestion during pregnancy?
I am 18 weeks pregnant with my third child and I never have had indegestion. Now, I have indegestion all the time. What can I do to alleviate it? I have tried tums and it barely helps and I’m afraid to do much else. Any advice please.

A: I take tums! You can take pepcid or zantac too!

Q: How are you dealing with the heartburn during your pregnancy?
I take tums, literally daily and sometimes several a day. The worst seems to be at night before bed or in the middle of the night for me. I am 36 and a half weeks pregnant. Just wanted to know how other pregnant women were coping :)

A: Mine is horrible. Especially at night. Tums wouldn’t even touch it. So the Dr put me on Prilosec OTC (they have a generic at walmart) and my husband raised the head of our bed 4 inches. Those things have help tremendously!! I hardly have any trouble and if I do, I take a swig of Maalox Advanced..also safe. Prilosec OTC works a different way than Tums. Tums only helps to ease the effects of acid reflux/heartburn. Prilosec stops it from happening by stoping your stomach from producing the acid. Tums is a quick fix. For short term use. If it is happening daily, and Tums isn’t working you may need something else. Talk to your Dr. Also try not to eat anything at least 2-3 hours before bed.

Q: What kinds of things help heartburn or indigestion in pregnancy?
I tried eating smaller portions today, but I still have heartburn! The Tums aren’t quite doing the trick. Any other advice? Thanks!

A: This is from the website www.whattoexpect.com Helped me tons!!!
It’s that last stretch of pregnancy, when you can almost see the finish line — and it seems like your heartburn wants to stay with you every step of the way. Nearly half of your expectant running mates have also been feeling your pain — probably for most of their pregnancies — and with good reason. Among the smooth muscles that are loosening and relaxing under the strict orders of your hormonal regime is that ring of muscle that separates the esophagus from the stomach. When this muscle loosens, the harsh digestive juices from your tummy back up into your esophagus. The stomach acids irritate the sensitive esophageal lining (right around where your heart is, though it has nothing to do with your heart), creating that searing pain. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to put the fire out:

Sit up and take notice. Make sure to sit upright while eating — and stay that way for a couple of hours after you eat. Lying down, slouching, slumping, and stooping will do you in. And when you have to bend, do it with your knees instead of at your waist (or you’ll send all that acid for a repeat ride up your esophagus).


Chew it over. Do your body a favor and eat slowly. Chewing is the first step in the digestive process, but the one that’s most often neglected when eating’s done on the run. The more you chew, the less work your stomach has to do. Another chew that’s good for you: Chewing sugarless gum will increase saliva, which can help neutralize acid in the esophagus. And while you’re at it, leave stress off the menu — anxious eating compounds digestive distresses of all kinds, including heartburn.

Catch the early bird special. Not to save money — but to save yourself heartburn. Whether you’re eating at home or out, take your last big meal at least two hours before bedtime so your stomach can get started on digestion before you lie down for the night. (A before-bed snack is fine, so long as it’s light and easy to digest.)

Break it up. Better still, skip those big meals altogether — six small meals are the pregnancy solution to just about whatever ails you, from heartburn to bloating to lagging energy level, you name it.

Think loose and flowing. No matter how voluptuous your upper curves make you feel, if you have heartburn, now is not the time to wear anything that Pamela Anderson might favor — tight clothes just fuel the burn.

Don’t play with matches. Some things are sure to light your heartburn fire. Just say no to highly seasoned spicy food, caffeine (this also relaxes the esophageal valve), alcohol (which is off the menu anyway), greasy foods of all kinds, and too much citrus. (If OJ gives you trouble, water it down a bit — or buy a low acid variety.) Peppermint turns up the burn in some women, but not all.

Hold your head up. Sleeping with your head elevated about six inches can keep the burn from waking you up.

Keep it down. Extra pounds can make heartburn extra worse. Try to stay within the 25-to-35-pound recommended weight gain.

Raise your hand. Ask your practitioner whether he or she has a preference for an over-the-counter antacid or whether you need prescription strength. As you’ve probably already figured out, taking Tums or Rolaids is a great way to ban the burn while boosting your calcium intake.

Feel like a natural woman. If you want to avoid over-the-counter antacids, you can try the following popular folk remedies.

Papaya (fresh or dried): You can also ask your practitioner about the safety of using chewable papaya enzymes. (You can find these in health-food stores.)
Almonds: Good for calcium as well as being a stomach settler.
A tablespoon of honey in warm milk: Yummy and relaxing. Some say all dairy helps, and others say the opposite. (At the very least you’ll get in your calcium.)

Q: What should I use during pregnancy to get more calcium besides milk?
I was thinking about taking Oscal or either Tums with calcium-do anyone knows if these are beneficial.

A: It’s better to get it from food, but your prenatal vitamins have a lot. You should consult with your OB/GYN to be safe, but here is a short list of non-dairy foods that are calcium-rich:


Google your question, and you will find many more resources too long to list here.

Q: What are some foods/drinks/techniques to help combat nausea in early pregnancy?
My wife’s stomach is constantly gurgling and she has a lot of acid. I’m not so sure eating a ton of TUMS is the best thing for a pregnant woman. Any natural remedies?

A: crackers, ginger that has not been processed (ginger chews, ginger tea, or ginger ale), sea bands, lots of water…

Another thing – check to see when she is getting nauseous. If she seems to get ill feeling about 2 hours after a meal and/or first thing in the morning, she is probably letting her blood sugar get too low between meals and should have small protein-rich snacks throughout the day to keep her sugars up a scoop of peanut butter, bananas, trail mix, etc..).

To keep her from having MORNING sickness, have her eat a hard-boiled egg or banana before bed and then, on waking, peanut butter on toast with a cup of ginger tea.

If she is eating greasy foods, or consuming lots of caffeine – this too can cause nausea.

Good luck, it will soon pass, hang in there you two. :o )

Q: What foods or drinks caused the worst heartburn for you during your pregnancy?
I am 26 weeks pregnant, and EVERYTHING I eat or drink causes bad heartburn for me. EVEN WATER!!!

I do take Tums, but don’t like to take them a lot because they can cause kidney/bladder stones.

What foods/drinks should I completely avoid? What foods/drinks help?

A: with my first pregnancy, i really don’t recall having heartburn. with my second, i just had to look at food and i’d get heartburn. i think bread caused the worst heartburn. my doctor told me to take rolaids. i must have been popping those things like candy! i didn’t leave home without a whole bottle. the only thing that finally relieved it was his birth!

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Oct 14

Tums During Pregnancy

A: yes, in fact my Dr recommends it. Milk makes me gag so this is another way to get calcium. 2 per day is good. :)

Q: Are tums okay during pregnancy for heartburn?
I get bad heartburn at night due to my extreme craving for lemons. I try to stay away from them as much as possible at night, but I tend give it.

I don’t want to take any other antacids and I wondered if Tums are approved to be safe for pregnancy.

A: I am holding a list of approved medications my midwife gave me-Tums are on the list!
Plus, they have calcium. Bonus.

Q: How safe are tums to take during pregnancy?
Tums are on my “safe list” from my Dr and I take it whenever I have indigestion, but I am hesitant to take it very often because I kind of remember reading something about taking too much of it being bad for you or something… Any good info on it?

A: I do not think you have anything to worry about my doctor said they were fine just don’t go over the daily recommended amount they were my best friend during my pregnancy I took them everyday cause I had heartburn and ingestion so bad and my little girl is healthy and happy :) best of luck

Q: Effects of Tums during pregnancy?????
Are there any adverse effects from using Tums for heartburn during pregnancy. I try not to exceed the daily dose, but there are days I do take the max, depending on my heartburn.

Does anyone know any adverse effects that have been caused from Tums?
I know the plus side of it is that they are loaded with extra calcium.

Thanks again ladies!!

A: Many moms eat TUMS like candy during pregnancy. Heartburn can be nasty! I certainly took a lot of them (especially with the first 2 kids) and everything turned out OK.

The calcium in the TUMS is good for you.

Actually, if you pop one about every 15 minutes for the first 2 hours or so *AFTER* the birth, it can even help with your afterpains!

Q: is it okay to have TUMS during pregnancy?
i have nasty heart burn ALL DAY !!! … is it okay to have tums?
ALSO is it normal to have nausea ALL day ??

A: It’s totally fine! It’s actually good to have since it gives you calcium…I’m due April 16th 2010 and i’m in you’re boat right now…Nausea ALL day long..it’s worse at night and in the morning..my doctor gave me diclectin and so far it’s kind of helping but makes you really really dizzy. Good luck!

Q: Are Tums safe during pregnancy? Is it ok to take them with prenatal vitamins or too much?

A: Yes, they are totally safe. Just make sure not to take them together. Separate them by 2 hours because the tums will cause the iron in the prenatal to become inactive and the iron is important in the prenatal.

Q: Taking Tums During Pregnancy?
I was told that I can take tums while I’m pregnant. I have also heard that they can give you cavities. Has anyone else heard this?

A: I know that you can take them but I have never heard they give you cavities. i took them all throughout my pregnancy I had heartburn so bad!

Q: Tums during pregnancy?
I am 25 weeks and having heartburn and my dr said get the reg strentgh tums..the back says take 2-4 per dosage, I took 2 thinking that was the low amount…is that ok? also it says dont exceed 15 per day for non pregnant women, being pregnant how many is the max?
thank you everyone..I am just a paranoid mommy to be who just wanted to make sure=)
Just wanted to make sure it was ok to take 2 at one time

A: yes taking 2 is perfectly fine. As far as the max amt per day while pregnant… I don’t know, but I use them as needed but don’t exceed the normal max amount. Mixed berry flavor is the best! Also, try chewing gum or milk

Q: TUMS during pregnancy?
Hey! I’m 16 wks. I am experiencing some heartburn. And of course the normal response and safe solution is take TUMS. But i am also taking a synthroid (thyroid medication), prenatal vitamins and i have a yeast infection for which i am taking a 7 day treatment which has to be inserted at night time before bed… (sounds like fun, huh?) Well, i was wondering if anyone knows if it is ok to take tums also now, though i am taking all of those medications. I have called the dr’s office, but they haven’t called back yet. Anyone? Thanks in advance… :)

A: Tums is perfectly safe regardless of your other medications. It is calcium carbonate. It will also help you get your daily intake of calcium. It will not affect your yeast infection, I suggest avoiding sugars and eating a lot of yogurt get the kind that says wih added acidiphillus to help combat the yeast infection, acidophillus tablets are heplful too.

Q: What do you do when Tums won’t fix heartburn during pregnancy?
It is So bad, I always feel like my throat is being eaten away by acid, and Tums will help for about 5 minutes, and then it’s back. Suggestions?

A: When I read this the firs tthing that popped into my head was “ZANTAC” but someone beat me to it!
I used the ultrastrength tums (the HUGE ones) and when i couldn’t even lay diagonal without my throat burning and feeling like I was seconds away from vomiting, I ran for the zantac. it’s honestly a lifesaver

Q: How well did TUMS work for you during pregnancy? ?
I just got some..and they seem to be working good when I take two tablets.

How did they work for you and how often did you take them?

Is it ok to take 6 a day as needed?


A: Not well at all, for me or anyone I know for that matter.

And i wouldn’t take 6 a day, that’s excessive. It’s a lot of magnesium.

My mom used to pop them like candy, and she had really bad stomach problems a year later that required surgery (not to scare you! just remember, it’s medicine, and never go up to a maximum dosage if you can help it, ESPECIALLY during pregnancy)

Q: Are TUMS safe during pregnancy.I am using almost 10 daily.I am using them for both calcium and heartburn.?
Is it safe to baby?I got habitutuated to them.please help me

A: I know they are safe during pregnancy.. however, 10 sounds like a lot. You should ask your doctor or midwife about that one.

Q: Can i use tums and advil during pregnancy?

A: Advil caused me to bleed for a week, so no advil.

Q: Is it okay to take tums or pepto bismal during pregnancy?

