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acid reflux in babies

A: my older son is 21 months…he was crazy spitter but was never bothered by it.

my 2 month old is another story. He would cry all the time. He is on Zantac as well and was just increased from 1 ml 4x a day to 1.5 ml 4 x day. It does take a while before it starts working and with my son it helped but has not taking his issues away. Before he was on it he would not nap longer than 5 minutes at a time and would wake up screaming.

You didn’t mention if you formula fed or breast fed. I do both. When he gets formula I use Similac Sensitive RS. The RS stands for rice starch. It is a thicker formula to help it stay down. you will need a faster flow nipple for it. Mine uses a tricut nipple if I use it in powder form and a level 2 if its the premixed (for some reason the premixed is thinner). As far as Breastfeeding…I have noticed brocolli and caffiene bother my little guy. Yours may have trouble with some foods as well. Mylicon sometimes works. My sons doctor also said try tylenol if he gets really fussy. It wont help with the reflux but it will help him relax so he can sleep. My doctor told me that he prefers him to have breastmilk but that alot of reflux babies do better on formula because it is thicker.

Sometimes if he wont stop fussing I give him a bath. He seems to enjoy it and he usually takes a nap afterward.

He used to scream the entire time he was in the infant carrier style carseat. I switched him to a convertible carseat and he hardly ever cries in the car now. I think the position is better for him (sucks for me because it was nice to be able to grab the other seat and be able to set him down places but hey i’m the mom I deal with it right).

It also helps to give them a drink when they fuss. THe acid starts coming up and if you give em a drink of formula or breastmilk it pushes it back down. You dont need a whole bottle just a 1/2 ounce or so or about 2 minutes at the breast.

I have been lucky mine sleeps very well at night. He goes down about 9 or 10 and doesnt wake until about 4. He nurses pretty much the rest of the night on and off. THe doctor doesnt have much explaination as to why he does so well at night.

If you get too stressed out dealing with the screaming put the baby in a safe place and go outside where it is quiet for a few minutes until you can calm down. Its very frustrationing to hear your baby cry nonstop and not be able to help them. Mix that with the hormones still in your body and its scary. Remember the baby needs you to hold him but he can sense your tension so if you need a break take it.

Good luck and I hope your baby finds some relief soon.

Q: Acid reflux babies, a sleep question?
Does your little one sleep on their tummy? I have heard so many times that this is the most comfortable for them. Sophie is 5 months old and takes Zantac twice a day. She seems content except at bedtime. She keeps waking up grunting and kicking her legs out, locking them at the knees. She cries and fusses. I’ve tried everything: gas drops/tylenol/gripe water/pumping her legs/and even nursing her. The only thing that stops her crying is for me to roll her onto her stomach. She farts really loud and goes to sleep instantly. So, I try to roll her back over and she wakes up grunting and crying in like 5 minutes. I put her back on her stomach and out she goes. She has done this for 4 days in a row now. I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night because I had to keep checking on her to make sure she was breathing ( I know her neck muscles are strong enough now and she pushes up a little with her hands too, but I’m still paranoid!). Her MD said soon enough she will be rolling over and I couldn’t stop her from sleeping on her stomach. I’m just scared. She sleeps soooooo well on her stomach though. She doesn’t wake up once for about 10 hours, not even when her pacifier falls out! Advice????? Thanks!

A: The risk of SIDS decreases dramatically at 4 months of age ( presumably because most babies can lift thier heads well) and again at 6 months of age (presumably because many babies are rolling). So you probably don’t have a lot to worry about, esp if her dr isn’t concerned. But since mommy’s always worry anyway, here are some other things to try:

For acid reflux: try propping up the head end of her mattress with a thick book so she is sleeping on an incline.

You could try letting her sleep on her side, propped with recieving blankets.

Could swaddling put gentle pressure on her tummy while she is still on her back?

Tummy massage is great for getting gas out. Rub the tummy clockwise, then scoop down towards teh diaper. Plunge the knees into the tummy, and repeat until gas comes out. _Much_ better, in my experience, than bicycling the legs.

