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A: You have to burn that fat off by doing cardio, like running, biking, swimming, or walking. Do at least 30-45 minutes of intense cardio at least 4-5 times a week. You also have to eat healthy, however. Diet and exercise go hand in hand.

Q: Stomach????
Ok so I am really confused right now. You see when u wake up in the morning your stomach is skinny & after you eat its big and well how can you make it skinny again? I know the diet thing but will it help sort of? If you do sit ups then will it help? I have been doing 40 sit-ups and about 50 or as much as I can do crunches everyday. Will all of that help in about how many weeks? Will my stomach be skinnier than before after I eat when I wake up? I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!! PLEASE IF YOU READ THIS AND CAN STILL ANSWER, PLEASE ANSWER AND GIVE USEFUL ADVICE!! PLEASE!!

A: Its natural after you eat for you to be bloated from not only the food intake but water and salt intake as well. Your true weight is first thing in the morning when you get up before eating or drinking anything. So if you have a flat stomach in the morning, that’s its normal shape.

Of COURSE there are exercises to help shrink the waistline. I dont recommend situps, as you can hurt your back. Instead, the following is a daily ab workout that can have you seeing major definition and sculpture in 2 weeks to a month.

50 reverse crunches (lower abs..lay on the floor on your back. pull your knees into your chest then back down)

50 normal crunches

50 lateral crunch, each side (lay on one hip and crunch up)

It may seem like a lot, but trust me when I say that will effectively sculpt your tummy.

With that said, you need to get rid of the excess fat around your midsection while you are toning it. To do this effectively, work in 20 to 30 minutes of cardio training 3 to 7 days a week (3 minimum, but every day if you want). I suggest the following:

I suggest you start off with a 5 to 10 minute cardio warmup. Walk on the treadmill at a low speed for about 5 minutes, then increase it a bit, then at least 30 minutes of high impact, FAT burning cardio. What do I mean by this? Your heart rate MUST stay within 65 to 70% in order to burn fat. Anything higher will be a waste of your time as far as shedding pounds.

So, to find your heart rate range, subtract your age from 220, then multiply by .65 for the minimum heart rate, and .70 for the maximum. For example, if you are 20 years old, 220 – 20 = 200 x .65 = 130, 200 x .70 = 140 So you will want to keep your heart rate between 130 and 140 beats per minute for at least 30 minutes.

After, its important to cool down for at least 5 minutes. Lower the speed and inclination of the machine gradually until your heartrate returns to normal.

more tricks to sliming the waistline:

consume 3 servings of non fat fruit yogurt every day. It not only aids in proper digestion, but helps shrink stomach fat.

Stay positive. Stress produces a nasty little hormone called cortisol, which guards belly fat instead of burning it. (relacore is an over the counter weight loss suppliment that helps control or eliminate cortisol).

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day! Trust me, its a key component to weight loss and toning.

Get plenty of sleep at night in order to rest and recuperate your muscles.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

Q: STOMACH!!!!!????? :( ?
my stomach is sooo soree ive had no sleep because of it and i cant sit in the one place its to sore, every time i burp it tastes like sick and i feel absoulety terrible, ive had it for 2 days now, ive took tablets.
any1 know anything to help? sorry about the capitals i just realllyy need help im sooo sore its unreal.
please its reallyyy sore!
i keep thinking im going to be sick, my mouth shakes as if im going to be sick but i never do.. just please give me something to do its really sore, and im meant to be going my grannys party tonight :(

A: Do your burps taste and smell like rotten eggs or something? Its probably acid reflex and I have never found anything to get rid of it for me. But what helps alot is get some zantac 150 and take 2 a pharmacist told me about that once and its the only thing that eases it off enough to function

Q: After a bacterial stomach infection that lasted 6 weeks, How long does it take for your stomach to fully heal?
I had two infections, Gastritus and H.Pylori on my stomach, lasting altogether 6 weeks. I lost a lot of weight but my antibioitcs are finished now. I feel so much better but how long untill my stomach will be bac to normal?

A: You poor thing!!
I’m not sure how long it will take for your stomach to get back to normal, but i would suggest you eat some live yogurt to get some good bacteria back in your gut. Antibiotics will have got rid of the bad bacteria and the good. Hope you get back to normal soon.

Q: What stomach flattening exercises are their that can be done if you have a bad back?
I need to flatten my stomach a little, but I suffer from back pain and the longer I avoid doing exercise in fear of my back pain the worse my stomach muscles are becoming. I would appreciate any info on what are good exercises for the tummy area that do not trigger off back pain.

A: If you have problems with your back while doing ad exercises, try the

this one will do the best for you, see how you will be laying on your
back, legs in the air:

if you are ready to invest in a ball, try Russian twists, they make
waist smaller and abs harder, and your back lays on the ball:

Ball Knee crunches, where you support yourself with the hands:

abdominal dragon flags :

Abdominal Leg Raises:

they have animated photos, so it’s easy to understand how to do them.

