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Prune Juice Acid Reflux

A: I think prune is far less likely to affect him than a citric juice – I’m pretty sure there’s no acid in it.

Q: prune juice for a constipated baby…?
my 3 month old has been having to switch formulas alot because of the acid reflux she has the most recent is enfamil AR and it makes her very constipated… i asked the dr about it and she said to give her prune juice… could someone please tell me the amount to give her?
i really dont think that prune juice will hurt her considering her dr was the one who told me to give it to her…

A: Rice tends to do that. :/

The juices/fruits for relieving constipation are the 4 p’s. Prunes, pears, pineapple (not recommended for babies) and peaches. I have found that pears are easier on the tummy than prunes so that’s what I tend to use. Start with a very small amount, like one part juice and 3-4 parts water, and only 1/4-1/2oz. I found that my daughter was regulated with 2 juices of 1/8oz two times a day (so 1/4oz of watered down juice) and that’s all she needed. If 1/4oz does the job, then that’s all you need. Some babies need 1/2oz in a day, but few need much more than that.

Once she’s old enough for solids, then use the solid/pureed forms of the fruit. Canned baby peaches and pears work wonderfully and you can find them in all sorts of baby foods. Also, once she’s old enough for solids, use oatmeal not rice if there is not much of a worry of allergies because oatmeal, barley, etc are less binding than rice.

I never had a doctor recommend Karo syrup.

Q: Acid Reflux Drug Free?
Acid reflux.
Coming out of acid reflux. My story may be able to help some of you.
They say that acid reflux is caused by poor eating habits and or bacteria in your stomach.
Right before my episode with acid reflux I was eating healthy, in perfect shape and had my perfect work hard.

Once day, I stared having all the symptom of acid reflux and no one knew what I had. This went on for months. I forced my doctor to check for Helicobacter pylori. which I ended up testing positive.

I got omeprazole (Prilosex) plus 2 antibiotics. 4 pills a day for 14 days.
After the treatment my stomach was hitching and I still had a hard time eating. I was still creating too much acid so my doctor give me again omeprazole (Prilosex). I refused to be on any drug and I knew that the omeprazole (Prilosex) was not the answer it was just a bandage without dealing with the root of the problem.

This is what I did:
I knew the Key out of this was: I need to keep the body alkaline, the bad bacteria don’t like an alkaline environment.
I stop take the omeprazole (Prilosex) and starting taking a of Jarro Dophilus EPS (can find it in health store). The 3rd day I started to feel the difference. I was able to eat more verity of food.
Aloe vera juice before every meal
Eating every 3 hrs small meal. No row vegetable – fresh steam vegetable only and protein. No oily or greasy food at all, not black chocolate , not alcohol, no caffeine, no soda and not spices in your food. Avoid hot water, somehow my system does quite down with colder drink and food.
I eat protein and green 3 time a day and a lot of low fat low sugar organic yogurt as snack and all day.
I take 4 pills a day of Jarro Dophilus EPS . One pill 45 min before every meal to help my stomach and intestines get their natural bacteria back while controlling the excess of acid the stomach is creating. Drink the pills with hot water It makes swallowing the pills easier.
I drink Apple Cider Vinegar (2 table spoons in 0.5l drink of water) throughout the day with a lot of water.
I don’t mix the protein & green vegetable with fruits.
Sugar create more acid so I am very careful with the fruits I eat (low sugar index fruits only) and I don’t eat any carbohydrate for the same reason.
I recommend: Cranberry juice-Prune juice (the sugar free type mix with H2O)
2 tea spoons of honey mix with water before eating.
Avocado-apples-banana-melon-walnuts-almonds-tofu-sweet potato-fish-Grilled chicken (legs grilled) easier on your stomach. Not red meat at the beginning it is too hard on the stomach. Camomile tea help digestion process.
Stop eating 3hrs before bedtime. I sleep with your upper body higher than the bed level almost in a semi sitting position.
I don’t lift weight or jog because I was creating too much acid and it was giving me some palpitation. (yes, the doctor said that the palpitation have nothing to do with acid reflux-there not connected-well doctor have news for you everything is connected and how can a super athlete with no hard problem get some palpitation every time his stomach create too much acid).
To avoid the palpitation, I ride my bike slowly without too much effort, and also walk. I make sure I space out my workout throughout the day.
Now I am getting better and I know you can be acid reflux free..it take time and patience.
I am almost certain that a lot of us will test negative for every test on the planet regarding stomach bacteria but small bacteria such as Escherichia coli-E-coli and other don’t really have a test for them and you could have something in your system putting your stomach out of balance. So fight back by drinking Apple Cider Vinegar to clean your system and work on increasing the growth of the good bacteria your body need. Mediation is a must in the healing process
Good luck to you all.

