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Tums in Pregnancy

thanks so much

A: Yes, Tums are safe.

Also – Rolaids, Rennie, Gaviscon, etc, are all safe to take.

I have bad reflux too (25 weeks) and I have a prescription for Gaviscon from my doctor.

Q: Are there any foods that can help to stop heartburn?
Hello ladies! I hope everyone is enjoying their pregnancy today :)
Im almost 28 weeks pregnant and have been battling heartburn since very early on in pregnancy. Tums used to do the trick but now they are pretty much just like candy to me and have stopped working. I asked my doctor about taking Zantac and he told me that I could but he would love for me to stay away from medications as much as possible. I want to stay away from medicine as much as possible too but, here it is, almost 3 AM and I cant sleep because it is so bad. I know I shouldnt have eaten that piece of pizza earlier (it jsut looked so good I couldnt resist!!) and now im paying for it.
So my question isnt what I can stop eating to prevent heartburn; it is “are there any remedies or foods I can eat to help stop the heartburn I already have?”. Milk has always helped me but I have had to cut back on my milk intake because it was causing me to pack on the pounds. I would love to hear any personal experiences and what worked for you lovely ladies!
Have a great rest of the night or day (depending on what part of the world you are in lol)

A: saltines with no salt on them
slice of light bread
plain mashed potatoes

the trick is to have something that will absorb the acid from your tummy even if its eaten in small amounts

Q: is heart burn normal in the first trimester of pregnancy?
I am only a month pregnant but I started getting heart burn about a week ago. It was only at night but yesterday for a little bit I had some during the day and then today I had it for a long time. I’ve never had heart burn before this and I have resorted to tums. Is it normal to have heart burn in the first trimester? I do not eat spicy food and I have not been eating the same things so there should be no reason why I would get heart burn over food. Any suggestions?

A: Heartburn unfortunately is normal any time in pregnancy and don’t be surprised if you have it the whole time you are pregnant. It’s perfectly normal though.

Q: Heartburn During Pregnancy? Please Help!?
I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and have had heartburn since week 16 of my pregnancy and have used Tums to alleviate it. It has somewhat worked, but he past 3 days however, my heartburn has become so bad that Tums doesn’t work and it is painful in my throat and chest area. What else can I do to lessen this? Please help!

A: My midwife suggested Zantac for bad days – check with your doctor/midwife to see what they suggest for you

Q: Anyone up for a bunch of 1st pregnancy questions?
I am 38 and 1st time pregnant- about 8-10 weeks. Although this event was not planned, I am 100% commited and trying to be as healthy as I can. I am bombarding my doc with questions but always seem to have more the moment I leave his office. So, here’s a few for you experienced moms and they all concern my stomach:
1) Pretty much everything I eat causes mild to moderate gas pains and/or (embarassing) passage of gas. Normal?
2) Things that never gave me heartburn before are killing me. Is this normal and what’s a safe way to relieve it? Tums OK?
3) I have no morning sickness or nausea but walk around a lot of the day with this hideous gnawing sensation in my gut- as if I haven’t eaten. I am eating lots of small healthy snacks so my stomach isn’t ever 100% empty, but it feels that way. Is this normal and any suggestions on things that will help relieve it?

Sorry about all these ???’s but I want to make sure I am doing the right thing.
Sorry, ran out of room. My diet remains mostly the same except that I am down to one 12-oz coffee a day- no other caffeine, I am not drinking anything with nutrasweet or other stuff, I completely gave up my wine, and I’m trying hard not to eat stuff with tons of preservatives in it. Thanks again.
Man, you girls are quick! Just thought I might add that my diet is about 60-70% vegetarian- I love veggies- but very high in protein from lean meats, beans, and the ’safe’ fish. (Been off tuna and sword since long before this event) I also eat a ton of fruit and all my breads and pastas are whole grain.

A: 1) Normal….so normal, and will be funny at times! You’ll get over the ebarrasment pretty quickly!

2)Normal. Tums are fine, as are supermarkets own heartburn/indigestion relief tablets. You could also try milk, assuming that’s not causing it in the first place.

3) Normal. Your hormones will either make you feel full, or empty. That’s why some pregnant women can eat for their nation, and others (like myself) can barely finish a meal. It is common and normal to have no sickness too. Just eat healthily, which it sounds like you are doing.

Congratulations to you, you are doing a great job and you should be proud of yourself! Your healthy baby will thank you for it :)

Q: Is GasX safe to take during pregnancy?
I have really bad gas pain in my stomach (the organ) and I need to do something to get rid of the pain. I’ve had it for 4 days now. What is safe to take? TUMs and antiacids don’t work.

A: GasX is on the list of safe medications that my doctor gave me, but I would check with yours just to be sure, and to ask how much you should be taking.

Q: Anyone use Prilosec OTC during pregnancy?
I am at almost 37 weeks and I have terrible heartburn. I have been living with it but now am up every hour and throwing up at least 4 times a week at night. I have had tums the whole time but they do nothing. My doctor said Prilosec but I have seen not so good things on the web about it..I am SO close but I need help and a good nights (or at least 2 hours in a row) of sleep!

A: I have not needed to use it, but it is on the list of safe meds to take during pregnancy that my doctor gave to me.

