Oct 14

Stomach Feels Sour

A: That is strange. Do you cook it the same way everytime?
If soy milk hurts your stomach too (and tofu is a “curd” from when soy milk is made) then maybe its something from that process (sp) that isnt agreeing with you.

Q: my stomach feels sour….?
i want to yak all over the place, what can i do to stop it i have plans today?? please help me!

A: well if you have the flu or a stomach bug your best bet would be to cancel your plans to recoup. However you could take a tums or a titalac. An antacid to cut the throwuppy feeling so you can get through your plans.

and take them with you just in case the feeling comes back

Good Luck

Q: My Stomach hurts…It feels kinda sour in some places and in others, like someone punched me. Please Help?
It feels like a sour stomach and like someone punched me in the stomach.
If I suck in or press somewhat hard then it hurts worse.
Also…I mam tired…didn’t get much sleep and I had an iced Coffee (Could that be the cause of stomachache?),and That didn’t help.
I was jittery for a while…caffine is wearing off at the moment.
I have taken Pepto-Bismol & Acid controller medicine…My Doctor has told me for the past seven years I have Acid Reflex and bad nerves…Plus my sinuses are horrible…

Would anyone please give me any advice?
Is it Acid Reflex, Nerves/Stress, or Coffee?

A: It sounds like it could be a mixture of all 3, but this is an example only. I would recommend seeing your doctor for further evaluation of the situation.

Q: Why does lifting the skin off my stomach relieve sour stomach?
This is so odd, when I have indigestion, sour stomach or feel nauseous if I lift the skin away from my stomach it totally relieves the symptoms. At least while I am holding the skin up. Why is that? I’m not fat, maybe one or two extra pounds excess thats it. Why does it help? Does anyone else have this?

A: ha ha I’m layed in bed with a hangover feeling vile and I tried this and it works, brilliant!!

Q: Why does my stomach hurt after eating sour candy?
After eating sour candy, my stomach ends up hurting. Like, my stomach feels empty and it feels like something’s popping inside. a.e Same goes for when I drink soda? Is it because I’m not used to eating candy and drinking soda? I drink soda about 2 times a year and I eat candy about 6-10 times a year.

A: It could be the acid. There is a lot of acid in sour candy.

Q: How can I help a sour stomach?
Without medicine?? I ate far far too much yesterday, I was amazed at how much food I ate, now I am really paying the price I felt somewhat ill all night, now this morning my stomach feels very acidy

A: Dry toast can be a miracle cure in these situations. Just make regular toast and don’t put anything on it. Eat it all and wait a few minutes. If it’s still sour then try another piece. It works wonders.

Q: feel sick in my stomach ,don’t think i am actually sick with anything just sour?
what can i do about a sour stomach? i have tried tums ,pepto and rolaids in the past and they never help, they help for like acidic stomach or indigestion, this is like a sour stomach and sometimes feeling like i might puke. what are some remedies for this?

A: - Get an upper GI Series done (go to the Dr.)

- Avoid eating fried foods, spicey foods, junk foods.

- Look into your lifestyle and see if you have far too much stress.

In the short term?

Mint tea.

Q: Is this a sour stomach? Or something more serious?
Sometimes my stomach feels very acidic. I don’t know why, it just comes at random times. It almost feels like it goes up into my throat, almost as if there is a tiny bit of burning.

Is it just a sour stomach or is it something else? If it is something else, any idea what it could be?

I put this in this category because I am 13 and wondering if you guys know anything. Because I don’t get answers in the other catergories.

A: maybe its
acid reflex

cause you said it goes into your throat

you should ask a parent/gardian to take you to the doctor to check it out


Q: Is it normal to have a sour stomach or stomach acid in the morning?
I don’t know if this is how most people feel in the morning or if I have some kind of problem. But usually in the morning, my stomach feels awful – either sour, or acidic and sometimes I usually have heartburn.

I thought that it was because I was eating too close to bed time, but then I stopped. Just last night, I did not eat 5 hours before going to sleep, and I wake up with bad heartburn and feel awful. I like to try and go to the gym a few hours after I wake up, but it’s hard to do when my stomach feels awful.

Doesn’t matter what I eat for breakfast either. I usually eat some kind of whole grain cereal, or cream of wheat, or eggs with canadian bacon, or pbj on toasted wheat english muffins. I eat all different things for breakfast, and the heartburn or sour stomach occurs before I eat anyway.

So what can this be…I’m thinking about going to a doctor because I’m just sick of dealing with this so often. I’ve also noticed that the less sleep I get, the worse my heartburn in the morning is. What could that be due to?

A: It sounds like GERD (Gastric Acid Reflux Disease) and should not be taken lightly as, over years, it can lead to esophageal cancer.

For various reasons the muscle that keeps stomach contents from backing up into the esophagus and to the throat, stops functioning properly. Stomach acid goes backward up the tube and burns and erodes it. (Like pouring hydrochloric acid on steak). Eating before sleep, laying flat, alcohol, stress, obesity and other things exacerbate this.

There are acid reducers OTC and Prescription. Axid, Zantac, Prilosec, generics, etc. If it’s happening frequently or daily, I’d get to a doc.