A: Even Though TUMS are a yes, My heartburn is all the time, and too many TUMS can cause calcium deposits, So my OB has told me to use TUMS and Pepsid AC

Q: Are Tums safe to take daily during pregnancy just for the calcium?

A: Yes they are easier digested than other supplements.

As for these two guys – TUMS are a calcium supplement!!!

Doctors recommend them above other forms.

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Oct 14

Tums and Pregnancy

But I’m just wondering, how often is too often to take a tums in pregnancy?

I might occasionally take one or two during the day (I haven’t had to do this yet), right now I’m just looking at taking one at night near when I go to sleep so I don’t keep waking up with heartburn and indigestion. Is it bad to take one every night before I go to sleep? Should I try to do this only occasionally?

It helped so much though!!

A: I’ve never heard of Tums preventing anything in pregnancy but they do contain alot of Calcium which is VERY healthy for pregnancy.
I was averaging about 10-15 a day for heartburn (it was horrible and no matter how many I took it wouldn’t go away!) and my OB said that was fine. He ended up giving me a prescription for Zantac, though, because Tums weren’t helping with the heartburn anymore. But, he did recommend that I still take 2 or 3 a day for the calcium.

Taking Tums regulary is NOT going to hurt anything, especially just the one you talk about nightly before bed.

Q: Tums and pregnancy, bad?
is it bad to take tums or pepto every night when pregnant?

A: I don’t know about pepto, but I couldn’t have survived my pregnancy without the TUMS! I ate them like candy. lol. Good luck!

Q: Pregnancy and tums questions?
Hi I am currently 32 wks pregnant.My question is is there a limit on how many tums we can eat?The heartburn is so bad at this point I feel like im constantly eating them.Anyone else?

A: I ate alot of tums when I was pregnant and my daughter was fine. I give them to my daughter when she says her stomach hurts and it makes her feel a little better.

Q: Tums in first trimester of pregnancy? Is it safe to take up to 6 a day?
I don’t take six everyday, mostly 2 to 4 depending on how bad the heartburn is sometimes none. but is six way to much? I know i took 4 to 6 in the last two days and that’s more than the recommended daily dose of calcium for a pregnant woman. but the bottle says up to 10 in 24 hours. and the i told the doctor i take tums but i didn’t ask how much was safe.

A: As long as you aren’t over dosing on calcium with your prenatal and tums its okay. Calcium takes quite a bit before you could reach an overdose. I am taking Tums as an extra calcium supplement, 4 per day and my doc said that was fine as long as I didn’t take them until at least an hour after I took the prenatal… however the turd didn’t explain why the hour wait.

Q: pregnancy and tums??
i hear that alot of people take tums for the nausea and vomitting, etc. what kind and how much is a limit??

A: I take up to 4 a day for heartburn.

Q: Terrible heartburn during pregnancy, any tips??
I’m 12 weeks pregnant and last night/this morning I’ve suffered from terrible heartburn and indegestion. Last night I had some potato soup and a sprite for dinner along with some bread. I didn’t eat late (around 6:45). Around 7:45 I started feeling terrible, couldn’t lay straight down, had to sit straight up. I couldn’t sleep last night and even made a midnight trip to a Walgreens for some tums. Pre-pregnancy I never suffered from heartburn/indegestion, do you have any tips?

A: Tums were my best friend.

Q: Are TUMS safe to take during first trimester of pregnancy?
I am only about 6 weeks a long and already have what feels like heartburn/ indigestion.

A: tums are safe during pregnancy, but from experience, saltines do just as much good, my problem came from having an empty stomach, so i would eat a couple of saltines before bed so my stomach wasn’t totally empty, and i would eat a few as soon as i got up for the same reason, tums didn’t work all that well for me, but everyone is different

Q: Are tums and Pepto Bismol ok to take with pregnancy?
I’m using the Tums to supply my body with calcium and the pepto every once in a while for upset stomach. This should be alright, right?

A: I have the “Mother of all Pregnancy Books” by Ann Douglas, book was recommended by my doctor.
It says that Bismuth Subsalicylate which is in Pepto should only be taken the first five month of pregnancy and not to exceed the recommended dosages.
It also states that Simethicone which is in Tums, that there is a possible association with cardiovascular birth defects, but cause and effect in not likely.
If you have any other questions about medication check out:

Q: I have bad pregnancy heartburn and don’t want to take Tums. What can I do?
Is there anything else? Tums seem to make it worse.

A: You can Try A Glass Of Milk. Also I have heard eating celery Helps. Maybe Try Some Yogurt Or Try Something else Like Zantec Which is safe during pregnancy.

Q: Is taking TUMS in the first three months of my pregnancy ok?
I had never in my whole life experienced heartburn or indigestion and now both things are permanent…any advice is greatly appreaciated

A: I wouldnt live without them! Tums is fine to take! GOod luck and congrats!

Q: Tums working for heart burn during pregnancy?
Did they really work for you? what did you take…

I am 12 weeks pregnant and sometimes i want to cry. :*(

A: Oh hun i feel ya! I have had the worst case of heartburn this pregnancy.

Tums worked for me for a little while but i think my body got used to me taking them and became immune or something.

Zantac works but takes a while, and was reccommended by my dr. He told me to take 2 a day. One when i get up and one before dinner. It does help.

Mylanta works too but tastes nasty. Also ok to take during pregnancy. It helps soothe immedietly compared to the zantac. I reccommend the ultimate strength.

Good luck! I hope you can find some relief soon!!!

Q: What’s your remedy for pregnancy heartburn?
I have terrible heartburn and with my last pregnancy, I took lots of Tums which my doc said was ok, but I was wondering what natural remedies work just as good. Thanks!

Oh-it’s not just spicy foods I have to avoid-I get heartburn from even drinking water!! It’s everything that causes it~

A: OMG! I know exactly what you mean. Even if I dont eat something (when I went for a glucose test) I get heartburn. I have been drinking milk and that helps tons. And, peppermints also help. I keep those soft ones at my desk and suck on those. But, like you said water even brings it on too. So, I hope these help you. Good luck!

Q: Does anyone have a hidden secret to relieve heartburn besides Tums and Milk?
I have horrible pregnancy heartburn and I go through Tums like candy and I might as well just buy the darn milk cow. Any tips to help relieve it for more than 30 minutes would be great.

A: You can keep Mylanta in the fridge. It’s safe. (My hospital gives it to women in labor.) Something about the cold in addition to the antacid seems to help, and you can take it as often as you need to.

With your OB’s OK, you can take 150mg of Zantac twice a day. (You can buy Zantac over the counter, now.)

And, if all else fails, get a prescription for or some samples of Prevacid. That’s what I ended up doing, when the Zantac wasn’t enough, and I never had another problem with heartburn. I took it up until the day I delivered, both times, and then quit.

Q: I’m 28 weeks pregnant and having major heartburn. I think it may be acid reflux?
I’m 28 weeks pregnant and lately I’ve been getting really sick after I eat. This morning I actually threw up while asleep!!! Is anyone else having this problem at this stage in pregnancy?
Tums isn’t helping! ugh

A: I had the same problem.. I had bad bad heartburn no matter what I ate it was painful and annoying! I threw up a lot too because of it but mostly at night time or waking mid night to throw up. Your baby probably has a lot of hair. Mine did and we were told by doctor that the more heartburn means more hair on baby, some doc at UCLA did a study on it!
The only thing I found to help was eatting tumes (which didnt help that much) but I ate ice cream all the time to help sooth it.. I still would get a lil heartburn but the dairy of the ice cream made it less painful so my 3rd trimester I lived off choclate chip ice cream… You could try vanilla flavored just dont do the choc or strawberry or fancy flavors.. I think it was the vanilla ice cream that helped it.
Good luck! Your almost to the end.

Q: How early can you experience pregnancy sypmtoms and what are the early signs?
My last period started august 30, my cycles are usually 36-38 days so im expecting my period around the sixth. I’ve noticed some nausea and really bad heartburn to the point i’ve been grabbing tums one after the other all day long. signs or pregnancy? or am i just paranoid?

A: The way I realized something was up was because I would be cooking dinner for my husband and the smell of the hamburger meat would make me physically sick and gagging. Also I instinctively quit smoking, I just didn’t want them anymore, but I did this not knowing I was pregnant. Anyways, I was using pepto Bismal when I started to feel nauseous and not know why, lol. But pepto isnt good for the baby although tums are fine. Just take a pregnancy test. I think it takes about 2-4 weeks for you to notice signs and symptoms.

Edit: I couldn’t tell just because my period was missing since my periods have been irregular for as long as I can remember.

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Oct 14

Stomach Acid

A: Only your doctor can answer this, as the term ‘gastritis’ is a broad one kind of like ‘pneumonia’ or ‘arthritis’. Treatment depends on your particular cause and type, so for example if you have a H. pylori bacterial infection you can receive antibiotics.

Q: Does morning sickness feel like stomach acid creeping up in your throat all the time?
This week when I bend over or for no reason at all stomach acid creeps up in the back of my throat. Saturday I woke up in the middle of the night with my throat on fire. I have a pretty strong stomach and managed to not get sick, but I feel like it was always a possibility. Did anyone else get this?

A: that’s heartburn, not morning sickness. they say that if u get a lot of heartburn during pregnancy that mean ur baby will have lots of hair. i had really bad heartburn during my first trimester, so it is normal, just pack up on anti acid pills like Rolaids or Tums and drink lots of water

ps. do not drink milk or eat b4 bed, it gives u more heartburn, trust me, i’ve had heartburn for over 7 years now. try using 2 pillows to keep ur head up, that’s one of the best ways besides pills, once i got pregnant and got heartburn more than usual, i started using 2 pillows, haven’t woken up from heartburn ever since.

Q: What pH should my hydrochloric solution be when making simulated stomach acid?
i read that stomach acid has a pH that can range from 1-4, but most commonly, 2-4…but i also read that stomach acid is hydrochloric acid at a pH of 1…so what pH should i dilute my acid to? can you pls give me a small explanation to your answer just for reliable info, or give me a reliable source where you got your answer

A: Use a pH of 1 for stomach acid.

My basis: do a google search on “stomach acid” as well as my own 33 years of experience as a teacher.

the pH levels of 3-4 are developed upon the entry of food into the stomach and relate to the presence of proteins and their attendant amino acids upon digestion.

Q: How can you make simulated stomach acid?
I’m doing a little experiment that requires stomach acid.
I know that we need HCI but can you make it with out it like some other chemicals?(because it is hard to get.)
If you can’t, it is Ok if you know how,please answer.
And I want to get them easy as possiple, also fast as possible.

Thank you!

A: Stomach acid is about the same as 0.1 molar HCl.

Q: How can I increase the amount of acid in my stomach?
I have low stomach acids and need to introduce more acid into my stomach. I have heard citrus fruits/juices and vinegar…but is there anything else as well?

A: Very often, indigestion can be remedied without recourse to medication. These simple dietary modifications will all help to improve digestive function and reduce digestive discomfort, whatever the cause. Proper chewing is essential for proper digestion.
It would also help you to avoid big meals, because the larger the meal, the larger the load on the digestive system.
Small, frequent meals ease the burden on the digestive system and reduce the risk of indigestion. Another thing you can do to help your digestion is to avoid drinking more than a few sips of fluid with meals.
Any more tends to dilute the digestive secretions which break food down, disturbing digestion. Acid supplements can sometimes help to relieve indigestion, but I suggest that these are used only on the advice of a practitioner.

Q: How can I turn off the acid pumps in my stomach?
I have Stomach ulcers and gerd. I am under a great deal of stress and I am throwing up stomach acid and burning my throat. I am taking 300 mg of Zantac but the problem won’t go away due to my three sisters harassing me all the time.

A: I suggest:

Talk to your sisters and tell them they are making you ill. They have no right to be causing you to feel like this. If you have to, then cut them completely out of your life. Move house, change your phone number, whatever it takes. They are blood relatives, not blood suckers, they are meant to support you lovingly not make your life miserable.

Also talk to your doctor about the possibility that you have a hiatus hernia, a stomach ulcer (which is caused by bugs and can be cured by drugs) or perhaps low iron, which can cause stress and heartburn.

