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A: Prevacid is a proton-pump inhibitor (PPI), which means it acts on the pareital cells of the stomach to reduce stomach acid production by as much as 90%+.

While there have not been a lot of studies on long-term PPI use, some of the general risks associated with long-term use include decreased vitamin absorption (specifically the B vitamins) and decreased calcium absorption.

Since gastric acid can help kill certain pathogens in your digestive system, long-term use can make you more susceptible to certain types of pneumonia and bacterial infections such as "c-diff" or Clostridium difficile.

Obviously, the above potential complications stop when you stop taking the Prevacid.

The vast majority of people who take PPIs never have adverse reactions or complications. I myself have been taking them for almost 10 years (although not consistently) and have never had any adverse reactions.

The reason most physicians want patients to take PPIs for over a year is that when stomach acid damages your esophagus it can take several months for the esophagus to heal properly. When the esophagus is damaged repeatedly by stomach acids, potential precancerous changes (Barrett's Esophagus) can occur in esophageal cells.

Unless you have major health problems or are over 50, you probably shouldn't worry about problems taking your Prevacid.

Q: which is better at treating acid reflux, prevacid or prilocec? or do they both just as effective.?
this is for over the counter medications.

A: It really depends on the patient. What works for one, may not work for another.

Try the least expensive one. If it works, great. If not, try the other one.

Q: 6 month old with acid reflux and on prevacid?
She still spits up all day long. She does not seem as fussy now that she is on the medicine. Is this normal to still be spitting up so bad and on the medicine? The dr tried Axid at first and then switched to Prevacid. Any advice would be great
It is very common to put a baby on Prevacid. They even make it for babies. She takes a pill that dissolves. I am also nursing so changing formulas would not be in order.

A: My granddaughter and grandson both were diagnosed with acid reflux. They both continued to spit up even with medication (one was on Prevacid and the other is on Zantac). The good news is that my granddaughter is now 1 year and is completely off the medication although she still continues to drink a soy based formula rather than cow's milk. My grandson is almost 6 months old and still spits up quite regularly but does not have the pain and discomfort he had prior to taking the medication. You do need to tell the baby's doctor that she is still spitting up - sometimes it is a trial and error situation with which medication works the best and you may not find one that totally eliminates all the problems. I know that this is stressful and causes you worry but take heart and be patient - things will get better as baby gets older

Q: Baby with acid reflux on prevacid?
My son has just been diagnosed with acid reflux and has been put on prevacid. Has anyone else's baby been on this medication? How long did it take to work? Were there any side effects?
my son is 9 months old and was diagnosed by a pediatric GI specialist

A: my nephew was on prevacid until he was 10 months, no side effects and a much happier baby. My son (5 months) has been on zantac since 6 weeks and it has also made a huge difference and no side effects. Most out grow the reflux by 12 months and no longer need medication

Q: Is there a cure for acid reflux? Prevacid makes me feel bloated and uncomfortable. Help please?

A: you are eating something that is causing an out of control fermentation in your belly. the cure is not something for you to put in your body, but rather a removal process of the thing(s) that you KNOW are killing you (think really white foods), probably shouldn;t be eating meat more than once a day. heck! does anyone need it more than 10 times a month? get minerals and enzymes in your body in the form of clean healthy foods. whatever your diet.

if you are truly looking for a cure.
a pill will never do.
anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to sell you really expensive glue.

Q: prevacid not working for acid reflux baby?
My 6 week old has acid reflux and was given Axid .06ml, it worked for a few days only, then they put her on Prevacid 7.5mg,again, it worked for about 1 week and it is tapering off. The pediatrician said sometimes kids are put on both. what meds were your kids on, and what dose at what age?

A: My son was diagnosed with GERD at 6 weeks and was put on Zantac (1 mL) for 2 weeks. It was not effective, so they put him on Prevacid (7.5mg). That was effective for about 1 month, then they increased the dose to 15mg. He was on that until around 6 1/2 months and then taken off meds completely. I think once he started eating solids his symptoms improved greatly and he didn't need the meds anymore.

Your daughter may need both meds for relief. Zantac and Prevacid/Axid work in different ways. Zantac is an acid blocker, which means it blocks the cells in the esophagus from feeling the acid when it comes back up. Prevacid/Axid are acid inhibitors, which means they prevent excess acid from forming in the stomach in the first place. Sometimes one single approach is not enough for a baby and they need both kinds of relief.

Good luck!

Q: when is the best time to take prevacid, acid reflux medication?

A: Directions should be on the Box, or ask your Doctor that has prescribed it. Usually it is taken first thing in the Morning and 1 hour before Breakfast.

Q: My 6 week old has acid reflux problem and has been put on prevacid started giving it yesterday?
she was on axid for a week but that didnt work so her ped put her on prevacid.
has anyone experienced this with their baby and how long it takes for the prevacid effect to show up. has ur baby grown out of the problem. please share.