A: I think this thing that cured my brother’s GERD is much easier but happy to hear you got yours cured

What my brother who very severe gerd did is found here…much cheaper and easier

http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=1391353#i read all the posts by knowledge seeker in that thread

Dr Wallick of dead doctors don’t lie talked about the Helicobacter pylori way before this became mainstream and recommended this to fix it

see Number 1 at this link


Perhaps it was fixed by the apple cider vinegar which is what Kevin trudeau who wrote the book natural cures they do not want you to know says to use for this

If someone is trying that, be aware that pasteurized vinegar is not safe to consume and only use raw apple cider vinegar which contain the “mother” In the us this is found at health food stores and sections of the supermarket..the most common brand names are braggs and spectrum

I definitely agree that one needs to be alkaline and moist foods are not alkaline but acid except for most fruits and veggies but eating them raw is key not cooked. Cooked foods may be at the root of many of our heath problems , I am lately discovering having been exposed to a number of books, films and websites on it and its miraculous healing power as well as my own recent experiments on myself is showing me that most of our problems can be helped by switching to a 85% or better raw food, whole food, vegan diet although 100% raw is optimal as a goal. We are the only species that eats our food cooked and suffer from all these disease except for the animals that we feed.

I feel some of this is poor advice like eating only cooked produce and no fruits as we need these in the form of raw fruits and veggies which are carbs and he said no carbs. Optimally one should only take whole grains in raw form as in sprouting them or soaking oats,spelt flakes, millet, or using raw muscli cereal but we need complex carbs in the form of raw produce, and grains as described above.

Also we need healthy fats as found in things like flax seeds, flax seed oils, cold pressed oils (raw), chia seeds (very high in omega three fats) avocados, raw walnuts, purslane, greens etc

For optimal health and to prevent deficiencies) , with your mainly raw food vegan diet, have lots of green smoothies (1 or more quarts a day), algaes and seaweeds and grasses (wheat and barley grass juice/powders), and lots of fresh juices ( including the cabbage mentioned at the link for this problem)..take no pulp or food for 15-20 minutes while drinking the juice which must be drank right away so it goes to healing and repair and not to digestion..done this way it is assimilated within 10-15 minutes

Some of the other raw foods in addition to produce, raw nuts and seeds and their butters, cold pressed oils and extra virgin olive oils and seaweeds, and sprouted whole grains and raw cereals already mentioned, one can also consume sprouted legumes, fermented foods like kimchee and raw sauerkraut, nut cheeses, frozen fresh fruit sorbets, freshly made almond milk, dried produce and dehydrated crackers, breads, chips etc as long as the not heated above about 110 degrees. One can have raw dressings and soups and one can heat the soup slightly to warm finger touch and it is still raw.

If one is doing 15% cooked one can have things like beans, whole grains, vegan cheeses and milks, homemade soups, cooked veggies and fruits, baked potatoes, and natural sweeteners if using them such as agave nectar (which can be raw), raw honey, real maple syrup, rice and barley malt, stevia, date sugar and other natural sweeteners used very sparingly. :

One can also try natural herbs/foods that kill viruses, bacteria, fungus and protozoa such as raw garlic, oil of oregano, organic olive leaf tincture/extract, grapefruit seed oil and/or colloidal silver.


Q: One of my triplets has acid reflux and spits up constantly…he is almost 4 months, so my Dr said to try him..?
on rice cereal, but this seems to constipate him…he has to have some kind of cereal in his bottle to keep the formula down otherwise he is miserable… Dr said to try kero syrup, tried for 3 days, and it didnt work, am trying prune juice in his bottle mixed with his formula, almost every botlle, still not helping much…any suggestions on what I can do to get him to poop…he is also on prevacid solutabs

A: Have you tried the thickened formula, like Enfamil AR?? That doesn’t tend to constipate babies as much as adding rice cereal to regular formula.