Also look at your diet as some foods can cause probelms like this. Particularly drinking tea and eating pastry or just eating late at night. Sit up straight with good support as lounging in a chair does not allow the valve at the top of the stomach to close properly. Exercise and drink enough (water).

Good Luck and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Q: Whats is a word equation to show how an indiegestion tablet nutralises the stomach acid?
Sometimes people complain about having an “acid stomach”.The substance in the indigestion tablet is calcium carbonate.

A: Hcl Acid + Ca CO3= lower HclAcid. Best i can do.

Q: How do I eliminate too much stomach acid?
I was taking clomipramine and I started feeling lot of acid in my stomach I ate something and I still felt it. Any way I can rid of this feeling?

A: Yes. Drink tea. Really, but don’t put anything else in the tea like cream or sugar. What kind of tea? Well there are many, but what your looking for is any tea that tastes bitter. The stronger the bitter taste the better for you, as most of the time this is because the tea a basic, and will neutralize your stomach acid. (Found out by stumbling upon it). What ive noticed is that if the tea is cold instead of warm it acts faster.

Hope it helps.

Q: is there a way to reduce stomach acid during pregnancy?
Im not one to get sick (throw up) but in the morning, ive been vomiting stomach acid. Its not alot, but enough to be a problem. I only throw it up in the morning, with in the first 10 minutes of being awake. Is there anything I can take or something I can do to reduce the amt of acid in my stomach? If it helps, im only at 12 weeks.

A: Stay Regular.
Constipation is a common cause of gas and bloating.

Don’t gorge.
Large meals just add to the bloated feeling. They also overload your digestive system, which is not at its most efficient to begin with during pregnancy. Instead of three large meals a day, eat six small ones.

Don’t Gulp.
When you rush through meals or eat on the run, you are bound to swallow as much air as food. This captured air forms painful pockets of gas in your gut.

Steer clear of gas-producers. Your stomach knows what they are-possibly onions, cabbage and cabbage-family members such as Brussels sprouts and broccoli, fried foods and sugary sweets (which you should not be eating anyway), and, of course, the notorious beans.

If you follow this, then this should reduce your stomach acid.

Q: How do you lower stomach acid level?
I notice I have been getting lot of acid in my stomach lately and I am very concern about it I keep thinking that the acid can burn a hole through my stomach lining. Is there anything I can do without taking prescriptions because I heard that taking like prilosec causes acid rebound causing the stomach to produce more acid. I just want to know how to deacrease the acid level.
The thing is even if I ate something I still feel the acid normally you wouldnt feel it you should feel full. But I still feel the burn I did see a doctor about it and what he did was he did an endoscopy and saw that I had so much acid and he told me to take prilosec. But my poiint is im looking for something that is not a medication to control or stop too much acid temporary and also I have been drinking lot of water and that didnt help like it did before it just seems like the acid always stayed that way and I blame my mom for letting me drink sodas when I was young.
I thank you all for the replies but I have one more information to give you and what that is that sometimes in the morning I get stomach pains due to the acid and I hear gurgling noises which then leads to diarrhea my doc said it was caused from top much acid however I do disagree with it because I think it could be ibs irritable bowel syndrome. What do you guys think?

A: The rebound effect is definitely true, I am in the process of having some surgery done that is associated with this problem.

To help with acid reflux, eat smaller portioned meals. No smoking or alcohol. Do not eat late at night. I don’t eat after 6 pm. Dairy products are tough on you if you have milk in the evening.

My doctor found that I had a stricture in the bottom of my stomach where the food is to empty from. During an endoscopy test, he stretched the opening,with a balloon, allowing the foods to digest quicker. The longer food sits in your stomach, it will produce more acid. You may also have a hiatal hernia, as many people have them and do not realize it.

Talk to your doctor about an endoscopy test. Tell him that you are looking for ways to reduce the acid without medication. I found out I have Barrett’s Esophagus from the acid erosion, so don’t let acid reflux go too far without being checked. Talk to your doctor, or have your GP send you to a specialist in this area. I was on prilosec and almost everything else there is, over the counter and prescription, but they stopped working after on them for awhile.

The endoscopy test is nothing to go through. You are given anesthetic, and feel nothing. I was a bit apphrensive, but I did not know anything during the test whatsoever. I will not hesitiate to have it done again, as I will have to be monitored from time to time. I feel for you, because I know exactly what you are going through. Good luck to you, and I wish you well.

Q: How long will you have to live with the stomach acid, outside of your stomach, inside of you?
Say you punctured a hole in your stomach, or somehow the acid was too high on the pH level and burned a hole through the muscle, how long do you think you’d have to live with the acid inside you? Would the damage be irreversible or would you just die with no hope. Is it even possible for the stomach acid to burn through your insides?

A: You are describing a “perforated peptic ulcer.”
Typically, collapsing in shock would be very, very fast. Pain would be severe even before perforation happens, usually. If this were happening, you probably wouldn’t be able to type a question on Yahoo Answers.

Q: How many moles of stomach acid would be neutralized?
How many moles of stomach acid would be neutralized by one tablet of Regular Strength Maalox (CaCO3) that contains 0.6g CaCO3?

A: Molar mass CaCO3 = 100.087 g/mol
0.6g = 0.6/100.087 = 6*10^-3mol

Balanced equation:
CaCO3 + 2HCl ? CaCl2 + CO2 + H2O
1mol CaCO3 reacts with 2mol HCl
6*10^-3 mol CaCO3 will react with 6*10^-3*2 = 1.2*10^-2 mol HCl.
Answer: 1.2*10^-2 mol HCl.

Q: How can probiotics survive stomach acid to be of benefit?
So called friendly bacteria in Probiotic drinks are supposed to do us good, but how do they survive the hydrochloric acid in the stomach to achieve anything..or is it a marketing gimic?

A: Looks like marketing gimmick to me.

Surely rather than giving the friendly bacteria coats, if they’re supposed to be for the colon they should be aimed more directly at the colon?

Instead of selling them in faffy wee bottles they should come with a tube and funnel?

Q: What is the ph level of 5% acidity distilled white vinegar? Will this be a good simulator for stomach acid?
I’m doing a term project on drug coating and need to find a appropriate simulator for stomach acid. I can’t get my hands on hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) or anything that dangerous.

Plus, let’s assume that one drank water with the pill, so that it would have diluted the stomach acid to some degree.
The 5% distilled white vinegar is just a regular store-bought commercial product.

A: First, the pH of vinegar. Acetic acid has a Ka of 1.8E-5. The equilibrium expression and the Ka expression are

HA —-> H+ + A-
Ka = [H+][A-]/[HA]

Notice that an H+ is produced for every A-. This means your expression becomes

Ka = [H+]^2/[HA]

So what is [HA] to start with in a 5% solution of acetic acid? Well, if 5% of a liter of solution is acetic acid, that means 50mL of the 1000 mL is acetic acid, and the other 950 mL are water. Acetic acid has a density of 1.05 g/mL and a formula weight of 60 g/mol, so 50 mL is 53g or 8.7 moles in 0.950 L of water. This is a 9.2M solution of acetic acid. That is [HA].

so… 1.8E-5 = [H+]^2/9.2M, or

(1.8E-5*9.2)^0.5 = [H+] = 0.013M

pH is defined as the -log of this number, which is 1.9

Now for the comparison. Hydrochloric acid has a Ka of 10. This means that a 9.2M solution of HCl is 9.2M in [H+] and has a pH of -0.96. This is two full units lower than for the comparable concentration of acetic acid. So you can see that HCl is a much stronger acid than acetic acid. In your stomach the concentration of HCl is about 150 mM, which gives a pH of about 0.82. It is still more acidic than the much more concentrated vinegar.

I do not think that acetic acid would be a good simulator for HCl. There are lots of carboxylic acids in the proteins in food, so if acetic acid were acidic enough to degrade proteins then those acids would degrade the proteins also. It might well degrade your tablets, though, depending on what the coating is made of.

I would try using lye to degrade your tablets. This is a NaOH, a strong base, not a strong acid, but it has the same effect on many substrates as a strong acid. Should be okay for your tablets, since things that are susceptible to strong acid hydrolysis are almost always susceptible to strong basic hydrolysis also, just not susceptible to anything in the middle. Stirring your tablets in a 130mM lye solution would tear the coating apart just like 130mM HCl would, only using a different mechanism.

The point would be that you have provided an equally harsh aqueous environment to the stomach and degraded the tablets. Just a suggestion!

Q: If you were impaled in the stomach would die bleed to death or would the stomach acid kill you first?
Let’s say that you were just impaled and the sword, spear, whatever, went through your stomach. If you don’t pull it out, would you bleed to death, or would your stomach acid kill you?

A: bleed to death or sudden death if organs were damaged, if ur conscience leave the protuding invader in its place and call an ambulance. stomach acid wont kill you…just give u heartburn :-)

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Oct 14

Reflux in Babies

A: My daughter had this too and our doctor increased it by .5 mils…I am not telling you this is what you should do and I am by no means a doctor. I am only telling you what my docotr did

Q: how come wen reflux babies have rice cerial in their bottle they dont have anything bad happen to them?
but you cant give it to a baby who doesnt have reflux because all these bad things happen like choking, allergies etc
under 4-6 months i meant

A: You can give your baby cereal in a bottle.People just feel the need to tell you what to do concerning your child.My son gets rice cereal in his bottle.I couldn’t care less who disagrees with it or thinks I am a bad mother.I do what works for us I don’t go by what complete strangers tell me.

Q: Chiropractor for babies with reflux and colic?
My 8 week old daughter has silent reflux and colic. Ive heard about chiropractors being helpful. What is it exactly that they do to help these problems in babies and has anyone here used a chiro for their babies reflux or colic…did it work and how long did it take to work?

A: My nephew saw a chiro for reflux, while it didn’t cure it, it made it less severe. Chiropractors don’t use anywhere near the same force they would on a grown adult. Press down on your fingernail until it turns white, that’s how much pressure they use. Before taking your baby, ask how much experience they have with babies and if/when you do go be in the room.
I’ve taken both my boys when they were 2 weeks old. I found them to be fussy and prefer one side over the other before, and relaxed and happy on either side after.

Q: Medicines to treat REFLUX in babies?Please attend reflux babies parents.?
Medicines to treat REFLUX in babies?Please attend reflux babies parents.
My baby has reflux from birth now he is one year but still vomitings on milk & food & not intrested in solid food,Pediatrician advise to use ZANTAC & MOTILIUM,I want to know if you have any information about these medicines & there effects in babies,How much they are helpful to treat reflux?

A: My son was on Zantac as an infant – it only soothes the burning in the throat, it doesn’t stop the reflux.

Have you ever done any food allergy testing with your son? I was nursing my son while he had reflux, and I found that his reflux was due primarily to dairy in my diet. I took that out completely and his reflux got much better! I also took out eggs and his reflux went away completely. As he grew he turned out to be lactose intolerant, allergic to soy and intolerant of apples and oats (all of these things gave him gas or reflux while I was nursing him)

Just an idea!

Q: For all the mothers of reflux babies.?
How many of your babies have laryngomalacia and or tracheomalacia also? I am wondering how common it is. I know the two goes hand in hand.

A: Both my Girls had reflux but outgrew it at around 12 months, both were put on zantc to control it. They did not have laryngomalacia or tracheomalacia, but I found this article that may help http://www.chestjournal.org/cgi/content/full/119/2/409.

Q: Did your babies reflux cause any permanent damage?
My baby is 4 weeks old and was diagnosed with reflux 1 week ago, she was given Axid and seemed to be doing better for the last week, then all of a sudden it seemed to no longer work very well. Last night she screamed her little head off in pain along with the arching of the back and spitting up. What was your baby given, did they give you more than one med, any permanent damage from this?

A: My son was given Axid as well when he was 12 weeks old, which seemed to help him some, but just like in your case it wasn’t truly effective in controlling his reflux. The doctor then prescribed him Prevacid and told us to thicken his milk so that it would stay down and also put him on a hypoallergenic formula. This was the right combination of things to help my son and he went from being in pain to a happy, laughing baby in no time. The prevacid in itself worked wonders for him.