For SIDS: they did a study that showed that having a fan on in the room or the window cracked reduced SIDS.

Also, of course, make sure her mattress is firm and her bedding is very flat/tight.

The pacifier also has been shown to decrease the SIDS risk, which it sounds like you already do.

If she really really will only sleep well on her tummy, you could try maybe if put a fan in her room, and maybe _you_ will sleep a bit more soundly then too, knowing you have done _something_ preventative.

Q: Does baby acid reflux have something to do with mom’s diet?
I’m a new mom and have never been around babies. I saw someone in my other post mentioned this, I’d like to know more and learn more. Any good advice on caring for a baby with acid reflux?

A: I’ll give the same answer I gave on another question:

Technically, the only way to officially diagnose reflux is a GI probe test, which is extremely invasive, especially for an infant, so most doctors make a unofficial diagnosis based on symptoms. Here’s a list of reflux symptoms in infants:

Be aware that excessive spitting up, or spitting up in general, is *not* the same as reflux. All babies spit up at some point or another, and some spit up a lot, but reflux is not always the cause. Reflux, or GERD, occurs when the valve that separates the stomach from the esophagus doesn’t close completely after a feeding, causing stomach acids and food (or, in a baby’s case, milk) to come back up. This often causes damage to the esophageal wall as well, as stomach acids are extremely corrosive. This is why true reflux or GERD can only truly be diagnosed by a GI probe test. The probe searches the esophagus for damage and checks to see if the valve doesn’t close properly.

Spitting up is sometimes a symptom of reflux, obviously, since milk will come back up if the valve doesn’t close completely, but there are many other possible causes of spitting up: oversupply or overactive letdown, excessive swallowing of air during feeding, pyloric stenosis, allergies (sometimes food allergies or sensitivities, such as a dairy allergy), or sometimes overeating/overfeeding. Many of these issues are mistakenly diagnosed as reflux, when they’re not reflux at all. Often, they’re easily fixable with dietary changes, altering feeding methods or positions, or, in the case of pyloric stenosis, surgery would be required. Babies can also have what’s known as silent reflux – reflux without the obvious symptom of frequent spitting up. So, spitting up isn’t always an accurate indicator of reflux. They’re two completely different things.

Personally, I think it’s best to try solutions for some of the problems listed above before resorting to prescription medications for reflux. If the baby is breastfed, block feeding, eliminating dairy, and altering feeding positions can help eliminate the issues. If the baby is formula fed, sometimes changing formulas can help, specifically if it’s suspected that the baby has a dairy allergy or sensitivity. You might consider talking to your doctor about testing for allergies as well, before trying any reflux medications.

Chiropractic care is also shown to help reflux, or other issues that mimic reflux. Chiropractic adjustments help body stay in proper alignment, which can aid in proper digestion and help reduce the symptoms of reflux, colic, allergies, and other issues. Here’s more info on chiropractic care for reflux: This is a very detailed report on how chiropractic care helped infants with reflux and similar issues:

Be aware that many doctors still recommend adding rice cereal to an infant’s diet in order to help reflux. This is actually not proven to lower reflux index scores or heal esophageal damage. It’s basically a bandage that can occasionally help a symptom of a problem, but the underlying issue (silent reflux) will still persist. Here’s a link to an article that references a study on thickening feeds with cereal to treat reflux: and another: In some cases, the rice cereal made the reflux worse.

In other words, treating reflux with rice cereal is like treating a broken bone with Vicodin. The Vicodin will help the pain – a symptom of the broken bone – but the bone will still be broken. Personally, I would avoid thickened feeds, given that there are no known benefits, and actually some risks. Introducing solids before an infant is developmentally and biologically ready (which is around 6 months of age, based on the medical evidence we have now), can lead to digestive issues, allergies, iron deficiency anemia later in life, and other issues:

Overall, if your baby is wetting adequate diapers and gaining weight, it is likely more of a laundry issue than anything else.