Q: I’ve been giving my daughter expired prune juice without realizing it…?
feel stupid about it…I found out it’s only good for 10 days after opening and I’ve probably been using it for 4 weeks. She gets and ounce every day for constipation. Could this have hurt her? I feel awful.

* Per doctor’s orders she has 1 oz of prune juice with 1 oz of water daily for constipation. She has to have Enfamil AR formula because of acid reflux and the rice starch in the formula causes her to have constipation.

A: she’ll be fine. Im more concerned that you are giving her something daily for her constipation. She will have a hard time being regular and wont be able to poop on her own.

Q: apple juice for constipated 6 month old?
i know apple juice works, what i want to know is whether it is advisable when the baby has acid reflux and is on medications for the acid reflux.

(i already know to water down the apple juice and about mixing it with prune juice as well.. )

A: apple juice should fine as long as you mix it properly. i gave it to my wee one when she had constipation (she had reflux too) and she was fine.

Q: What is the best way to treat daily constipation in a 3 month old?
She has to have Enfamil AR due to acid reflux but it constipates her. Right now we give her 1oz prune juice with 1 oz water daily. Any better alternatives? Will the daily use of prunes keep her from being able to go on her own in the future?

A: My baby has reflux as well and the meds that he is on constipates him terribly….I’m sure you know the wailing and screaming while trying to pass a bowel movement :( Broke my heart. I talked to my pediatrician about it and she put him on lactolose 3 times a day and now he poops like a champ!!

Hope this helps!!

Q: Did anyone feel depressed or worried 2 months after delivery? How to cope with it?
My question is about depression/worry so please don’t be harsh. I just need some advice on how to cope. I had the “baby blues” when I first brought my daughter home from hospital but it went away by the time she was 2 weeks old. Now she’s almost 10 weeks and the blues are back. I feel incompetent at times because I can never comfort her or calm her down when she’s crying. I feel like I spend the whole day trying to get her to take a nap. Now I’ve gone back to work part-time and I enjoy being at work more than being at home. I actually get scared around bed time because I know she will cry for at least 2 hours. I’m breastfeeding her. I’ve tried Mylicon, Gaviscon, gripe water, acid reflux meds, formula, and baby prune juice for her constipation. She’s just unhappy I guess. I just want to know how others have coped with depression and worry.
Thank you for all your answers. I’m gonna talk to my doctor about the depression/anxiety. Today has been much better with the baby. She still cries, but I’m handling it better. I have tried running water in the bathroom and she likes that. I also have a SoundSpa that plays running water and ocean sounds. That usually works too. Her doctor recommended another acid reflux med. I don’t know if I’m gonna give it to her b/c the other one she was on didn’t work. I think she just needs comforting and not so much medicine. Thank you again.

A: Don’t worry the crying will stop, around 3m to 4m old, it will be like a miracle. Mine cried from birth to 4m old every night from 6PM to 10PM, it was sooo hard. But remember by just holding her and rocking and walking with her you are comforting her, it may not seem like it, but you are. Have you tried going into the bathroom, putting on the fan and running the water full blast? This used to help calm our daugther and she would fall asleep after about 10 min of rocking in the bathroom with the background noise. Keep taking your vitamins, they are a life saver for your depression and hang in there, I promise it gets better.

Q: I make my own baby and need suggestions…?
Im making my daughters baby food and need some ideas for easy to digest and non constipating foods. My daughter is allergic to protein, has acid reflux and is having a hard time with constipation. She already gets prune juice everyday to help regulate it but I still have to watch what I give her…..

Any suggestions would be appreciated, THANKS!!!!!
My daughter is 6 months old, however she was born a month early. I just started giving her foods about 1 month ago. So far she has had, sweet potatoes, green beans, prunes, butternut squash, and papaya. I am increasing her to 3 meals a day due to constant spitting up and the doctor thinks that by introducing more food we might be able to help offset that so she is holding more down. It already seems to be working, so I just need ideas on foods. I have been researching the internet and its so hard because you first have to look up foods that are easy to digest and then I have to check and see if is is constipating. I would have never thought carrots would be…but sure enough 6 days without a poop and it was a nightmare!!!!