As far as I know he has no permanent damage from the reflux. He did under go testing to confirm his reflux after seeing a Pediatric GI specialist. However, his reflux was considered severe. He had silent reflux, where he didn’t actually spit up that much, however his milk refluxed into his lungs and caused him to have sleep apnea issues. This is not often the case with babies and most with reflux are in pain but are not otherwise effected but as you can see it can lead to serious problems. The night my son stopped breathing in his sleep was the longest night of my life. Since being on Prevacid and thickening his milk, he hasn’t had any sleep apnea issues since. I hope you find something that works well for your little girl soon and she gets some much needed relief.

Q: Does gripe water help with acid reflux in babies?
My 6 month old has been on Zantac since he was 1 month old. I don’t like that he has to rely on medicine. He is breastfed so I have decided to change my diet and eliminate dairy, chocolate, citris, and spicy food. But I want to know if ther is anything else that can help sooth his reflux naturally.

A: Gripe water would do no good for your babies Acid Reflex. I found out my daughter had it when she was 2 months old and was started on Prevacid which helped but she still spit up alot and cried quite a bit. Here are some things that we did for my daughters (ARD)
1. Feed in an upward position
2. Keep in an upward position for at least 30 to an hour after a feeding
3. If you give your baby a bottle wheather your breastfeeding or not try putting 1 to 2 tspns of cereal in her milk
4. change your diet which you already did
5. When sleeping don’t put her flat, raise her head and upper chest a bit that way she is at an angle. Maybe put a couple of books under the legs on the crib. They also have these little things you can lay your baby in while in the crib that keeps them raised a bit.
My daughters ARD did not last forever, she is now 7 months old and although she still spits up alot(which some babies just do), she does not have any pain or discomfort in her chest or any other signs of Acid Reflex.

hope i helped!

Q: For Mothers that have or have had reflux babies.?
Has anyone had their baby scoped because of reflux? It is when they give the baby some dye to drink mixed in with a little formula and see what is going on in their throat. I am not sure all what it entails…could someone tell me what the procedure is..preferably people that have been through it with their child.

A: My son had this done when he was about 3 months old. They will tell you not to feed your child (so he is hungry when you get there) and they put dye (very thick) in a bottle and have the child eat it. They then watch the dye go thru the body and see what it does. With my son as soon as it got to his stomach it started to come back up. They said that the valve in his stomach is over active. They then put him on some meds and on special formula. He grew out of it by the time he was a year old. I do know with my son (who is now 8) that because he had reflux he can throw up on demand… So if he really does not want to do something he will make himself throw up…

The procedure is not that bad at all. It seems like it would be bad, but it is not. They let me watch what the dye did in his system. Good luck with your little one.

Q: Could thrush cause acid reflux in babies?
My baby might have thrush. Could this also be contributing to his acid reflux?

A: Nope, thrush is harmless, even though it can be quite painful.

For his acid reflux, try feeding him in a more upright position if at all possible, and keeping him upright for a while after feeding. It just happens sometimes!

Q: Reflux babies question…?
My son is just 6 months old and has reflux. He is capable of taking 7 ounces in a feed but RARELY does this. He takes 3 ounces at best at the moment. My question is how much formula does other reflux babies take per feed? My guy is growing, but I am worried that he takes so little. And when they grow out of the reflux, do they take full bottles?

A: My son never took over a 4 ounce bottle. It was recommended that he not get over that in a feeding because too much formula at one time causes the reflux to get worse. Just feed him more often. As long as he is growing and meeting his milestones he is fine.

Babies usually don’t outgrow their reflux until they are closer to a year old and by that time, they don’t really need full bottles!

Q: Mummies to reflux babies?
My baby has had severe reflux since 3weeks & he’s now 11weeks & it seems to be getting worse over the past few days so I just have some questions please:

1/ At what age did your baby get reflux?

2/ At what age did your babies reflux peak?

3/ At what age did your babies reflux resolve?

4/ What did you do to manage it eg alternate medicines / drugs etc?

5/ At what age were you able to lay your baby flat ie in his/her cot?

6/ Anything else you did that you think might have helped your LO with reflux?

Thank you!
PS – I saw my pediatrician yesterday & he revised my babies reflux medication & suggested thickening his feeds.

A: Best thing a mom should do to her child after a feed is giving a lovely hug like this one: http://www.vanillajoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/hug1.jpg
and give a gentle patting on the back until the child belches out the air the child gulped while feeding. The child belches within a few minutes if you run your palm down the spine as you gently pat on the back. This should be done every time even if its a small feed.

The following links help to increase your awareness in all other aspects of reflux:



Q: Do breastfed babies get reflux? If they do, do they have to go on formula?
I don’t hear any women who breastfeed having problems with reflux, but it seems really common problem/complaint on Y!A. So do breastfed babies get reflux too? Is it more common in formula fed babies? Or do they suggest that you switch to formula if your baby has reflux issues?

Just curious.

A: Reflux, particularly GERD (which is reflux that causes pain, poor weight gain, or other medical problem) is more common in formula fed babies.

Formula stays in the stomach longer giving it more time to come back up. Breastmilk is a natural antacid which means any milk that does come up is less likely to cause pain. Bottle feeding is more likely to cause overfeeding -another risk for reflux (babies fed bottled breastmilk are slightly less likely to be overfed because its hard to pump). Bottlefeeding also causes babies to eat quickly and swallow more air than a baby that is breastfeeding properly -eating quickly and gas also aggravate reflux.

Reflux may also be related to allergies and thrush. Allergies are more common in formula fed babies, though it can happen to proteins passed in mom’s milk (though she can just stop eating those foods). Its said that formula, bottles, and pacifiers (more common in bottle fed babies) are risks for thrush -but you tend to hear of more breastfed babies getting thrush either because its more noticeable (pain in mother) or harder to treat (as many people don’t treat mom and baby at the same time)

My baby spits up – is this a problem?

Spitting up, sometimes called physiological or uncomplicated reflux, is common in babies and is usually (but not always) normal. Most young babies spit up sometimes, since their digestive systems are immature, making it easier for the stomach contents to flow back up into the esophagus (the tube connecting mouth to stomach).

Babies often spit up when they get too much milk too fast. This may happen when baby feeds very quickly or aggressively, or when mom’s breasts are overfull. The amount of spitup typically appears to be much more than it really is. If baby is very distractible (pulling off the breast to look around) or fussy at the breast, he may swallow air and spit up more often. Some babies spit up more when they are teething, starting to crawl, or starting solid foods.

A few statistics (for all babies, not just breastfed babies):

* Spitting up usually occurs right after baby eats, but it may also occur 1-2 hours after a feeding.
* Half of all 0-3 month old babies spit up at least once per day.
* Spitting up usually peaks at 2-4 months.
* Many babies outgrow spitting up by 7-8 months.
* Most babies have stopped spitting up by 12 months.

If your baby is a ‘Happy Spitter’ –gaining weight well, spitting up without discomfort and content most of the time — spitting up is a laundry & social problem rather than a medical issue.

Some causes of excessive spitting up

* Breastmilk oversupply or forceful let-down (milk ejection reflex) can cause reflux-like symptoms, and usually can be remedied with simple measures.

* Food sensitivities can cause excessive spitting. The most likely offender is cow’s milk products (in baby’s or mom’s diet). Other things to ask yourself: is baby getting anything other than breastmilk – formula, solids (including cereal), vitamins (fluoride, iron, etc.), medications, herbal preparations? Is mom taking any medications, herbs, vitamins, iron, etc.?

* Babies with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) usually spit up a lot (see below).

* Although seldom seen in breastfed babies, regular projectile vomiting in a newborn can be a sign of pyloric stenosis, a stomach problem requiring surgery. It occurs 4 times more often in boys than in girls, and symptoms usually appear between 3 and 5 weeks of age. Newborns who projectile vomit at least once a day should be checked out by their doctor.

# Offer smaller feedings more frequently. As a rule of reflux feeding: feed half as much twice as often. Less food in the stomach at one time lessens reflux. Feeding frequently stimulates more saliva production. Saliva contains a healing substance called epidermal growth factor, which helps repair the damaged tissues in the esophagus. It also neutralizes stomach acid and lubricates the irritated lining of the esophagus.

# Burp baby efficiently. Excess swallowed gastrointestinal air aggravates reflux. If breastfeeding, burp when switching breasts. If bottlefeeding, burp after every few ounces of formula.

# Breastfeed your baby. GER is much less severe in the breastfed baby, and a breastfed mother is able to cope better, for the following reasons:

* Breastmilk empties from the stomach twice as fast as formula.
* Breastmilk is generally more intestine-friendly than formula.
* Breastfed babies naturally feed more frequently and breastmilk is a natural antacid.
* Mothers enjoy the relaxing effect of maternal hormones while breastfeeding.

# Don’t bottle-prop and leave baby unsupervised during feedings. Babies with reflux can gag, choke, and have stop-breathing episodes during a feeding

Q: Reflux babies – how to deal with other’s reactions?
I have a gorgeous 4 month old son who has reflux. Basically, he vomits all the time. I love him to bits, but I am really sick of the vomit. It is so bad that our carpet is going to be replaced, I am always covered in vomit, and so is he. He has projectile vomited on books in our local library, on the counter at the supermarket, and on my mother and mother in law. His most noteworthy effort was when I opened the door to two mormons and he projectile vomited all over them before I’d even said a word. They told me they’d pray for him as they made a hasty exit, but that hasn’t worked! How do I deal with people’s reactions when I go out? I have two other children, so I can’t stay inside all day, and there are times when I just have to shop with him! Also, how do you cope with relatives who refuse to ever hold your baby or sit too close because they don’t want to get messed up. I understand their concern, but when there’s other babies all being passed around, it hurts.
Yes, he’s on medication, and he’s my second child with reflux, so we know all the tricks to helping him. Our doctor’s sure we’re doing all we can so far, but doesn’t expect him to grow out of it until he’s around 2 yrs old.

A: i wanted to add this to your other question after you selected a best answer, but it wouldn’t allow me so i’m putting it here.

my reflux baby started out on zantac with no success, we switched to prevacid it helped a lot. took him to a GI specialist and he had me start put rice in every bottle 1-2 TBL or as thick as he can drink.

~ETA– mine had me do 2 Tablespoon to start, i was so afraid he was going to balloon up in weight but he didn’t.~

there’s no unsafe amount of rice, so long as he is still taking in his normal amount of liquids (formula is his primary nutrition, so he can’t get so full he doesn’t finish his bottle). you can experiement with the thickness til you find one that works for you..
there are nipples you can buy with and ‘x’ to help it flow better, or you cut the hole bigger yourself (again you may need to experiement before finding what works best for you).
also keep him upright for 30 mins after eating.
finally we switched to dr brown’s bottles, these are the best ever bottles 4 reflux babies. if you dont use already you can prob order online.
many people beef up one side underneath of the crib mattress with blankets or towels so it angles a little. that is supposed to help too.

the other thing with mine was he was allergic to my breastmilk, so we had to put him on really expensive hypoallergenic stuff. once we did all this, it was like he was instanly a whole new baby. but man was it ever a rough road for a while.

Q: Parents of reflux babies?
My 5 1/2 month old daughter was just diagnosed with reflux- with all the symptoms that “few babies get”. Her right lung is very inflamed and is causing her to cough and have nasal symptoms, she also refuses to eat sometimes, spits up alot, wakes up frequently at night, etc, etc. Anyway, the Dr put her on Prevacid, but it was going to cost too much so he changed her to generic Prilosec which comes in a capsule that we have to break open and put on a tiny bit of applesauce and give to her 30 minutes before breakfast. I am looking for another option because half of what goes in a 5 1/2 month old’s mouth comes back out, hence she doesn’t get all the medicine. She has been on Zantac before for spitting up that was associated with a cold, but it didn’t do much good. Any suggestions or similar circumstances?
She has been allergy tested: allergic to pork and peaches (she doesn’t eat either) and weed pollen, which she is taking allergy meds for. She was xrayed, which is what showed her lung being inflamed.