Here’s a good page on reflux. A lot of the information is directed toward breastfed babies, but most of it will apply to formula fed babies as well:

Q: do breastfed babies get acid reflux? ?
or is it just formula fed babies? i honestly have never heard of acid reflux in babies before. i just saw a question on rice cereal in bottles and it made me wonder about the whole acid reflux problem that some babies have.

A: Yes breastfed babies can have it just like formula fed babies. My boys were on breastmilk for 3 months, the youngest was fed from the breast and both had horrible reflux. I know if there is a family history of reflux problems that increases the chances of a baby having it.

Q: has anyone heard of using chiropractic care to get rid of acid reflux in babies?

A: No, my baby boy had acid reflux and he was on Zantac for awhile until he grew out of it

Q: Can acid reflux affect baby’s sleep?
My 9 month old son has acid reflux. I’ve asked a lot of question on these boards about it, but I was wondering if any other parents of acid reflux babies noticed that it affected their babies’ sleep? No matter how hard I try to get all of hus burps out, he often wakes up 20-30 minutes into a nap and EVERY time he has a burp. I then can’t get him back to sleep because he has power napped. My hubby wants to let him cry, but I keep telling him my son is waking up because he’s in pain and needs help getting his burps out. Am I doing the right thing here? Do I need to just let my son figure it out on his own?

A: I have acid reflux and it interferes with my sleep at night because lying down aggravates the condition – and sometimes it can be quite painful. It wakes me up quite often throughout the night and I’m sure that it would affect your baby the same way. You should discuss this with your Doctor and learn more about the symptoms of acid reflux and especially how it affects a child as young as your baby. Another symptom is difficulty swallowing and sometimes during the night I wake up thinking I am choking due to the acid from my stomach entering my esophagus. Of course I am on medication, but I am an adult and know what is happening to me. You should discuss the situation with your Doctor to find out what treatment options/medications are available for your young son. I know diet is important and that is something else you should discuss with your Doctor. My heart goes out to you and your poor little son.

Any yes, you are doing the best thing by picking me up. As I mentioned above, lying down aggravates the condition. Also, he will have trouble falling back to sleep because his stomach will still be upset – and yes, he probably is in pain, because acid reflux can be very painful. So keep him in an upright position and wait for his stomach to calm down from the acidity. Find out from your Doctor what you can give him to soothe his stomach and counter the acidity.

Good Luck and God Bless.

Q: Parents who have babies with Acid Reflux?
How long after starting the meds (zantac and reglan) did you notice a change in your child’s tempermant? I really worry about my son not feeling good but so I’m keeping him upright too but at the same time – I really can’t handle the screaming anymore. Did your child stop screaming? How different were they after starting the meds?

A: The Zantac was bad, she cried even worse with it because it gave her bad diarrhea and stomach pain. I have my baby on Prevacid, and yes she acts like a normal baby now. Before it was like she had colic. She did stop screaming, and now she is a very happy baby. She still pukes A LOT and she is 4 mths old, but she is happy and gaining weight well. She is no longer in pain. So I think the meds are a good idea, since she is clearly in pain.

Edit: It took about 3 days for the medicine to take it’s full effect.

Q: Acid Reflux in babies?
Anyone have a baby with acid reflux?
My baby is now 3 mons old and since the day he was born he had been gagging alot and coughing (I just figured it was because I had a csection).
He Coughs during/after feeding
Gags during feeding and arches his back
Sometimes won’t finish bottle
Fussy, crys alot (doctor had said before he is colic)
Vomits up about 2 oz after burping
Sometimes he loses his breath and turns red (fickin scary!)
Spits up alot….. until next feeding

I had him on good start, than parents choice, now enfamil thickened

Have any experienced this with their baby and if so did you find a paticular formula was best, or what did doctor recommend??? Any suggestions aside going to doctor he is next week.
I for sure know all the five S’s… do them every day… But if anyone has had a baby with reflux what was the process doctor have given?
I’d rather be the beach :
You sound like you know for sure what I am saying, betweent he difference of colic and reflux. Thank you for your info.
Jackie: More than formula like what? Isn’t he too young yet for baby food? tips please :)

A: My son had reflux, and my 6 week old daughter just got diagnosed.