Thanks again for all the tips, I really appreciate it.
When I give her food she has that and a few ounces of formula, then her bottles in between food she has formula and a little barley mixed in to help coat her stomach

A: www.wholesomebabyfood.com

Q: My 4 month old son contipated, have doc appoint. this afternoon…?
And I’m trying to prepare myself writing down questions and concerns… Background: Our son was loosing weight instead of gaining and at 5-6 weeks doc told us to feed him NAN AR 1 (thickened formula) since they thought his acid reflux was the problem (He wasn’t keeping enough milk down for long enough) I took for granted that he was constipated because of this formula but now that he’s on regular NAN 2 still same thing.

I do give him water and juice (apple, pear) between feedings and will ask doc today if prune juice is safe and how much…he also sweats a lot..like when he lays down for a while his back is wet …I sweat a lot too so maybe I passed it on to him(?) (I even found out there’s a name for it “Hyperhidrosis” So I’ll ask about that too..I mean sweating a lot for such a tiny person would leave him dehydrated wouldn’t it? And that would cause constipation? I also read that sweating and peeing a lot can be signs of diabetes so that’s on my list of questions as well…
so if any of you have any ideas what else could cause constipation or any experiance to share it would be very helpful

It hurts him and has been going on for so long now that this time i want to make sure I get some kind of treatment/ solution from the doc so want to be very prepared

Thanx a lot
And also, I was breast feeding him until he didn’t want it anymore and preferred the bottles
Just wanted to say thanx for you guys sharing ideas and experiances..off to see doc soon

I do sound a bit paranoid, reading my Q again, but I had pregnancy diabetes (I’m fine now though) so that’s why I wanted to bring up diabetes with the doc, not trying to “find” problems or anything, just trying to solve them, of course we had a tough time those 6 weeks when he just kept loosing weight and was soo skinny and I guess I tend to worry to much still as a result of that :/

Anyway thanx a lot all :) And have a good day

A: Hmmm… not quite sure how to help you. I do understand your concerns, though. I only have one child – and I was always asking my doc questions about everything under the sun! I mean, I had never had a baby before – so I was scared to death. And I completely understand your worry, when you already have other stuff (like having to thicken the formula) going on in the background. (I also had to do that with my daughter, because of other problems she had) So, I just wanted to let you know that all your questions are very valid. And I can see where one thing may lead you to another. Talk to your doctor. Don’t stress though, until you find out something for sure. My daughter also had constipation as a baby. The suggestions I got were karo syrup. But no matter how many times I tried, I could never get her to drink that bottle! If I fixed a new bottle with out it, she would drink it right down. But never once would she drink the bottle with karo syrup. Yours might be different than mine, but I would just advise to see what other suggestions there are – in case. Best of Luck!

Q: Should I give my baby water???
My son is 5 months old. He started cereal at 3 months and solids at 4 due to severe Acid Reflux. My pediatrician recommended giving him water throughout the day. How old was your baby when you started giving them water. Oh and by the way he’s always getting constipated, and like I said he does have Acid Reflux. People say NO, dont give him water, some say its ok, and my pediatrician told me to. How much water should I give him? Should it be alittle inbetween feedings? Why do people think its horrible to give a baby water? To me its better to give my son water everyday instead of prune juice at 5 months. How much should I give him throughout the day??? He takes 30-35 ounces of formula a day and weighs 15 1/2 lbs. And I feed him solids twice a day. Ive also heard that I shouldnt give him more than 32 ounces of formual a day with the solids. Is this true? How many ounces did your baby take when they were on solids???

A: He shouldnt be eating more than 32 oz of formula a day, you are right on that. But I dont think 35 oz is that big of a deal.
I have never had a pediatrician tell me NOT to give a baby water, it just shouldnt be given in place of formula and only about 2-4 oz. My 4 month old just started cereal per two different pediatricians and we were told to give him a little water (2-4oz) mid feedings 2x a day to help with constipation. If he starts drinking less than 32oz formula then I need to lower the amount of water he drinks.
Dont give him prune juice, the water will work just fine.

Hope this helps.

Q: Constipation in 8 week old…?
We had to change my daughter’s formula to Enfamil AR due to acid reflux. Now she is suffering from constipation. I’m looking for ways to treat it that are safe for daily use. The doctor said to use Karo syrup but the nutritionist at the WIC office said not to use Karo but try giving her an ounce of formula in the morning and in the evening and if that doesn’t work to give her diluted prune juice. What do you think the best option is? I don’t want to change her formula because it has helped out a lot with the acid reflux. But the formula has rice starch in it to make it thicker which is the reason for her constipation.
I did breastfeed in the beginning but was unable too continue…thanks for making me feel bad about it all over again.