A: Did your baby have a GI probe test done to confirm reflux? It’s invasive testing, so many doctors will diagnose reflux based on symptoms. The only problem with this is that there are many other possible causes of those symptoms other than reflux – allergies, overactive letdown (in breastfeeding mothers), pyloric stenosis, excessive swallowing of air during a feeding, etc. For many babies, medications and treatments are recommended and tried to no avail, only to find out that reflux wasn’t the true cause.

Personally, I think it’s best to try solutions for some of the problems listed above before resorting to prescription medications for reflux. If the baby is breastfed, block feeding, eliminating dairy or other potential allergens, and altering feeding positions can help eliminate the issues. If the baby is formula fed, sometimes changing formulas can help, specifically if it’s suspected that the baby has a dairy allergy or sensitivity.

Have you discussed the possibility of allergies with your doctor? Various food allergies (whether present in the mother’s breastmilk, or sometimes in formula) can cause allergic reactions that mimic the symptoms of reflux – excessive spitting up, nasal symptoms, cough, trouble sleeping, etc. Dairy, wheat, egg, and soy are some possible contributors. Sometimes, eliminating the culprit from your diet (if you’re breastfeeding) or switching to a different formula (if you’re bottle feeding) will clear up the symptoms. You might look into that as a possibility.

Chiropractic care is also shown to help reflux, or other issues that mimic reflux. Chiropractic adjustments help body stay in proper alignment, which can aid in proper digestion and help reduce the symptoms of reflux, colic, allergies, and other issues. Here’s more info on chiropractic care for reflux: http://www.infantrefluxdisease.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46045 This is a very detailed report on how chiropractic care helped infants with reflux and similar issues: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2597889/

Here’s more info on reflux: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/reflux.html A lot of the info there is directed toward breastfed babies, but it may still be helpful if your baby is formula fed.

ETA: Ah, I see. Well that’s good that allergies have been addressed by your HCPs.

Will she take a bottle? What if you put the meds in a small amount of formula/expressed breastmilk and gave it to her in a bottle or with a syringe/dropper?

I still think chiropractic care may be a good option for her. I’ve seen it help a lot of babies with similar issues.

Q: How do you treat acid reflux in babies?

A: Yes, My daughter had a preemie baby at 26 weeks and had acid reflux too.About the only thing you can do is take your baby to its doctor.It is very hard for baby’s to fed,with acid reflux.My daughters baby even,stopped eating for a time,because it hurt her so much,that she would not eat.They put her on some medication for it and than she started to improve.

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Oct 14

Oatmeal Heartburn

Yep, straight up plain oatmeal even only 1/4 of a cup, will give me fierce heartburn.

Why is this? No other food causes this, not one, no meat, fruit or any other grain will cause heartburn.

A: Thats the same as happens to me sometimes.

But I am beginning to nitice that I only get heartburn after eating oatmean IF my tummy has alot of acid’s.

Because beer and orange juice or any other citric fruit will raise the amount of acid in your stomach. If oatmeal being injested afther period of acidy goods. You def will get heartburn.

The scale of aids in food and body is: Acid – alkaline.
Alkaline being the opposite of acidic.

Keeping the balance is the way to go.
If you balance it. You can eat oatmeal without getting heartburn. too much acidic food will cause pain.

I really suggest you to take a look at the following web page:



Q: Oatmeal and heartburn?
I posted that question already earlier but didn’t get a usefull reply.
I never had trouble with heartburn until the end of my pregnancy. Then I had severe heartburn. I suppose because the growing baby left no room for my stomach. After delivery heartburn was gone. I started eating oatmeal because I thought it would be a good breakfast option, and because I read it helps with the milk supply.For a couple of weeks now I have heartburn again, it is a lot less than when I was pregnant fortunately. I notice it often after I had my morning bowl of oatmeal = plain oatmeal+ 4 grain flakes from the health food store (look like oatmeal from different grains)+ sprinkle of mixed nuts and seeds+ cold milk.
It isn’t the milk, because if I have some without the cereal I am fine. Could oatmeal be the culprit – I always thought oatmeal is healthy? Would cooking the oatmeal help?I am not a real fan of hot cereal though. Did anyone actually experience an increase of milk supply,or is that a myth.?
I had the question posted at ‘diet and fitness’ but came back here because people here give better answers it seems. And it also concerns breastfeeding in some way.

A: Try eating just the oatmeal by itself for a while. Maybe its the mixture of all the stuff.

Q: I have missed my period. I ate my favorite oatmeal cookies and I have heartburn. I took a prg test on the 14?
on june 14 and it was neg. It was suppose to have come on june 11 what could it be?

A: yup do again

Q: How the hell does oatmeal give you heartburn?
how retarded is that?
I get it everytime I eat that crap, but a good ol burger on the other hand…

A: I find if you drink a fiffed of vodica, you don’t feel nothin

Q: why does oatmeal give me heartburn?

A: My husband gets heartburn from bread sometimes.

Some people’s stomachs are just more sensitive than others. It sometimes depends on what you put in your food. Cinnimon is yummy in oatmeal, but it can give some people heartburn. I would suggest changing what you put in your oatmeal and see if there’s a specific ingredient that is causing your heartburn.

If it is not just oatmeal, but a wide variety of food giving you problems, you may have a bigger problem than heartburn. Gastric reflux disease is defined as frequent heartburn that is not relieved by over the counter medicines. If left untreated, it can lead to holes in your esophagus and even cancer. Your doctor can give you some medicine that will help. My hubby is on Prevacid and it is working wonders.

Q: why am i getting heartburn from eating oatmeal??

A: Don’t use hot sauce on Oatmeal…

Q: I love having oatmeal for breakfast, but it gives me terrible heartburn. Is there anything I can take to help alleviate the heartburn so I can still enjoy my oatmeal?

A: I love oatmeal too so I understand where you are coming from! I suggest supplementing Artichoke Extract, as this supplement has been shown to be very effective for managing heartburn. Artichoke Extract helps to balance the pH level in your your stomach, minimizing the strong acid that causes your heartburn. After 2 or more weeks of using an Artichoke Extract supplement, most people experience significantly fewer cases of heartburn after meals.

Q: anyone else skipping lunch because their oatmeal gave em heartburn?

A: The only oatmeal that gives me heartburn is the one that is full of iron. All the other ones are okay.

Q: Pregnant with heartburn?
I am 18 weeks pregnant and have never had heartburn before in my life, but am starting to get it now. This can be normal, right?

How do I deal with it? I didn’t eat anything spicy, just oatmeal and a plum for breakfast. Is there anything I can do about it?


A: It is very normal to get heartburn when pregnant because your body is in constant change as the baby develops. The plum probably was the culprit because of the acid. Most people don’t think about the acid content in fruit which becomes more potent when pregnant. To make yourself deal with it just eat a slice of white bread (not wheat or any other)because that will absorb the acid. You can also eat saltine crackers(good old fashion square cracker) because they also absorb.

Q: heartburn at 37 weeks?
i think im just getting impatiant for my baby to come so this probally donest really mean anything at all but i woke up this morning with HORRIBLE heartburn.last night i had a ton of water and a piece of pizza.today ive had oatmeal toast and milk and its just getting worse.i only had very little heartburn when i was first pregnant from eating salty things.but today its been very bad and nothing seems to be helping.last night before bed i also had real bad swelling in my feet my knees face and hands.does this by any chance mean anything?!(babycomming soon ect)

A: It’s a fact that heartburn and the amount of hair a baby has at birth are related, the more heartburn the more hair. Have you tried sleeping in a reclined position instead of laying down?That might help. As for the swelling, your guess is as good as mine.

Q: Am I having heartburn? Help im only 12?
well last 3 days i notice im having a mild pain in my chest. im not overweight either. im 12 and weigh about 82 pounds. as i said its really mild. i already told my mom she said for me to wait and see how it feels in a couple of days. my diet isnt that bad. i try to eat something healthy everyday. like milk, fruits, oatmeal etc. is this something that will go away? and i only notice it if i run or do martial arts.

A: wthell calm down u probably had to much ketchup or salt that happened to me everytime when i was young and once and a while now im 11

Q: so i get to move to this section!!! question about medicine?
I just took a test and well bfp. im about 5 weeks and i have horrible heartburn and head aches.. I kind of knew i was pregnant and just worked thru most of them, but the heartburn is getting pretty bad.. The head aches are mostly in the morning and i can deal with that if i have to but the heart burn oman, even oatmeal does it. Any one have any home remidies or know of something i can take?

A: You could try milk or ice cream. Its a good reason to indulge in a little ice cream. If not go ahead and get a bottle of tums, they have calcium and are perfectly fine during pregnancy. I personally preferred the chewy rolaids, also fine in pregnancy. And you can take tylenol during pregnancy too, its safe. Just DON’T TAKE ASPIRIN. Good luck!

Q: Can’t tell if this is the flu or not?
About seven days ago, I all of a sudden got sick. My tummy felt horrible, I got a headache, cough, light headed, weak, tired ECT. It literally hit me all at once. Stayed in bed for two days straight, literally. At nothing but Chicken noodle soup that my bestie made for me. & drank nothing but water. I got heartburn the following day of being sick. I took alka seltzer flu, thera flu. I has received some antibiotics a couple months ago, but ended up not needing to take them. I took them incase it wasn’t the flu. The cough kept up, my body ached HORRIBLE & I was SO exhausted for no reason. I didn’t go to work. I don’t smoke, nothing. My Daddy told me it was probably the flu. I stayed low, didn’t do anything for about five days. I started feeling better, still taking it easy, but yesterday, I got diarrhea & the heartburn came back baaaad. I hadn’t eaten regular food, just tomato soup, and chicken noodle soup, but yesterday I had mac n cheese plus oatmeal. I still have the heartburn, diarrhea, HORRIBLE body aches, exhaustion ECT. It’s like it went away but came back 2x as bad as it was before.

Like I said. I take care of myself. Vitamins, run 2+ miles daily, eat healthy, don’t smoke, rarely drink. I don’t have insurance so seeing a Doctor isn’t an option. Any suggestions or explanations would be greatly appreciated!

A: sounds like the H1 N1 or the N1H1, whatever it is. I’m just coming off of a six day bout with it. Eat light, drink heavy. Sleep with a pile of pillows to help with the hearburn. The diarrhea is normal with this stuff. Pamper yourself, stay away from everyone else. Mine appeared to go away and come back again as well. You should be fine as lone as your temp doesn’t go above 101-102. Takes a good ten days to recover.

Q: I think I have the flu but I my symptoms keep changing&I feel yucky!?
About seven days ago, I all of a sudden got sick. My tummy felt horrible, I got a headache, cough, light headed, weak, tired ECT. It literally hit me all at once. Stayed in bed for two days straight, literally. At nothing but Chicken noodle soup that my bestie made for me. & drank nothing but water. I got heartburn the following day of being sick. I took alka seltzer flu, thera flu. I has received some antibiotics a couple months ago, but ended up not needing to take them. I took them incase it wasn’t the flu. The cough kept up, my body ached HORRIBLE & I was SO exhausted for no reason. I didn’t go to work. I don’t smoke, nothing. My Daddy told me it was probably the flu. I stayed low, didn’t do anything for about five days. I started feeling better, still taking it easy, but yesterday, I got diarrhea & the heartburn came back baaaad. I hadn’t eaten regular food, just tomato soup, and chicken noodle soup, but yesterday I had mac n cheese plus oatmeal. I still have the heartburn, diarrhea, HORRIBLE body aches, exhaustion ECT. It’s like it went away but came back 2x as bad as it was before.

Like I said. I take care of myself. Vitamins, run 2+ miles daily, eat healthy, don’t smoke, rarely drink. I don’t have insurance so seeing a Doctor isn’t an option. Any suggestions or explanations would be greatly appreciated!

A: If you aren’t having a lot of trouble breathing, or coughing up a lot of green phlegm from fluid in your lungs, you should be fine. Try eating a clove of garlic each day. It works much the same as an antibiotic but it also works on viruses. So in that sense, the garlic may actually be better.

