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I am pregnant and it gets worse everyday. I have been taking zantac 150..a miracle drug if you ask me. The dosage is no more than 2 a day. However…..2 a day no longer cuts it for me. Zantac is pretty safe right???? Is it really that bad to take 3 a day. Anyone have any experience with this drug?
PS my doctor prescribed Zantac. I was not taking it without a doctors knowledge.

A: When I was pregnant I took about 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinager mixed in applesauce when I got heartburn. Usually the reason you get heartburn is because of the lack of acid in your stomach. You can also try drinking a small glass of grapefruit juice. In my third trimester, I started baking soda water. You might like to read the book” Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About.”  You might also be interested in trying Magnesium Oxide powder as an alternative to Zantac.

Q: How long does Zantac take to take effect when prescribed for GERD?
My daughter’s pediatrician thinks that my daughter has acid reflux, which I think she’s right on. She prescribed her infant Zantac. We started giving it to her yesterday, but I haven’t seen any significant change. How long does it take to fully take effect? And, eventually does it take care of the spit up all together or does it just make the spit up less acidic?

A: You won’t really see a decrease in the amount of spit up, your daughter will be less fussy. The Zantac will suppress the acids, so they won’t come up into the esophagus and cause discomfort. I saw results from the Zantac in about 3 to 4 days with my son.

Q: Is it safe to use Zantac when drinking alcohol?
I experience the asian blush when drinking. Through lots of advice and experimenting, I’ve been able to virtually eliminate blushing when taking a single dose of Zantac(main ingredient ranitidine) at least 30 minutes prior to drinking. I no longer get ridiculously red and embarrassed. Although, I’m happy with the results, I am somewhat concerned with the combination. Nowhere on the safety label does it say to not consume with alcoholic beverages like it does on certain other drug safety labels. Does that mean it’s okay to combine the two?

A: The side effect of taking that with alcohol is impaired vision and unstable co-ordination until the effects wear off (but those are effects of alcohol right?) It basically strenghtens the effect of alcohol.

Q: How fast did Zantac work for your little one?
My 5 month old son was just prescribed Zantac. His symptoms include spitting up all the time and not sleeping at night. He is up every 45 mins or so. Gave him his first dose last night and didn’t see an improvement. Anyone else out there have an experience with Zantac? If so did it help improve night sleeping and how long before you saw a change?? Help!! Very sleepy baby and parents!!

A: Both my children used Zantac. They responded within a few doses. The best thing to help them at night is to keep them propped up. I put a folded up small blanket underneath the mattress to elevate their head a bit, this seemed to help a lot. Keep him propped up after nursings or bottle feeding for at least 15-20 minutes. If you are not breastfeeding, talk to the pediatrician about the formulas for reflux, Similac Sensitive R.S. or Enfamil A.R.. My son did very well on the Enfamil A.R.. When you start solids that will help a bit with the spitting up.

If your baby doesn’t respond in a few doses, it may be that your child needs a higher dose of medication. I could always tell when Sophie had gained a significant amount of weight and she needed a higher dose of Zantac.

Good luck!

Q: 21 weeks pregnant and tums did not work! Can I take zantac less than an hour after the tums?
My doctor okayed both tums and zantac so of course I tried the tums first and it offered little relief. Does anyone know if it is safe to take zantac 150 one hour later? My doc is only on call if you are in labor and I called zantac and they said I have to check with my doc. Grrr… I think I will be changing to a midwife soon!

A: I would try to hold off as long as you can, but if your doctor ok’d it then take the Zantac.
Have you tried drinking milk and all the other options first? Milk, which I think is disgusting tasting, helps me for about 30 minutes, maybe drink some of that and try to hold off for 2 hours, then take the Zantac.

Q: Is Zantac good for stomach pain and feeling like throwing up?
I was wondering is Zantac good for a heavy stomach, feeling like throwing up, feeling like something is stuck in my throat and burping?

Or is Pepto Bismol better?

A: Hi There,

oldtimekid2 is right about the 2 drugs you have in your mind. As you have put this question in the Alternative Medicine category, I can suggest you some herbal medications for your problem.

http://www.healthherbsandnutrition.com/products/gastronicdr.htm should solve your gastric problems very gently, safely and permanently (works throughout the day)

http://www.healthherbsandnutrition.com/products/digestassist.htm should take care of your digestive system related problems (if any), especially if you have your problem coming up just after the meals.