You may wnt to ask your sleeping partner if you snore of gasp, s it is often associated with Sleep Apnea.

Q: Who else gets a sour stomach after drinking coffee?
I love coffee.. and I drink it only on occasion. But once in awhile it really makes my stomach feel like crap. It will get all bloated and feel like it’s burning. I am sure it’s because I had gastritis, but I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and what could help. I have tried to gentle on the stomach kind and it tastes like doo doo.

A: I do when I drink too much coffee or it is too strong. I think it is the acid for me. I found that if I put nutmeg or Cinnamon with cream in my coffee that seems to help keep done the acid.

Q: Can eating raw mushrooms make you have a sour stomach?
Everyday I eat a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, dressing and turkey (lunch meat). I’ve noticed that about 20 minutes after I eat, I feel like I have a sour stomach. It usually lasts for about an hour. Yesterday it didn’t have mushrooms on it because I was out of them, and my stomach didn’t feel that way after I ate. I was wondering if eating raw mushrooms could make you have a sour stomach.

A: Definately. You may be allergic to the mushrooms or to some component in the mulch that they are grown in. Mushrooms soak up lots of stuff. Try buying organic mushrooms and try them for a couple of days.

Q: Anyone know how to stop the stomach pains that go along with pain pill addiction withdrawls?
I’ve been removed from vicodin, and I have the worst stomach pains and sour stomach feeling, everyday. My doc says that it should go away, but I need help now! Also, I’m having chills.

A: the chills should stop after a few days but the stomach cramps will be pretty bad for about 2 weeks, along with gas and diarrhea, on the upside you will definitely loose some weight..
im a recovering heroin addict and its one hell of a drug.. please stop now before it gets bad..
if you want to ease the pain try drinking alot of water, this should help with the cramps, also anything like pepto bismol will help too.. when i was in detox at a rehab they said that caffeinated tea helps.
eat some bananas, they have dopamine in them and it should help with the chills and overall depression
anything with diphenhydramine (benadryl, Tylenol pm) will make you feel a million times better and will help you sleep it off a little bit too..
while your sleeping you sweat excessively and all the toxins come out through your skin so you need to shower and keep hydrated too and if you want to speed up the detox process you can do some type of physical activity which will help you sweat out all the toxins and will also release some endorphins in your brain which will make you feel better the only thing is that your probobly feeling really weak but just try and suck it up if you want to feel better

Q: Can dieting make you have a “sour” stomach?
There was no really good way to ask this question. I kind of feel a little stupid doing so but I thought I’d check it out and see! I’ve never really had problems with acid reflux or just having that “sour” feeling in my stomach but I’ve been dieting for about 3 weeks now and this feeling seems to be apparent to me all the time and I burp constantly although the feeling does get better when I eat. Anyone have any ideas?


Q: Lower Abdominal & Back Pain, Sour stomach. What could it be?
I have on and off lower abdominal pain and lower back pain, to the left side. I was vomiting but not anymore. Still have a sour stomach and feel like I could get sick. I went to the doctor and he gave me an antacid. Looking like it is an ulcer. But, it doesn’t help. The pain persists on and off. The abdominal pain is mainly in the middle but occassionaly reaches from the left to the right side. Constantly tired. Never much of an appetite. What could it be? I know people with ulcer’s. It doesn’t bring them down like this. Also, it feels like I have sometime in my throat. It doesn’t hurt, but it almost feels like food. Doctor said it could be acid splashing up, then why don’t the pills work? What else could it be?

A: I had the same the same things plus more a few years ago and the doctor said that I had Mono. I was extremely tired all of the time, but I also had a fever too. As for having the feeling of something stuck in your throat, that does sound like acid reflux. The acid kicks up to your esophagus and will burn it. You will have the sensation of something stuck there and you can’t swallow it. It can be from an ulcer. I take Prilosec and it seems to be helping me. Hopefully you will be feeling better soon. Good Luck!!

Q: Anyone who had loose stools late in pregnancy.. Was is accompanied by sour stomach?Am I sick or just pregnancy?
I feel horrible.. Last night I had sour stomach feeling so bad which led to diarrhea and eventually vomiting. I was up until 3:00am with sour stomach on and off. Today I just don’t feel right still.. thing is I have not been anywhere anytime recently, Hubby and I ate the same thing last night and he’s fine, and he has no symptoms of anything. Since I have heard woman complain of loose bowel movements late in pregnancy and this is my first pregnancy I thought maybe it could just have something to do with being pregnant and I am mistaking the sour stomach with contractions..??

Pregnant woman.. am I fortunate enough that this is just pregnancy symptoms or am I sick and have to miss out on Christmas??

- Please state if this is from experience or if your just giving an educated guess/comment Thank You!

A: My mother has had many children and she claims that (for her) a week to a week and half before she has had ALL of us she gets a stomach bug (sour upset stomach with nausea and stools), then the night before she has had all of us she gets a burst of energy and starts to feel better and has the urge to clean clean clean. I have noticed this to be true of her during her pregnancies with my younger siblings.
Im pregnant with my first child so I have been talking with her a lot about pregnancy and this is what she told me. Shes had 9 kids total, but keep in mind that everyone is different.

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