Q: Need help with a stomach issue?
Okay, for the past few months, sporadically I have been having this really bad abdominal bloating whenever I eat something. Occurs especially in the morning when I have cereal. It doesn’t resolve very fast and is accompanied by a lot of belching.
This morning I had this really bad pain kinda like burning pain in the pit of my stomach with really bad heartburn (after I had my oatmeal cereal), and immense bloating, making my stomach look like a cantaloupe it disappeared after I had lunch…though the bloating didn’t go away.
I belch quite a lot, and my stomachs really bloated. most of the time. These occur like episodes most of the time, (the bloating and the heartburn that is) No one else in my family has em. I don’t eat out much too.
Theres no nausea and vomiting though….
Any idea what it could be??

A: Its clear tat u suffer from a kinda gastro problem.
the condition is not critical as u don’t have nausea.So it can’t be an ulcer.
But be preventive.
Take more fibre, avoid spice. Avoid tension too as it triggers belching.

Q: Weight loss plan. Will it work?
I’m not huge (as in, no protruding stomach and large man boobs), but I am overweight. However, I do want to improve my health a bit and I think with the weight loss plan I’ve come up with might do the trick. I think 15-20 pounds will put me at perfect. Not to mention the fact that I think it will improve my overall health. So here it goes:

Monday – Sunday (minus me being at work on Saturday and Sunday, so I’ll probably increase the number of times I exercise those days, and stay with the same diet).

Morning: Either a bowl of Cheerios and a fruit of some sort, a yogurt, or a bowl of oatmeal. Whichever I’m in the mood for I suppose. Then work out for the 15-25 minutes of free time I have before I have to leave for work. Not sure as to what to do for a 15-25 minute workout, perhaps a quick stretch and a little Tai Chi?

Afternoon (during work): Tomato (perhaps a little turkey?) on toasted whole wheat bread. No condiment, because I don’t really like condiments. Perhaps for a snack about an hour or so after lunch, maybe just a tomato, since I absolutely love tomatoes. I don’t really have much time to do much at work, but if I can pull off another 25 minute deal, maybe the same routine as the morning will work?

Evening: Never had a problem eating relatively healthy dinners. Usually it’s some type of meat with veggies (fish included), or some spaghetti. My appetite isn’t huge. It’s the company lunches and skipping of the breakfast (and of course, my lack of exercise) that I blame for the weight gain. At any rate, after dinner, 1 hour (or 2 if it’s swimming, because I love swimming) of either swimming / walking / or martial art.

If I’m in the mood for a snack at night, maybe a yogurt. Not only is it healthy, but it helps the hell out of my heartburn. Any insight on this plan would be greatly appreciated. Let me know! :)

A: sounds like a good plan and you’ve got some healthy meal ideas. i have to say the amount of exercise you plan might be a little excessive…especially if you don’t work out now. To start you may want to do 20 minutes a day – then eventually 30…etc. But I wouldn’t kill yourself to excerise 3 times a day. As it is you will see improvements since your body is not used to working out. Good luck!

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Oct 14

Acid Reflux

A: Acid reflux is like really bad heartburn.

What you are describing sounds like the onset of stomach flu.

Q: What can I do for my dog with acid reflux?
My dog has severe acid reflux. I’ve seen vet after vet who’ve all told me there is nothing they can do for her. Someone told me of a natural remedy (Active Manuka Honey). Has anyone ever heard of this, let alone tried it? If there’s any other remedies you’ve heard please let me know. Thank you!

A: has your dog had an endoscope and an ultrasound done? my dog had the same thing and was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. he was on medication for a bit and it is now managed with special foods.

Q: How long should i take zantac for acid reflux?
I suffer from acid reflux and to treat it i take maximum strength zantac 150 mg. I want to know how long i should be taking zantac and if it will eventually cure me of my acid reflux? Also because of the acid reflux my voice sounds very muffled and it makes it hard for people to understand me when i speak will my voice ever go back to normal or is the damage from the acid already done? I have been suffering from acid reflux since i was 18 and now i’m 27.

A: Ryan:

I can’t answer your question like a pro because I’m not a physician, but I do know that many reports say that that you shouldn’t take acid reflux medication for longer than one or two months. But I had the same problem and took bottles and bottles of medication and although they helped some, I still had acid reflux at times. I’d be up at night trying to get relief. Right after a meal, I was suffering. I was miserable. Although this lasted for like 10 years, the last three was the worst and that’s when I started prescription medications. Then I read about how most are only supposed to be prescribed for 2 weeks and thought, uh oh.

Because I hate taking medicine and because I thought the meds can’t be that good for my system, plus, they barely helped, I started to look for a natural way to treat/cure my acid reflux. I tried one and it really worked. I haven’t taken prescription meds for acid reflux in like 12 months! Plus, I only did the natural treatment for like 7 days and then as needed after that. In the last 8 months, I’ve used it maybe twice! It really worked for me. I’m 36 years old now. I know there are a lot of scammy stuff out there, but this one really and truly worked for me.

I don’t know if your interested in approaching your acid reflux naturally, but if you are, I added a link to the website that tells about it. Plus, I added the link about zantac too.

Hope this helps and good luck man.


Q: What can you take for acid reflux during pregnancy?
I’m just over 25 weeks pregnant and started getting AWFUL acid reflux the other day. Is there anything I can take to alleviate this? Thanks for any tips.

A: I’m so sorry to hear you have such horrible acid reflux! Here’s an article I found that may be able to help you prevent it in the future:


Q: How can I get rid of the burn in my throat after having acid reflux?
I take medicine for acid reflux, but still occasionally get it at night. After it happens, my throat and esophogus burn terribly for 1/2 hour or so, from the acid, I presume. Have tried chewing antacid tablets to try to neutralize what is left in my throat, as well as soda crackers, to no avail. I know this is gross, but also very painful. Any remedies for the after effects of acid reflux would be appreciated. Thank you.

A: I hate it when that happens. you could try pickles. the vinegar should help neutralize the acid

Q: What are the chances of throat cancer if one has acid reflux?
i’ve had acid reflux about half year ago, i just started having it out of nowhere. it’s really annoying because your voice sometimes get lower in pitch and huskier because the acid “scotch” your voicebox. now im thinking it may cause cancer and i want to know more about it, thx.

A: Acids backing up into your esophagus has been proven to raise the risk of throat cancer because the constant irritation changes your cells. They even have a new procedure to zap the precancerous cells and lower that cancer risk.

Q: How effective is the use of apple cider vinegar in acid reflux?
I have a friend who has acid reflux and I am wondering about methods of helping her without rx drugs or zantac. How effective is apple cider vinegar in the treatment of acid relux and are there other things out there that would help? Thank you

A: Apparently the most common natural remedy. 2Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar in water 3 times a day.
See URL Link www.earthclinic.com/CURES/acid_reflus.html
6 small meals a day vs 3 large
Do not lie down with a full stomach
Prop at least 3 pillows in bed for your head, so acid, food does not reflux back up the esophagus
Stay away from greasy, fatty foods, citrus, caffeine…irritants

Q: What else could it be besides acid reflux?
My 9 month old son has been diagnosed by a GI specialist with acid reflux. However, the medication he gave my son, Prevacid, almost seems to be making him worse. He’s got so much gas and burps that he keeps waking himself up from naps after 30-40 minutes. Sometimes he’s crying, but he always has to burp or pass gas. Is there a possibility that it could be something else? Did anyone else have this problem?

A: My son is only four months old, but I did not put him on the meds and he is growing out of it. I would try some gripe water..A friend of mine had her son on that and he had some horrible reactions. She will never do it again! Google natural remedies for reflux and you should come across some good stuff..

Q: What if any Home Remedies for Acid Reflux work?
My acid reflux has been kicking my butt lately and I am getting tired of taking the “purple crack”.
I have heard that their are home remedies that work and are very inexpensive compared to the over the counter and perscription drugs.
If you have had any success with anything please respond.

A: I am not a doctor, so either way you will want to talk to them, but this is what I have to say as a long time sufferer of Acid Reflux (G.E.R.D.)!

Three part answer: information, what not to do, and what to do!

I have a very severe case of Acid Reflux (G.E.R.D.). I have had to go to the hospital for some of the heartburn that I have had because the pain can become overwhelming or your breathing can be effected. It can be caused by Smoking, Drinking Beverages with caffeine (My case with hereditary), Drinking Beverages with Alcohol, Stress, Anxiety or can be Hereditary

The good thing about G.E.R.D. is that it can be a temporary thing and can be cured. It is never a permit thing even if you end up with it for the rest of your life it has the ability to be cured.

G.E.R.D. is caused by too much acid being created in your stomach. This can lead to or cause ulcers, esophagus damage, heartburn and/or damage in the mouth. . Other symptoms that can be found in a few cases are dizziness, tingling in limbs, numbness of Limbs, Chest/Back pain focused on the left side (in most cases), and shortness/difficulty breathing.

WHAT NOT TO DO!!!!!!!!
In most cases, stress is a factor to the reflux if you watch what you eat and reduce some of the stress it will help. If you watch what you eat for about a week you should find relief, if you do not then that is when you definitely what to listen to the doctor. Things to watch for are as follows:

Fatty Foods
Citrus Foods
Foods That Contain Grease
Fried Foods
Chocolate (including any Coco)
Tomato Based Products
Roughage (Berries and Nuts)

The two foods that I recommend is Black strap Molasses and Raw honey. The apple is better for night time reflux while these will work for just about all of it. What you will do is take about a tsp. of whatever one you chose. Molasses being the better because of strength and nutrition, but must be use to the taste. What the substance will do is stick to the sides of the esophagus and do two things, one is heal and the other is protect.
On the healing end, both substances have a healing property in them, and as they sit on the walls of the esophagus they will heal it. This is also helpful if you have a sore throat in the morning from refluxing.
On the protection end, both substances are high in sugar and when acid that is refluxed comes up to that the sugar will neutralize it and it will not longer be a problem at that point.

I would also look to putting Cinnamon and Ginger in you diet, they have been know to help with digestion and will help you reduce the amount of acid needed to brake down food, therefore causing you to reflux less.

Q: What is the best foods to eat to help acid reflux?
I have had acid reflux for 7 years and at the point right now where nothing is helping. The pain is with me every day. Is their any way other than meds to get rid of this pain?

A: well, try to avoid greasy or spicy food for starters.

Q: Is it normal to have frequent acid reflux during the 1st trimester of pregnancy?
My morning sickness is not as sever as many.Though I do keep getting acid reflux where a little bit will come up(sorry to sound gross).Thank you in advance for you advice:)

A: It is very normal and every women will experience it different.

The link between acid reflux and pregnancy increases your chances of becoming symptomatic because:

* Your hormone levels are constantly changing. This affects the functioning of the digestive tract and the way that different foods are digested or tolerated. You may no longer be able to eat some of your favorite foods.

* The placenta produces a hormone, called progesterone that relaxes the LES (lower esophageal sphincter), which permits acid in the stomach to flow back up into the esophagus.

* Progesterone also slows down peristalsis (the involuntary muscle contractions that transport your food through the digestive tract) making digestion difficult.

* Acid in your stomach can be pushed back up into the esophagus if your abdomen is crowded by your growing baby, which is inevitable.

* You may be forced to sleep on your side as your belly begins to get too big to allow you sleep on your back.

* You may have new cravings for foods that you have never tried. If you’ve never tried it, you have no way of knowing if it will agree with you.

* Your exercise program may change or completely come to halt. For some, physical activity is the key to keeping symptoms at bay.

I hope this helped. Good luck and congrats! :-)

Q: What is an efficient and immediate acid reflux pain reliever?
I want to know any way to relieve the pain immediately, is there any medication, food, beverage or any other suggested intake to stop the major pain of acid reflux?

A: For INSTANT relief, I’ve only found 1 product that works. It’s Pepcid Complete, best darn medicine they’ve come out with in a while!!!