A: I’m really surprised that you were even suggested Karo syrup or prune juice at such a tender age! I wouldn’t water down formula as well as too much water for babies can make their kidneys fail.

I would try abdominal massage.

Q: my two month old……….?
is verry fussy, he’s been constipated and his ped said to try dark Karo surup. i have at first it started working now its not. no mattter how much we give him. what else can we try to relieve it. we got his started on rice cereal because his ped said he had acid reflux and we found out he didnt. now we cant get him off of it because he doesnt get as full as he does when he has rice cereal. also he’s drinking soy milk. what can i give him to try and help it. we’ve also tried prune juice. dont work.
the only reason he’s on soy milk is because im guessing he’s lactose intolerent. the reg baby milk was making him sick and hurt his stomach. everything i gave him his ped said to. and as for the rice cereal his ped said not to take him off of it. i dont understand why. but everything i’ve done so far was because of his ped.

A: An infant’s digestive system is designed to ingest and process breast milk. If breast milk isn’t used than it is recommended to use a commercially prepared infant formula. Soy milk does not provide adequate vitamins and nutrients to provide optimum growth and development for a baby. If you are using a soy-based infant formula than that is a different matter. A baby’s digestive system is very sensitive and still developing. If you are giving your 2 month old rice cereal, Karo syrup, soy milk, and prune juice it isn’t any surprise that he is constipated and having digesting issues as well as being fussy. You CAN get your son off rice cereal. Even if he isn’t staying as full without it, that does not mean that you can’t simply feed him a bit more often. An infant’s tummy is very tiny and requires filling on a frequent basis. It would not be at all unusual if a 2 month old needed to be fed every 2-3 hours around the clock. I suggest you do stop the rice cereal as it is only highly processed starch and not necessary for a baby so young. Forget about the Karo syrup and prune juice for right now. Take a close look at your son’s milk. If it is soy milk and not a soy-based infant formula than you need to switch to a commercially prepared infant formula. He may also be sensitive to soy products, some babies are. What are the reasons he is on soy instead of milk-based infant formula? Every baby is different and can handle different infant formulas. There are a great many varieties on the market. All meet the basics for minimum nutritional requirements. The trick is to find the one that best sits with your baby’s digestive system. Some babies can drink a variety of formulas with no problems while others need a specific brand or type. If by soy milk, you do mean a soy-based infant formula and you are using a powder, but sure you are measuring it correctly. Add the water to the bottle first than accurately measure the powder into the water. If you put the powder in first than add the water it does not measure correctly and adds too little water. You can also try a different type of formula. If you use powder, try concentrated or pre-made.

Q: Has anyone heard of Celiac Disease In an Infant???
My son has had medical issues since he was born. He is currently 8 months old. He had severe acid reflux and also constipation issues. We have been seeing a GI Dr. since he was a month old. I recently heard of Celiac Disease. Is it possible for an infant to have Celiac Disease and be constipated? I have heard of it with Diarrhea but not constipation. I have been trying to watch my son’s bowel movements with his diet, but it is hard. He is currently on Enulose and take an ounce of prune juice daily. He does become constipated once in awhile with the medication. Any advice please let me know.
I really could use some advice with this question……
I have found my son can’t tolerate certain foods. For example he can’t have oatmeal, but is able to have rice cereal. I am having some problems with some fruits also. IE apples and bannanas. We have been introducing some new regular foods with him. Sometimes he has constipation and other times he has diarrhea. Thanks for the information.

A: Hi, has he been exposed to gluten meaning anything with wheat,barley,rye, triticale,spelt, kamut?
Have you fed him any mixed cereal, oatmeal, breads, etc.
Since celiac is an autoimmune genetic disease, it is certainly possible that he has celiac (emphasis on the genetic) even as a baby. However, since it is also an autoimmune disease, he needs to be exposed to the protein that causes the antigen response which in this case is gliadin and glutenin.
Go here:
Basically, from what I have read, constipation can be a symptom in children with celiac. Here is a link I think you will find helpful:


please feel free to join the forum and ask any questions you need. We are all online to help and will happily and nicely answer any questions you have. I want you to specifically find Ursa Major ok? And then talk to your gastroenterologist about your concerns. I think it is certainly worth considering.
I hope this helps! Blessings ‘nama
Hi again. If you see a difference when he eats oatmeal, I would def. talk to the doctor about it. You can try a certified gf oatmeal (like bob’s red mill) and see if you get a reaction. Regular oatmeal is contaminated with gluten in the fields,during harvest,transport and processing, so it is not gf unless precautions are taken. I really hope this helps your son, it must be so frustrating to know your child is ill and not have solid answers as to how to help him!

