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Baby Reflux Symptoms

She has always gnawed at her hand and sucked her fingers, she has always dribbled a lot too but aside from the usual reflux symptoms of spit up, gurgling and hiccups she seems to have started to chew her tongue. So much so in fact that yesterday on her play mat I was convinced that she had something in her mouth but nope, it was just her chewing. Is this another sign of reflux?

She is on Neocate by the way for cows milk protein allergy and colitis.

Any advice?

A: My bub cried when I leaned him back, wouldn’t sleep, drank tiny amounts of his bottle or off me but wanted to feed constantly so was obviously hungry. Arched his back and screamed.
Try Zoton sachets. Its a pink powder that tastes like strawberry quick. The doctor said we could put it in his bottles but he doesn’t drink enough so we put it in his cereal of a morning. He loves it. Eats more cereal when the medicine is in it. We tried Zantac as well but he refused to take it. Spat it everywhere.
And yep the chewing can be the reflux. Bad taste in their mouth.
Good Luck

Q: baby reflux??
how do i know if my baby has reflux..she is 4 weeks old… what are some symptoms.. iv been looking it up and it kinda seems like she could have it…she cries alot.. and grunts alot while shes eating.. and its like i can hear the milk hit her stomach when she eats.. it gurgles while she swollows.. she tries to eat it so fast she gets mad and spits it out and cries.. shes not puking or anything.. just wondering if shes normal and just cries a bit more than average.. or if it could be something else?.. what does it sound like to you?

A: Symptoms of reflux are spitting up frequently (unless it’s silent reflux), frequent hiccups, arching their back and crying during nursings.

Your problem sounds a bit more like an overactive letdown (if you are nursing), or perhaps a bottle nipple that has a larger hole that she needs at this point.

Q: How do you know for sure your baby has reflux?
My 7 week old spits up clear fluid a lot. He does get the hiccups often. Around 4 in the morning he always screams something painful- but he does have gas. He always sounds like he needs to cough. I know these can be symptoms. He does not vomit and he is a very content baby. For some reason I think it might be reflux though. How would you know? I don’t want him taking meds for nothing. Thanks in advance.
I know the obvious about asking a doctor. They base there decision mostly on what you describe. So- thats why I ask how you would know for sure. Thanks all that are sharing your experience.
thanks bow2…

A: My son had reflux and trust me there would be ALOT of spit up. He would literally soak up 10 cloth diapers/ burb cloths a day. You could ring them out! And he cried constantly. He was gaining weight just fine so that wasn’t an issue but the doctor put him on 2 medicines to try to ease his pain. They didn’t work so we took him off of them and he eventually grew out of it when he started eating more solids at about 6 months. The only way to really know is ask his pediatrician. But if he’s a happy baby and gaining weight at a normal weight I wouldn’t recommend any meds and that’s what the doctor would give him.

Good Luck & God Bless!

Q: When did you take your reflux baby off Alimentum?
For those mother’s who have had reflux babies on Alimentum, when did you decide to try going back to regular formula? How did it go? What were the results?
My little guy is almost 7 months old and has been on Alimentum for over 3 months. He has been on solids for the last month with no difficulty. I am wondering if I should try putting him back on normal formula, but am afraid his horrible reflux symptoms may return.
Alimentum is what made all the difference for my baby. Even on meds he was having a horrible time until we switched him to alimentum.
Our ped told us we could try regular formula any time, but I was wondering what the experiences were of others out there whose babies had the same condition.

A: I took my son off of the reflux meds at 6 months and he did fine. I kept him of the Alimentum until he turned one because I didn’t want his poor little belly getting messed up again. Talk to his doctor.

Q: Is my baby’s reflux returning?
My son is now about to turn 4 months and has had reflux symptoms since 2 weeks, although he was not properly diagnosed and medicated until about 2 months old. We started with Zantac, but that didn’t work, and then were eventually given Prevacid 15 mg solutabs. Our doctor told us to give him only half a pill a day. The first week was still rough, but slowly things started to get better and he seemed like a different baby. Lately though it seems as though his symptoms may be reappearing. The last two weeks I’ve noticed an increase in “reflux” type behavior. He had been able to sleep soundly for 1-2 hour naps during the day, and now only sleeps 30 minutes at a time, waking crabby and unrested. He has the hiccups nearly every day, and they are not just regular hiccups, they are “wet” hiccups, it almost sounds like he is bringing something up each time and then swallowing it. He has also began to have bouts of inconsolable crying, much the same as he had in the beginning before the medication. Two days in a row now he has actually woken up crying, something that hasn’t happened in weeks. He is very restless all night long too. I suspect that during his light sleep phases he is awakened by some kind of discomfort – does this sound possible?