Q: How long does acid Reflux last with an infant?
My daughter has acid reflux and wont keep her food down. She spits evrything up and the only way I have found to feed her is to keep her sitting up and feeding her. She has not spit anything up so far.

A: My twins had the same problem when they were born. We were told by our pediatrician to keep them sitting up as long as possible after feeding them, to make sure that they burp really, really well and at night when they go to sleep (hah!), keep them at a 30 degree tilt to help keep the milk down. It took them a couple months to grow out of it – and before they did they spit up constantly, sometimes projectile as I lifted them out of nursing position. But they grew!

Our friends son did the same time, but he kept spitting up until the took him off formula (he couldn’t nurse) and put him on homo milk – then he finally stopped and that was around 10 months old!

It all depends on the baby, but they will still grow, even though you think how can they when no food is down! But soon they will grow out of it and be in school and talking back – enjoy the infant stage while you can!

Q: What are some unprescribed medications i can take for acid reflux?
I am not sure if it is acid reflux but it definitely seems like it..everytime i swallow food or even my spit i feel a sharp pain go down my back..it also hurts when i burp so i figured its acid reflux. I just had my wisdom teeth pulled so ive been taking a lot of antibiotics and advils if that has anything to do with it, but i just recently stopped taking both.

A: Antibiotics can upset the whole of the digestive tract, including stomach upsets and even diarrhoea, so things may get better soon. In the meantime you could get yourself Gaviscon, a liquid which is readily available over the counter. If in doubt, ask the pharmacist. The only thing is that if it persists, you should go and see your doctor.

Q: what is the fastest home remedy for acid reflux?
I don’t want to go to the store to buy anything, but am having pretty bad pains. I know it is acid reflux because I have had it before, and I would like to know if anyone knows of any home remedies on how to ease the stabbing pain!! Thanks :)

A: You can use baking soda and water. It will make you burp.
About 1/2 cup water 1/2 tsp. of baking soda. It’s a very old fashioned alternative, but it works. Good Luck..

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Oct 14

Acid Reflux Symptoms

A: Gastritis and Acid Reflux are two separate conditions.

Gastritis is a condition where the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed and causes a characteristic pain in the upper part of the abdomen (belly). It is this pain which is the symptom of the gastritis condition. Gastritis can be caused by a variety of factors including certain medications, medical and surgical conditions, physical stresses, social habits, chemicals, and various infections.

Acid reflux is a different condition where acidic juices flow back from thew stomach into the gullet (esophagus) and cause pain and distress behind the breastbone. This is known as heartburn. Heartburn is the symptom and acid reflux the cause. There are numerous factors that trigger acid reflux attacks, mainly linked to diet and lifestyle.

For more information on acid reflux and its causes visit http://naturalremediesforheartburn.com

Q: Could prescription severe acid reflux (GERD) medicines possibly mask the symptoms of stomach cancer?
Prescriptions such as Prevacid, Nexium, and Prilosec.

A: I hope not, but then again any type of prescription medication has side effects with other parts of the body. Make sure you find out for sure if those medications you take causes stomach cancer.

Just keep in mind that pharmaceutical companies & doctors are not God. 8-D

Q: Has anyone had any success with Gaviscon for acid reflux disease?
I went on the Gaviscon website and it seems to me that my symptoms are acid reflux and indigestion. I had my gallbladder removed last October and had some gastritis following this. I have been taking Lansoprazole and Sucralfate with very little success. I want to know peoples stories concerning indigestion problems and if Gaviscon has helped them. Im going to give it a go. How long will it take to improve things?

A: Gaviscon can be useful for providing symptom relief, but its effects, though instantaneous, are purely temporary. Another option is to use artichoke extract for relief.

Q: Acid Reflux Disease symptoms?
OK, so for about 3 weeks now I’ve been getting a very tight throat/closing throat sensation… Its absolutely horrible, and it feels like its cutting off my breathing. I get palpitations along with it, probably because i have severe anxiety, and this issue causes panic!!! I also get heartburn every 2 days or so, doesnt last very long. With that, ive been vomiting for the past 3 days, and there was a tiny amount of bright red blood 1 time…. Ive also had diarreah for the past 4 days! =[ Im looking up stuff online, and it seems like GERD... what do u guys think? Did any of u have similar symptoms? Ive been 2 the stupid doctors around where i lived, and all they say is "ur throat is dry" but believe me, this is DEFINITELY more serious than that! So today when i go, i WILL make sure something gets done!...

A: Hi I am Brandon

I have Acid Reflux and my dr was really good. My symptoms are:
> Horrible taste in my mouth especially in the morning
> Croaky voice in the morning (that may be a guy thing)
> Severe like crippling stomach craps now and then

Also some people choke really easy or sore throat.

Im only 17 so I dont know but the blood and diahorrea sounds a bit worrying so if the dr says no try the hospital.

And good luck

I am taking 2 different types of pill which help reduce the taste and pain

Q: can acid reflux cause fever like symptoms?
can acid reflux cause fever like symptoms

A: Hi Mark

It's unusual for acid reflux to cause fever like symptoms. What may be happening is that if you are experiencing severe pain, your body is reacting by overheating and sweating and this may feel similar to a fever. But you may have have some sort of bacterial infection which could cause both severe abdominal pain and fever. I would recommend that you see your Doctor as soon as possible and ask him to take a blood test. Hope this helps.


Q: Has anyone suffering from acid reflux/GERD found a way to relieve the symptoms?
Nexium and other meds have started to lose effectiveness, and the doctors seem to be out of options

A: The best option, my friend, is to address the root of the problem. Nexium and other prescriptions only MASK the symptoms you are feeling. They do NOTHING to heal the problem that your body is trying to tell you about. In your particular case it's probably acidosis.

Acidosis is a condition when the body becomes too acidic. Each of your body fluids has a very specific pH, or acid/alkaline level, that it needs to stay within. Your body has methods to keep the body fluids at the correct pH, but if we continue to indulge in an unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices, the bodys resources run thin and we tend to become too acidic. Many chronic, degenerative diseases form in an overly acidic body. For example, cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline body, only an overly acidic environment spurs these cells to grow.

I used to suffer from acid reflux as well. I barely slept during severe bouts and when I did I had to sleep sitting straight up in a chair or I would wake up with acid burning my throat. It was not fun. I am now acid reflux free, and I would be happy to share my protocol with you.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to DRINK MORE WATER. WIthout knowing your name or a single thing about your daily habits, I know you are dehydrated. Discontinue drinking anything but pure water. Definitely don't drink alcohol or coffee. Not only are they not water, but they are diuretics, meaning they will draw even more water out of your body. This goes for tea as well.

Try this method:
Upon awakening, drink a glass (8 ounces) of water you have at your bedside. Set it there the night before so you won't forget. Then, get up and make yourself another glass of water. Drinking your morning water will flush the kidneys and help rehydrate them as they become dehydrated while you sleep. It also prepares the digestive tract for the first meal.

Throughout the rest of the day, gradually drink at least 6 more glasses of water. If you try to chug all your daily water in a short period of time, it will pass right through you rather than re-hydrating your tissues. Try to add lemon to your water as it will help alkalize your body. It seems backwards, but even though lemons are sour and acidic tasting, they have an alkalizing effect in the body.

I also recommend you add 1/4 teaspoon of good quality sea salt to each quart (4 glasses) of water. If you already eat a diet high in salt, you may not need this. However, if you make the recommended dietary changes, you will need this salt to keep your electrolytes balanced.

Speaking of dietary changes, you will need to make some. All foods are either acid-forming, alkaline-forming or neutral. I suspect most of the foods you are eating are acid forming. These foods throw off the pH balance in the body and can lead to acid reflux and other digestive problems. Begin consuming more fresh, alkaline forming foods and you will find your digestive problems (and a host of other health issues) will begin to heal.

It is also possible that you are suffering from a deficiency of hydrochloric acid in your stomach. In other words, you don't have ENOUGH acid. Don't worry, this is simple to fix. You will still want to drink your water and eat your alkalizing foods. However, you will also want to add Braggs apple cider vinegar to your diet to assist with digestion.

The acidity of vinegar is a panacea to those who don't make enough HCI in their bellies. As you may have guessed, it also has an alkalizing effect once digested, even though it tastes sour. You will also want to consume cultured foods like Kombucha (a drink), kefir (like yogurt, only turbo charged) and cultured veggies like kimchee, miso and tempeh at each meal. This will help digestion by adding probiotics and enzymes that you desperately need.

Additionally, cayenne pepper stimulates the secretion of HCI (stomach acid) and can help with the digestion of protein. If you feel you are running low on stomach acid, try adding a little cayenne to your meals. If it does not agree with you or makes your symptoms worse, discontinue use.

For more information and a list of alkaline-forming foods, see my yahoo group The Body Secret at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/thebodysecret/


Q: I'm not sure what these symptoms are...perhaps acid reflux?
I tend to have a bit of a "weak stomach" I guess you could say, but for the past year it's gotten very bad. I think it MIGHT be acid reflux, but I'm not sure. Here are the symptoms and if anyone knows a lot on the topic, please let me know:

--after eating anything remotely greasy, my chest starts to burn and stomach begins to hurt...more often than not I am forced to throw it back up (sorry for the graphics) because it's the only way to get my stomach to stop hurting

--often times if i eat anything even more than an hour before I go to bed, I'll wake up either in the morning or in the middle of the night with the same problem listed above....an incredibly bad stomach ache and the need to throw up.

--a lot of times after I eat I go into these "fits" where I CANNOT stop belching...over and over. it's like there is an enormous pressure in my chest/stomach, and belching brings the only relief...this could last for an hour.

is this acid reflux, some other disorder, or just a very weak stomach?

A: It definitely sounds like GERD (acid reflux). Pls see a dr so you can have a scope done. They give you a sedative and put a teeny camera down your throat.

This will tell them if you have esophagitis, which can lead to esophagus cancer if untreated. Esophagitis occurs when the stomach acids come up the esophagus.

Q: Can acid reflux cause the following symptoms: stuffy nose or a feeling like you are getting too much air?
I have these symptoms and get anxiety/panic attacks due to them. Other triggers of my panic attacks are when I feel like my heart is beating too fast or I missed a breath. I am wondering if this all has to do with my acid reflux making me feel like i can't breathe?

Also, when it is humid my nose stuffs up even more. I have been to the doctor and are treating the reflux with nexium but the attacks are still there from time to time.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
Omg thank you so much for the information.

My panic attack came out of nowhere on vacation. I had had nothing to eat basically and drank heavily on an empty stomach(very stupid of me). I felt like I couldn't breathe while in a bar in Brazil out of nowhere. Was in my room for 2 days till my flight back due to this awful feeling everytime I would step out of my room. I went to the doctor they said it was anxiety and acid reflux.
Stuffy nose came afterwards when I came back and started taking the Nexium but it gets worse in humid weather.

I have always had anxiety attacks due whenever I was short of breath due to physical activity such as basketball. But never this bad.

Also, sometimes when the AC hits me right int he face or a fan is going I feel like I am getting too much air and my nose is way too open(if that makes sense).

Please let me know if you have any more details or if you need more info. Thanks again everyone.

A: well...

its probably your medication
to stop reflux you have to dampen the effect of your vagus nerve which is also associated with slowing down your heart beat (thus your heart is beating faster), and also you can feel like your are getting too much air, because the vagus nerve normally makes your airways narrower so when you medication dampens the effect of the vagus nerve, your bronchi are too wide resulting in you getting more air than usual

I cant explain the stuffy nose part, but thats one of the most commons symptoms

check out the side effects of your medication, I guess your panic attacks are due to your medication
tachycardia is listed(your heart over beating)

Was the not being able to breathe part before you started taking your medication?[I would guess it was, because before your med I guess your vagus nerves were over stimulated]

well dont be suprised if you get the other sympoms of your medication…

the heavy drinking is probably what started the panic attack, food in your stomach stimulates your vagus, heavy drinking probably had the key role (and over stimulating vagus to cause bronchoconstriction, but I dont know whether heavy drinking would effect your lungs that much)

any way my advice is not to overload your stomach, don’t eat too fast,

Q: what is acid reflux.What are the symptoms of it..?
what is acid reflux.What are the symptoms of it..