I’m not sure about the coughing/gagging/choaking (although both of mine did/do that as well). The back arching, when you’re feeding him, the excessive spitting up, the excessive crying – this is reflux.

Something that often causes reflux is dairy. Try a lactose-free formula. If that doesn’t work, maybe try a soy-free/dairy-free formula.

Also, ask your doctor about a reflux medicine. Zantac is what we use, but you need a prescription. It doesn’t cure the reflux, but it does sooth the burning in their throats.

Good luck!! Been there with my son, and going through it again with my daughter! I think it really is quite common in little ones (and often misdiagnosed as “colic”)

Q: Does anyone know anything about acid reflux in babies?
i worry my daughter has it…

A: My daughter has is 7 weeks old and has had acid reflux since she was 2 weeks old. She would spit up about 3 times every feeding so my Dr told me to add 1 tablespoon of single grain rice cereal to each oz of formula and she never spit up again. I don’t recommend doing this without asking your Dr. Everyone will tell you it is unsafe to add cereal at a young age but it is perfectly safe just monitor each feeding, which i trust you do that anyways. Change diapers before a feeding rather than after to avoid laying baby down after a feeding. Try to keep her upright for about 20 to 30 minutes after each bottle. Keep her diaper and clothes loose around her belly. Gas is a common symptom that comes with acid reflux. If she has gas try Dr browns bottles and Dr browns formula pitcher. shows how the bottles work to reduce air intake while feeding. The pitcher helps reduce bubbles in the formula. If you want to try and thicken the formula without using cereal you can try soy formula like similac isomil. My daughter was just put on it a week ago after Zantac hadn’t helped the acid very much and the isomil cleared things up. She is doing much better but were still fighting it. Try this easy stuff first and if it doesn’t work ask your Dr about Zantac and rice cereal. We are on rice cereal, zantac twice a day, and similac isomil. If she appears to have a tummy ache it could be a milk allergy or lactose intolerance. The isomil is lactose free. You can put mylacon drops in every bottle it is safe! Gripe water also helps relax the tummy and it is all natural and fine to give every 30 minutes as needed. A warm water bottle on her belly can also help calm an upset tummy. I have a bean bag with lavender scent the you can throw in the microwave. Hope this helps you out!

Q: acid reflux in babies?
my son has acid reflux and most of the time its under control with medication and spit ups are quite minimal but for the last few days hes spit up constantly and you can smell the acid in his vomit and sometimes a clear water like vomit has been coming up is this normal what should i do should i take him to the doctors

A: I would take him to docs and get infant gaviscon on prescription and put in every bottle.

Q: Has anyone heard of hazelaid nekclaces which supposedly help relieve eczema, teething babies and acid reflux?
Anyone ever use one of these necklaces and have success? I just ordered one from in hopes of getting a speedy recovery from eczema…any feedback about these necklaces would be grateful!!

A: No, but have you heard of ARBONNE. They are 100% natural and certified VEGAN. My 4 year old has had eczema since she was 3 months old and I was able to take her off of her RX lotions within a week. I love it and now sell it and am telling the world because it is amazing. I would love to get you a sample. Just email me.

Q: Acid reflux baby – help?
My daughter has acid reflux. She spends a lot of time in her car seat (when we are not holding her). I am really worried that putting her in her car seat so much is bad for her, but this is the only place she is comfortable. If we lay her down on her back she fusses and is miserable. Has anyone else had to do this? Just wondering.

A: my twins had reflux also they practically lived in their car seats even sleep in them which was advice for there pediatrician nurse practitioner and 2 spec i took them to just think of it like this if you had reflux [you know how that feels] you would stay in the only position that you were comfortable right i just know my kids loved it the only prob i had was switching them to there bed when the reflux was better they did not want to give up there car seats but i slowly took them away a little more each day when my kids were admitted to hospital several times for asthma they stayed in car seats nurses tried to tell me no i told them to call kids doc and he said leave them in car seats as long as they are happy so they did

Q: What causes acid reflux in babies?
I would like to know the cause. My friend is being a know it all as usual and saying it can only be contracted by eating spicy foods and babies as we know, can only drink from a bottle or breast feed but the baby I am talking about takes from a bottle.