Q: Please help….2 y/o with severe GI issues…don’t know what else to do?
I know this is going to be long so please excuse.I don’t know where else to go or who to turn to…I am just looking for ideas and/or suggestions.

My 2 y/o son has EXTREME constipation issues.He has since birth.He didn’t have his first bowel movement until he was 10 days old.Then at 4 weeks he had projectile vomiting,blood in stool,diarrhea.At that time( 4 weeks old)they changed his formula to neocate and chalked up the vomiting to acid reflux.Ok well then began the constipation he was 2 months old and he didn’t poop for 18 days even after suppository’s,they had to give him a prescription laxative then he went.The constipation has never resolved and is only getting worse.He has been hospitalized several times.He is below the 2nd percentile for weight(always has been)and has a VERY limited diet.He has severe sensory problems and is developmentally delayed.On a daily basis this is what the poor little guy is given for constipation.
-2 full caps of mira-lax
-1 1/2 tbs of senna(little tummy’s)
-1 1/2 tbs of mineral oil
-8 oz daily of either pear or apple/prune juice
and he still doesn’t go!We are lucky if he goes 1x every 10 days!

He just got out of the hospital AGAIN he had another blockage and they finally did a biopsy of his colon and anal area they were thinking Hircshsprung’s (he has every symptom)but we just got the results and they are negative for hircshsprung’s…..I am SO UPSET bc now I don’t know where that leaves us.In the hospital this is what they did before he pooped…
-they administered something called “go lightly”they guaranteed that thus would make him go they gave it to him via NG tube-a gallon and a half later they had to stop it.He still didn’t go and it only made him more uncomfortable.
-12 enema’s every 2 hours for 6 hours-still nothing
-suppositories-still nothing
-barium enema-still nothing
Finally they decided they were going to manually dis-impact him but when they did the xray the poop had moved father back making a dis-impaction impossible.So they put a tube up his butt with a special contrast and finally he pooped.They were all so sure he had this damn hirschsrung’s.So before we went to the hospital and he got cleaned out he was only eating Elecare formula,gerber little crunchers,dry cinnamon toast crunch since we have been home and he is no longer so backed up he is eating every thing in his path!Does any one know of some thing else it can be?I am going to bring him to another doc but the issue is where his medical care is in SUPPOSED to be the BEST(ha ha)hospital in our area.What do I do?I feel like he doesn’t eat,is always in a bad mood,and is developmentally behind bc he is so constipated and I refuse to give him any more daily laxatives…anyone have any advice or words of wisdom??????What could they be missing?I just don’t know how many more days and night I can sit in the hospital and feel like nobody can help him.Why don’t his guts work?Thank you for allowing this rant.

P.S. oh yeah I also forgot he also gets a pro biotic.I don’t know about spelling but Saccromiss boulvardi supposed to be the mac daddy of pro-biotic’s
I also forgot to mention about the “holding” it he has had the problem since birth so I don’t think a new born can hold it can they?
Oh yeah and he does see a PEDS GI doctor!!!!

A: sounds like you need a paediatric gastroenterologist… Im surprised he doesnt have Hirsprungs as well.. if its just functional constipation.. i wouldnt advise senna for anyone esp a child as long term use damages the nerves in the bowel… current recommendations are for thigs like parachoc and best of all is movicol.. the idea behind functional constiaption is that it hurts so much for bub to do a poo as its hard and rock like to pass they they learn to hold it in as long as possible and its a cycle they get into.. so the treatment is to use laxatives.. ie movicol for as long as possible to get them out of the habit of haolding it in… the idea is to make the poo like a slurry. ie softer than normal poo for at least 6 months and the kid learns that it wont hurt anymore and things often correct them selves.. but he sounds pretty severe and a gastroenterology reveiw is still appropriate.
good luck

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