A: Acid Reflux is also called GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

What is it? The liquids in the stomach do not go through but regurgitate or come back up. This liquid can contain, acid, pepsin and bile.

Heartburn, refluxed fluid or regurgitation, nausea, ulcers, burning sensation, cough, asthma, fluid in mid ear or sinus

Q: Apple cider vinegar and Acid Reflux?
I’ve read that 2 teaspoons of red apple cider vinegar to a glass of water can help with the symptoms of Acid Reflux. Is this true? Is it a placebo effect? Does anyone have any other natural remedies?

A: yes, it will work. But, it will be much more tolerable and fun to take if you add it to a favorite juice. Apple Cider Vinegar balances PH – imbalance in PH is what causes acid reflux (short of a medical problem such as a tumor). Get organic ACV such as Braggs. http://www.iherb.com/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=5711&at=0

Other ways to bring acid reflux under control is to take a daily probiotic and a digestive enzyme with each meal. These both work very well by helping your body to appropriately digest and absorb. My favorites are:
Probiotic – http://www.iherb.com/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=2716&at=0
Digestive Enzyme – http://www.iherb.com/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=2655

There are other brands of both the vinegar and the enzymes, but those links will give you an idea of what you are looking for. Your local health food store will carry all of these items. If you do decide to go back to iHerb to purchase them though, use coupon code KES097 for $5 off your first time order (not affiliated, just where I buy those items because it is cheaper and closer than a health food store.)

Those are things you can take to help, but more importantly is what you should do to stop exacerbating the problem.

For instance, you should cut out all coffee, chocolate and acidic or caffeinated foods and drinks. Also, if you take antacids, they can be addictive, so though they seem to help, they keep the ph in your system out of whack requiring further use of them. You need to quit those cold turkey.

Try drinking 8 glasses of clean, filtered water daily to help your digestive system. Milk is a good stomach balancer too. If you don’t drink cows milk, you can make a great almond milk. Follow directions online for making it. It is very easy, tasty and healthy.

Finally, add a bit of lemon to your water. That also helps digestion. Here, we quarter a lemon and squeeze one quarter in each glass of water. Good stuff!

Hope you get it under control soon. I know how uncomfortable it is.

Q: Is a baby supposed to spit up a lot to have acid reflux?
Well my baby has all reflux symptoms except the frequent spit up. She only spits up once in a while. It can be every day but just a tiny amount. But it doesn’t always happen. So could she have reflux or could it be something else?

A: http://www.askdrsears.com/html/10/T106004.asp
How do I know if my baby has GER?

Clues that your baby suffers from GER enough to need treatment are:

* Frequent spitting up or vomiting (not all babies with GER spit up)
* Baby isn’t outgrowing the “colic” and/or spitting up
* Frequent blasts of crying that are painful cries, not just baby cries
* Your gut feeling tells you that your baby “hurts somewhere”
* Bursts of nightwaking “as if in pain”
* Colicky, abdominal pain after eating, even as long as one hour afterwards
* Poor sleep habits, restless
* Writhing as if in pain: drawing up legs, arching back
* Erratic feeding patterns. Refuses to feed or wants to breast or bottlefeed all the time.
* Frequent “wet burps” or “wet hiccups”
* Throaty noises: swallowing noises, choking, gagging
* Frequent, unexplained colds, wheezing, and chest infections
* Stop-breathing episodes
* Excessive drooling
* Spits up like a “volcano”

Q: HELP! I need to write a brief SOAP note. 30 year old female showing symptoms of acid reflux disease?
I need to use acronyms and abbreviations associated with medical terminology. The SOAP note is about a 30 year old female exhibiting signs of acid reflux disease. In addition, are there any good websites that have acronyms and abbreviaitons associated with medical terminology? PLEASE HELP! This is really confusing for me. I understand some acromyns and abbreviations but some have different meanings. Thank you!

A: Hi,

I use this one all the times http://www.all-acronyms.com/?g=7

Good luck.

Q: Are these symptoms of Acid Reflux?
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on my symptoms

A few weeks ago, I went to the doctor becuase I had a constant burning in my stomach and it would kind of burn my chest, actually, it kind of felt sore more than it burned. He prescribed losec and gastro bismol, and they seemed to have helped a bit.
But now, especially when I lie down or sit of too long, I get this weird feeling when I breathe. I feel like I’m breathing in through my nose, but I don’t feel like I’m exhaling. If I breath in too much, my chest starts to hurt. I feel like there’s pressure against the back/roof of my mouth, but I don’t feel like I have some kind of sinus infection. And sometimes my throat starts to feel dry and sratchy and like there’s a lump in it.

Has anyone had this before? What did you do about it? I’m also suffering from some anxiety issues, so I don’t know if that’s contributing to it as well..

A: yup I have acid reflux I have all those symptoms and thats exactely why im still up at almost 2am. I hate it!!

Q: What symptons did you have of acid reflux?
I have a burning in my chest that started about four days ago, Ive been to the ER and was told that I had arthritis in my ribs but now I’ve been told by another doctor that it’s acid reflux. The only symptom I have is rib burning, which started after taking Amoxicillin.

A: Burning in you throat, heartburn, taste hydrochloric acid in your mouth, or the back of your teeth start wearing away.

Q: Joints clicking (all over) – Hair Loss (all over) & lots of Acid Reflux. What could cause these symptoms?

A: lyme disease? lupus?

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Oct 14

Sour Stomach

A: Yup, a shallow teaspoon of baking soda in a large glass of cold water, stir well, drink fast. You’ll probably burp some, too. I don’t mind the taste at all, but if it’s too salty, you’ve put too much soda in the water. Just dilute.

Suck on peppermint candy. That helps, too.

I’ve heard that people have had acid stomach relief from drinking a teaspoon of vinegar mixed into a glass of water, but I couldn’t get past the smell of it.

Twists. Yup, stand up, put your hands on your hips, and twist slowly. That seems to help “get your stomach going” and might help.

Good luck!

Q: sour stomach?
What meds is best for dour stomach? I have to leave to go on a long trip, and I need to get something for my stomach.My stomach is really sour

A: Hey, ginger is really good for stuff like that, they sell tablets or you can get it in the form of tea, or buy the ginger root and make your own tea- just peel the root, cut up a little, boil, drain and drink up. Very good for your stomach, it has been really helpful to me at least. Also, before the trip make sure you eat some light food, nothing greasy or hard to digest. Toast is perfect, some rice, an apple, banana…Best of luck!

Q: Sour Stomach?
zi hve been feeling horrible since this morning with a very sore stomach. I dont know whats wrong but I have been throwing up, burping a lot and some bathroom problems. How do i fix this?

A: Pepto Bismal or any over-the-counter medication that’s meant to deal with sour stomachs. Make sure to drink lots of fluids so you do not become dehydrated from the diarrhea I’m assuming you have.

If you develop a fever or are not feeling better in 7 days, see a doctor.

Q: What can I do to lessen the discomfort of my sour stomach?
Every morning I have a sour stomach. I fill like I want to vomit since I have so much acid in my stomach. What could be the cause of so much acid in my stomach. I eat before I go to bed. I am usually stressed but somedays when I don’t have anything planned, I still have a sour stomach. Will drinking milk all the time help, Tums, Pepto Bismol?

A: Try pepto-bismal or change your diet

Q: How can i cure a sour stomach?
i have a sour stomach and i took pepto bismol but it’s not helping. any other ideas?

A: Pepcid AC or prilosec will help with this, also look at what your eating….

Q: What does having a “sour stomach” mean?
I saw a little boy complain to his mother about having a sour stomach and although I can assume it is some kind of digestive problem, I do not know what it is exactly. Is there a medical term for “sour stomach”? How can it be cured? And are there any alternative home remedies for it? Thanks.

A: It ’s just an old fashioned way of saying you have an upset stomache.

Q: My allergies have been acting up a lot lately, could this be related to my sour stomach and lack of appetite?
I’m a healthy middle aged guy, not overweight, that burns a lot of calories through the day, and I eat well too. But lately I have no appetite, just sour stomach. I have been taking antacids which haven’t worked and Benedryl, which has worked. Has anyone heard of a connection between sour stomach and bad allergies?

A: There is no such connection. Benadryl is an antihistamine and as such has mild “anticholinergic” effects which means it may act to cut down on the secretion of gastric acid. You can get a more effective acid blocker otc such as cimetidine, famotidine or ranitidine or even try a stronger blocker like Prilosec or Prevacid, also otc but more expensive.

Q: Does anyone know about sour stomach problems?
My husband has been having problems with sour stomach. He burps this nasty egg smell all the time. He was having problems like once a month but it is a weekly problem now. The doctor said its just normal sour stomach. I just don’t see how it can be recurring this frequently. He has heart burn too but the biggest problem is his stomach. Gas and the burping.

A: The most important thing is that your husband needs to start keeping a food journal. Its difficult, but its important to see if there is a food allergy. I have the same problem, and i am working through all the different reasons. A nurse friend of mine thinks i have an allergy to gluten, Celiac Disease. The older we get, the less our bodies can handle certain food. It could be stress, fried foods, dairy, breads, time he eats. The quick cure is pepto-bismol. It stops the sour smell and eases tdiarrhearea. A lot of these conditions are hard to diagnose, that’s why keeping a journal you can push the dr into looking further into it-otherwise they will laugh, give you some tums, and cash your check for the visit.
Hope this helps-and good luck!!!

Q: What is a quick fix remedy for curing “sour stomach” the day after drinking alcohol to excess?
I drank way to much last night and today I have that terrible feeling in my stomach that doesn’t want to disappear. I took Pepto and drank some tea but neither helped. Any remedies that have worked for you in the past? Thanks in advance.

(I also asked this in Health section, but I figured I would give it a try here also.)

A: A good greasy breakfast & a bottle of Gatorade to replace the electrolytes.

Q: Whats safe to take for sour stomach during pregnancy?
i went to the dr and she told me i had a stomach flu. and its VERY painful, it hurts my belly, and i have diarhea, which is nasty i know but everyone goes through it.. right.

n e ways, its been going on and ive been resting and drinking juice and water but it still hurts. so is there n e thing i can take that might make me feel better, or at least make the stomach ache die down, or get rid of the diarrhea?

A: rolaids. plus they are much tastier than tums lol

Q: Is orange juice okay to drink with a sour stomach?
I have low potassium levels, and my stomach has been aching.

I just got back from the ER and they said I threw up blood because I was puking too hard.

But back to the question, would it be okay if I drank orange juice at all? Is there anything that’ll help my stomach that I can drink?

A: I wouldnt..orange juice has a lot of acid in it that will probably make your stomach worse

Q: 6 months pregnant and sour stomach pains?
I’m 6 months pregnant and have been feeling like crap today. My chest is aching and there is a sour feelinmg in my stomach, like someone is grabbing me by the pit of my stomach and twisting. Anyone else ever feel this or have a clue what it is?

A: It could be all your ligaments stretching or you could be coming down with something. Best to get it checked out with the dr if you arent sure and put your mind at rest.

Q: can you use lemon juice for sour stomach?
I need something for sour stomach and have no money to get nothing and need home remedie I also need home remedies for flea bites I have used over the counter creams I used about 3 diffrent kinds and nothing works. Need help between my sour stomach and me itching because I have a lot of flea bites do to going over my sisters house she lives on a farm and fleas are bad I am suffering I am also vary tired do to scratching a lot

A: You could try milk for the sour stomach.

Q: What can I take for a sour stomach and diarrhea while pregnant?
I feel really yucky and I’m about to head to cvs to get some medicine. I don’t remember what’s safe for those conditions while being pregnant. If someone could tell me it would be really helpful. Thanks!

A: You can ask the pharmacists while your at Cvs.

Q: What kind of food can be eaten with a sour stomach?
I was vomtting all night and I almost started to bleed through my nose. I had diarea too. What kinds of foods can I eat?

A: try some saltine crackers or chicken noddle soup in small amounts
hope you feel better

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