Q: My 9 month old has a white spot on her tooth?
I am wondering if my daughter has a calcium spot. She has4 teeth and the two on top both have a small white spot towards the bottom, but the 2 bottom teeth are fine. I am nursing so she doesn’t sleep with a bottle and we brush everyday. I took TUMS during and after my pregnancy and I am wondering if that could be the culprit. Also, we have fluoride in our tap water so that is what she drinks. Any advice would help.

Thank you.

A: It doesn’t sound like something harmful, if it was a cavity, it would be sort of a brownish color. A calcium spot won’t hurt at all, but if it would make you feel better, then maybe you should take her to the dentist. We see this a lot in children at work and I’ve got 6 neices and nephews who’ ve got these types of spots on their teeth and they’re completley fine :)

Q: I was wondering if cramping in early pregnancy is normal? I am about five weeks pregnant..?
Sometimes it is like a achy feeling, sometimes feels like period cramps and once and a while some sharp pain. Also do you know if taking tums is safe during the first trimester?

A: yes MILD cramping is very common and normal. it is your tummy stretching and growing to hold your new baby. tho that being said if it is accompanied by blood (red) then u should call ur doc right away. and tums are very safe to take. if it werent for tums i dont think i would have made it.

Q: Why is heartburn so bad during pregnancy?
i will be 39 weeks pregnant in 2 days… and i still cant believe how bad i get heartburn… it hurts sooo bad, its unbelievable. it hurts to swallow, burp, breath, anything. and nothing seems to take it away. and it seems when i do take tums it gets worse before it gets better.. its horrible.. does heartburn go away after delievery??

A: I feel for you. I had the same thing. A glass of water would give me heart burn! The dr. told me it was because the baby (at this point) is so big he is pressing on the bottom of your esophagus so it doesn’t close completely and the food and stomach “juice” can come back up. Gross, I know. But that is what I was told and it sounds reasonable. Hang on it is only for another week.

Q: is heartburn this severe normal during pregnancy?
i cant eat or drink anything without it coming on, it feels like my chest is expanding to where my bra feels 3 sizes to small and tums only helps for 5 minutes or so. i have to sleep siting up because the last time i layed down to sleep i woke up projectile vomiting bile (sorry for that TMI) i haven’t layed down to sleep in 3 days and im so scared to even drink water. is this normal? can my doctor proscribe something for this? thank you

A: Hi Christie, Heartburn during pregnancy is very common. It happens because the weight of the baby presses against your stomach, which squeezes the acid in there to spill out.

Your doctor may not be able to give you the normal heartburn medications because you are pregnant, but it is still worth asking. But there are some steps that you can take yourself which may help.

First of all don’t drink milk, it is a myth that it is good for heartburn. It may give temporary relief but it ends up with your stomach producing more acid.

Don’t eat citrus fruits which are high in acid, keep away from tomatoes, and coffee.

Get some ginger tea which is a great digestive aid and can really help to reduce heartburn.

When you lie down, use an extra pillow or 2 to prop yourself up. This stops the acid traveling up your body.

Keep away from foods high in fat and sugar, focus on eating dark green vegetables as they help to dissolve the acid and put your body in a more healthy alkaline state, instead of it being in an acidic state.

Hope that helps and that you start feeling better soon, unfortunately heartburn and pregnancy seem to go hand in hand, but try the steps i have offered and it should help.

If you would like to know how to get rid of heartburn quickly, take a look at the resource below.

Q: How do I deal with gas while pregnant?
I have it so bad that I can’t sleep through the night sometimes. I wake up so bloated and in pain, I’m 7 weeks now any suggestions? Maybe pepto bismol or tums or are these not allowed during pregnancy??

A: Let it out or up if you can. You can eat tums when pregnant. The added calcium is good for you. Try ginger ale or carbonated water to help burp it up.

Q: pregnancy cold question?
i know the only meds you can take dduring pregnancy is just regular tylenol and tums but that isnt going to help with a cold i also tried vix but doesnt work either and i cant talk to my doctor because hes only in the office on mondays so does anyone know what would be ok to take?

A: You can take a little bit of benadryl to help with the stuffiness, etc. Your best bet though would be to call an ask a nurse line or something of that nature and check with them. Or call up to the OB ward of your hospital and ask one of the nurses just to be sure what you are allowed to take.

Q: can i take tums when pregnant?
i’ve been pregnant before but i never asked my doctor if i could take tums and i haven’t seen the doctor yet on this pregnancy. my sister in law says yes but wanted other opinions as well.

A: Tums are made of Calcium Carbonate. Not only will they help with your heartburn or indigesion, they are good for you and your baby. When a co-worker of mine was pregnant her doctor recommended that she take 2 Tums each day because she could not swallow regular calcium tablets. Check the label and check with your doctor. Also, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Q: how to get rid of heartburn in pregnancy?
im 20weeks pregnant and i keep getting heart burn and its really starting to get annoying because i get it Pretty much all day every day i was just wondering if any body knew how 2 get rid of it?
i live in new zealand so we don’t have tums over here..that’s what google keeps recommending

A: buy it online! its worth it. get the all white calcium-rich peppermint.
you can take up to 4 a day but on the label it says don’t take more than 15 in 24 hours… odd.
i get really bad heartburn and 4 is enough for me.

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