I ask this because I am wondering how it is contracted. I have the theory that babies are born with it and not really obtained by any other source. My friend says that babies constract it from something after being born.

What do you think is correct? And do you have anything to add? I am just tired of the know-it-all medical “experts” who think they are smarter than a doctor. But then stupidly knows no bounds. Intelligence apparently does.

A: “In gastroesophageal reflux (GER), irritating stomach acids are regurgitated into the esophagus causing pains that adults would call “heartburn.” GER is caused by a malfunction of the valve- like muscles between the stomach and the esophagus”


When babies are first born, this valve is immature causing acid to come up. That is why they outgrow it by time, when this valve becomes mature enough.

So, yes, they are born with it, it is nothing we did to them.

Q: Help undoing sleep habits in acid reflux baby?
My little guy is 11 months old and is just now getting over his acid reflux. We can get him to go to bed pretty easily, but he still wakes up numerous times at night. Sometimes he’ll have to pass gas/burp and sometimes he wants a bottle, but he’s never in pain anymore. How can I start teaching him to sleep through the night (and give up his 1-2 night feedings)?

After a year of 4+ painful night wakings every night, I am sooo tired. He’s such a happy, sweet baby during the day, I just wish we could get some decent sleep at night ;-) . Please help!
He’s on Enfamil A.R.

A: I feel your pain, my son didn’t start outgrowing his reflux until that age too.

He did wake up alot on occasion, but not regularly.

I read this in a book about baby’s first year and it did help when my son would get off track when he was younger (now almost 20 months)….

Wait as long as possible before giving into his feeding. Distract him (while the room is still dark) by talking, singing, rocking… just try to calm him down so he forgets about feeding (unless you think he is actually hungry and not just wanting a comfort feed). Keep doing this everytime you wake up. Eventually you may have to feed him, but you have widened the gap between the last feeding.

When you do this the baby will usually learn not to wake up for feeding. I tried this when my son was 10 months and started to wake up again out of no where. He was always a good sleeper up until that point. I used this method for about a week and it actually worked. I’m sure it depends on the baby, but it’s worth a try.

Q: Infant Acid Reflux how do I deal with it?
I was just told my month old has Acid Reflux. It is very hard to deal with as he is fussy and crying most of the day and night and in pain after he eats. I was told today that it may take up to 6 months to resolve itself. Oh my! 6 months? I thought I would only have to deal with this for three months??
Anyone else gone through this? How did you cope with a colicky/ acid reflux baby? I love him more than anything, but some days I want to pull my hair out. I feel guilty when I find myself wishing his babyhood away and wish he would skip to 7 months when he will be better.

A: My 6 month old had the same problem. He has improved a lot. He still throws up A LOT, but it doesn’t really bother him anymore. I have to admit the first 4-5 months were extremely difficult for me. Look for support from family or friends or musm groups in your area. If you can – have someone look after him from time to time to give yourself a break! I know how hard it can be, but you are not alone!!! I got through it!

We started my little man on Mylanta – just normal mylanta 1.5-2ml. That worked for a little while, but then we had to start him on Zantac, which again worked for a little while then finally he was on Losec which was quite good. He’s off all medication now. I did give him infant gaviscon for a while – which helped him keep his food down. The other medications didn’t stop him from throwing up they just reduce the acidity.

Just remember it won’t last forever! Try and get out the house when you can, have your parnter take care of him for an hour or 2 day so you can get out and do your own thing. It will do you the world of good – and help you relax, so when you return home you will be refreshed.

I bought a sling which I used a lot in the first few months. My son hated lying down so I would put him upright in the sling against my chest and he would sleep there for a good 3 hours sometimes. He just liked to be upright. He also liked to be on his stomach a lot which seemed to help his discomfort.

Check out this website it has a few helpful hints. However at the end of the day you have to work out what works for you.

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