Q: What is the proper way to do stomach crunches?
I went to a gym a few years ago and I cannot remember if the woman told me to suck in my stomach when I do them or if she told me not to….She said that you will get muscles in your stomach that bulge out and your stomach will not get flat if they are done improperly…Can someone please inform me of the proper way to do them for a flatter stomach? Do you suck your stomach in or no? Thank you!

A: you can suck in our tummy but make sure that you are breathing while you do the crunches. put you r hands behing your head and dont bend your arms try and make your elbows level with the ground if that makes any sense, and then look up and the ceiling and lift your torso up towards the ceiling. make sure that your shoulder bones come off the ground. think of lifting up not folding in half. hope that helps

Q: How can i get rid of my stomach fat really fast?
I am so overweight but my stomach is the biggest part. My pants won’t buttom because of my stomach and when i get a pair to fit over my stomach, then they won’t stay on my behind? I need to know how to get rid of all this stomach fat really fast cuz it’s gettin me really depressed.

A: You can’t choose what part of your body you loose weight from though, you can tone that part. I recommend eating a little less and working out more, you sure you aren’t getting bloated? To loose one pound you need to burn 3500 calories. Try eating lots of fruits and veggies and less meat, carbs. and junk food in general. Start running or working out and getting a little more exercise in, even if it is parking at the back of the parking lot at stores. Lastly, get a larger pair of pants. You need to feel good about yourself to loose weight and be accepting of your body, don’t let those pants that shrunk in the wash get your down! You can do it!

Q: Can you lose stomach fat and build a six pack in around 10 weeks, just with stomach excercises?
Or in other words, is it possible to loose stomach fat just by doing muscle exercises and healthy diet, or is lots of walking, cycling (medium to high cardio) also necessary?

A: the truth of the matter is that you need to do cardiovascular exercises and abdominal exercises. the cardio exercises(cycling running swimming) will burn off any fat and the abdominal exercises will build the muscle. also you need to eat healthily. visit and that hould get you started

Q: When does your stomach start changing shape in pregnancy?
My lower stomach is bloated but hard, i am only 5 weeks pregnant, my stomach shouldnt be changing shape already should it.

A: i am 3 months pregnant and i am showing a little bit i have a little belly.
depends on ur size before you got pregnant if your petiete then you will show sooner if not probably around 4-5 months or so

Q: How to loose stomach fat and turn it into muscle?
I want to loose my stomach fat an turn it into muscle, i have two months until i go on vacation and i want to look good! Does anyone know how to loose stomach fat and keep it off? And specific exercises to make it go away fast, I’m on a diet so that should make some of it go away. Any help would be great!

A: You can’t turn fat into muscle, but you can burn off the fat with diet and cardio and build the muscle with crunches and leg raises.

Q: How does one differentiate between stomach pain from taking Plan B and stomach pain from an ectopic pregnancy?
Stomach pain is a typical side effect of taking Plan B but there is also a small risk for an ectopic pregnancy, which has a symptom of stomach pain. How does one tell the difference? What other symptoms would indicate an ectopic pregnancy rather than just typical side effects of Plan B? Thanks.

A: Plan B prevents pregnancy just days after the woman has sex. An ectopic pregnancy takes just as long to implant as a normal pregnancy, 7-10 days. An ectopic pregnancy has pain located mostly on one side and may move to the center of the abdomen. It’s extremely tender and the woman may have nausea and dizzyness. Hope that helps.

Q: What causes the stomach spasms as you suffer with the norvo virus?
Got the norvo virus and it is painful. These stomach spasms are the worst thing about it, too. Why does my stomach do that?

A: What causes the stomach spasms as you suffer with the norvo virus?
The answer is exceedingly simple. The norovirus causes the spasms.

You could have gastroenteritis (stomach flu); an illness caused by norovirus. This disease has almost all of the same symptoms, with the exception that it is involving inflammation or infection of the stomach and intestinal tract.

Norovirus symptoms:

Gastroenteritis symptoms:


Q: How to reduce stomach upset while taking aleve?
I have to take Aleve everyday while on my period because if I dont i get REALLY bad cramps and a fever. But everyday while im taking it i get a really bad stomach ache around lunchtime. I feel like im about to throw up ( I never do though). Can someone give me some tips to stop the stomach ache?

A: eat something (like crackers) and take a lot of water with it, like 4 or 5 glasses if you can.

Q: How does your stomach feel during the first month of pregnency?
My girlfriend said that her stomach feels like it is “falling out”. Also she throws up through-out the day. Is she pregnant or is it just a stomach flu or other sickness?

A: If your girlfriend is throwing up throughout the night, then yes, maybe she is pregnant. During my first couple of months of pregnancy, I felt normal. It’s just the sickness you go through but you don’t start feeling stomach pains until about the 3rd, maybe the 4th month. Other then that, the baby is still forming.

Q: What can I do to make my stomach proportionate with the rest of my body?
I am very thin but my stomach is big. Specifically as the day progresses, my stomach gets big to the point of passing as pregnant.

Why is it that there are heavier people with small stomachs but I’m a skinny person with a big stomach?

Does anyone else have this problem?
I feel like I can’t eat anything if I want my stomach to look NORMAL.

A: oh my goodness, i feel like we’re sisters. I have that same problem.

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