For more on gas, you may also read this article for tips that can be incorporated in your day to day life


Hope this helps

Good Luck

Q: Is it safe to take zantac and mylanta at the same time?
I am taking zantac but it is not doing anything so I want to take some mylanta. Is this ok to do?

Also, does anyone have an opinion as to whether pepto bismol or mylanta works better?

A: I have acid reflux and my doctor told me to take them at seperate times in order to make each of the medications effective. I have found that for me the mylanta is best. Pepto just does not seem as strong and effective as the mylanta.

Q: Can someone take Zantac and Phenergen together?
I take Zantac for my stomach, and Phenergen for nausea.

Both have been perscribed to me but never have I needed both together is it safe to take them together?

(Zantac is for gallbladder issues even after its removal, Phenegen is from nausea I get often)


A: I find no contraindications or interactions for taking these drugs together.

Q: Can Zantac reduce your defense against respiratory illness?
I remember taking Zantac the other day, my feet were cold and it is a cold climate, and I ended up getting sick the next day. Namely a sore throat, blocked nose and a cough, so a common cold. I wanted to know if blocking stomach acid in cold environments can reduce your protection from the common cold, because I usually don’t get sick, though it could have been a coincidence.

A: naa zantac would not reduce your defense its just a coincidence

Q: How long does it take for Zantac to calm my stomach down?
my stomach started hurting today and i just came back from the doctor. she prescribed me zantac and Tylenol. how long does it take for zantac to take the pain away? i know it takes a couple of days to get the infection away but how long for the pain?

A: usually it kicks in within a half hour of taking it – over the next few days you may see your symptoms improve more. If by a week you don’t notice any improvement you can try switching over to one of the proton pump inhibitors such as prilosec (omperazole)

Q: How long does Zantac take to work in infants? My baby is 3 months and has been on it for one day?
She is 3 months old and screams when she eats. How long until she stops screaming form reflux pain is she is on Zantac? And how can I make it taste better???

A: I noticed a difference in my girls within a day 2 max.
You might try mixing it in the bottle to help mask the taste if she doesnt like it.

Q: When do side effects from Zantac show up in infants?
My 3.5 month old son started Zantac approximately 1.5 weeks ago. About 4 days ago he started having diarrhea. He had been taking Zantac for about 7 days at that point. Could the diarrhea be from Zantac? If so, why didn’t this show up as soon as he started the medicine?

A: My son got sick coinsidently after taking zantac (diarrhea, cough, running nose) and the doc said zantac wouldn’t cause any of that

Q: Is it bad if I took a Zantac 150 after taking Prevacid 30mg in the morning?
I usually just take one 30mg tablet every morning, but i stopped for a while bc my prescription ran out and took other acid reducers meanwhile. Today I started it again, but it takes more than a day to fully work so about 10-12 hours later i took a Zantac 150 because my heartburn was bad. Should I be okay?

A: No problem taking both.

Q: How long does Zantac take to work on a newborn?
His pediatrician prescribed him Zantac to take 2 times a day. I just gave him his first dosage. How long dies it take to work? Right away or after a couple of days? I just really don’t like to see him in discomfort

A: We were told it could take about two weeks. It didn’t help my son as he kept vomiting it up so they put him on Losac, which helped a ton… took abut a week though!! Hang in there. I’m assuming everyone has told you the elevating the bed to 45 degrees, eat small amounts frequently and burp often…. hang in there…. It gets better. My little man is 4 months, he isn’t totally healthy yet but we’re getting there… I also cut out all dairy (I’m breastfeeding) and that really seemed to help. Apparently milk intolerances is common in baby with acid reflux…

Q: Can I take zantac to relieve nausea causes by another medicine?
I took 2 20mg lexapro by accident but I go really bad nausea as a side effect from it. Can I take zantac to relieve the nausea or is that mixing too many drugs in my system?

A: Zantac works by reducing the acid in your stomach. The nausea from the 2 lexapro actually comes more from the brain (It’s complicated), no Zantac won’t help.


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