A: Usually they will grow out of the problem after a while. The medicine should heal it up, but later in life they could possibly gain acid reflux again. i had it as a child and didn't have problems with it untill recently but i was on zantac 75 and its prob the best I've ever been on.

Q: Is it ok to give baby gripe water while on prevacid for acid reflux ?
My baby is currently on prevacid ( 15mg ). He takes it once a day for treating his acid reflux. He is 6 weeks old. We were wondering if we can give him gripe water as well every day when he fusses during the day after feeds ? Is it safe to give grip water when on prevacid ?

A: Gripe water is all natural, so I can't see how it could hurt. I was giving my boy zantac (because we all thought he may have reflux) and gripe water, and it didn't harm a thing!

Q: How long will Prevacid take to help an infant with acid reflux?

A: A few days--the problem may never fully go away, but it should improve.

Q: what acid reflux medicine can I take? Prevacid or Zantac may interfer with the blood.?

A: Talk to your doctor or pharmacist/chemist.

The exact interaction between meds such as Plavix and drugs like Prevacid is unknown. There's conflicting evidence now.

Q: Anyone have infant on Prevacid solutabs for Acid Reflux?
My son also just got put on this for his neverending spitting up since 8 months old. Anyone using it that can give me hope. Also, need advice on how to administer it-syringe is difficult and it gets stuck in the nipple of the bottle. Thanks!

A: My son had acid reflux when he was an infant. I just gave him his med with a syringe. He got use to it. The med the Doc gave him was liquid, it was the most nasty smelling med I have ever encounter.You might want to see if they cn give him anything different I was told that my son would out grow the acid reflux. And he did, he was about three to four months when we took him off the medicine.
I hope your baby does too!!

Good luck!

Q: My 4 week old daughter was diagnosed with acid reflux. The doctor prescribed Prevacid. Any extra advice?
She's been projectile vomitting about once a day, and spits up at least a little at every feeding. I'm breastfeeding, but I'm not sure what foods to avoid. I've heard tomatoes, garlic, citris, high-fat, milk, spicy, vegetables, caffeine... anything else?

A: I had the exact same thing when I was a baby -- i was perscribed drugs but the best thing is time -- she will eventually grow out of it no worries. Try giving her natural foods not canned -- foods without preservatives. My mother used to puree fruit - banana, apple etc. good luck

Q: Is Prevacid (medicine for acid reflux) ok to take during pregnancy?
I don't even know if i'm pregnant yet. Thats not my question. My question is: i take Prevacid every day for my Gastro esophageal reflux disease (heartburn times 100) i can't live without it. my reflux is that bad. but if i get pregnant or if i already am does anyone know if it will hurt the baby? or if there is something else i can take? over the counter prilosec, tums, mylanta, --none of that works, its not strong enough. has anyone had this problem? if its really bad i will not take it obviously the baby's health is more important but i need to take something. any ideas??

A: i dont know about you, you will want to talk to your doc.
but while i was pregnant, i was prescribed prevacid by mine.
my heartburn was so bad, they were worried it would cause long term damage.
i had a great doc. and i am sure he would not have prescribed something that would harm me or my unborn baby.

although it was prescribed toward the end of my pregnancy, it is possible that it would not be recommended at the early stages.

call your doc.

Q: Is prevacid safe? Any experience with acid reflux and pregnancy?
Hey guys, I was trying to conceive and went to my doc for chest pains. She put me on prevacid for 12 days to see if it is acid-reflux. I didn't start taking it the first day and then the second day I found out I was pregnant, so I still haven't taken it. I read online that it is a Class B drug, so it's been studied in pregnant animals and seems fine, but hasn't been studied in pregnant humans.

Does anyone have any pregnant experience with this drug? Are there any other acid reflux drugs that anyone is taking that are definitely safe for pregnancy?
thanks everyone for your responses. They've been really helpful!

also, I already have an organic diet. My husband and I eat very healthy -- no partially hydrogenated oils, no fructose, no dyes or preservatives. I cook fresh food almost every meal and actually plan them out at the beginning of the week to get proper nutrition. It's possible that this is not even acid reflux that I have, my doc just wanted to rule it out as a possible source of chest pain. If it really is caused by bad diet, maybe this is something else.

A: There are a few things that you can take that can help with your heartburn, that are natural. I take fennel seed, which you can find at a nutritional place, like GNC, but GNC doesn't carry it anymore. I also use Papaya Enzymes. Not only does it help break down the proteins that you've eaten, it also helps with acid reflux, which I get a lot. The fennel seed is extremely effective at lowering the acids in your stomach. Check out the link below to see what else your doctor may be ok with you taking, while pregnant.