Our ped said that as baby gets older either we will notice that he is better every day, or we will notice GERD symptoms returning as the med is no longer substantial enough. This is what appears to be happening. Unfortunately our doctor is not at the office today, and she is the only one that really knows our situation that I feel comfortable talking to.

I am really at my wits end. I’ve known something is wrong with my baby from the beginning and I thought that our battle with this awful disease was under control, but now I feel like a new mom again with no idea what’s wrong with her baby. I just want him to feel better, but I don’t know what to do.

Oh, he is also having severe problems BFing today. He will start to drink and then pull off and start screaming… a behavior that has also reappeared in the past couple days. I wish this would just get easier. I’m not sure what to do.

A: Have you noticed blood in his stools? Some babies, like mine, had a milk allergy as well, Reflux and milk allergies seem to go hand in hand. Talk to you md about and try to cut back on your dairy intake and see if that helps. It does sound like the reflux is acting up.

For my daughter we fed her upright, then held her upright for 30 Min’s after every feeding, her mattress is at an angle so she didn’t sleep flat. I burped her alot as well, almost up to a year old. Her reflux got very bad but with prevacid was under control. Def talk to the MD about this. I know how hard it is, you have to stink in there and be strong, you are the world to this baby and he needs you. It will get easier, trust me.

My daughter is now 16 months, and eats pizza and spaghetti, I didn’t ever think that would happen and she is completely medicine free.

Check out these great sites.



There are a lot of good resources out there now. I wish you all the best, I remember those rough days and nights, my heart goes out to you and your baby boy.

Q: Is it normal that my baby gets hiccups during and right after burping?
This actually happens most of the time. My baby exhibits either colic or reflux symptoms.

I heard that hiccups during burping time is a sign of reflux. Just wondering does your baby do this and is it normal or not?

A: Yes its normal. My son would get the hiccups several times a day. Usually at feedings but sometimes just out of the blue. I felt so bad for him cause I couldn’t do anything to get rid of them. Eventually he outgrew it. He’s now 10 months and rarely gets them. He’s only had them twice in last month.

When I was pregnant, I could feel his hiccups which occured about 5 or 6 times a day. Became very annoying.

Q: Parents: Does anyone have a reflux or silent reflux baby?
If so, what are their symptoms, what if any medications are you administering and does it work? I am not sure if my baby has it or not. I have to make an appointment witht he pediatrician but his symptoms include:

Arches neck and back sometimes while eating
suddenly stops eating to hiccup or spit up and cries
Wet burbs
gulping noises

I can’t tell if he is spitting up and swallowing it but I suspect he may be.

He is 6 weeks old by the way.

A: My daughter was diagnosed with silent reflux at 8 weeks. she used to arch her back, cry while feeding, gulp, wet burp, CRY and CRY and CRY. Her pediatrician prescribed Prevacid and she takes 7.5mg twice a day. After about 5 days she was a different baby!! She’s now 5 months old and she still takes her meds every day and is doing great!! We also found out she has a milk allergy so I had to eliminate dairy from my diet (I breastfeed). She had green poop which is a common symptom of a milk allergy.

Q: Deos/Did your baby have reflux problems??
I am wondering If my baby might have reflux problems. Can someone tell me the symptoms? My son has throws up a lot after some feedings and also seems uncomfortable and fussy too. I’ve never seen a baby throw up so much at one time, he almost chokes on it and it worries me. He fusses a lot in his sleep and I just wish I knew what was wrong.

He’s 2 weeks old and I dont have another appointment till hes 1 month old. What are the symptoms of reflux, and should I make a sooner appointment for him?


A: Are you breastfeeding or formula feeding? If you are formula feeding your baby might not like the formula. Try switching to Nestle Good start Soy formula, it is much softer on the stomach. Also boil or buy nursery water from your grocery store, your baby might be sensitive to chlorine in the water. If you are breastfeeding there is not much you can do except not eat gassy foods such as cabbage, beans, apples etc… acid reflux is defined when a baby is spiting allot after a feeding, is arching his back when or right after a feeding, is fussy and might even refuse to eat. They also puff up their stomachs and pull legs up to their stomachs. For reflux your doctor can prescribe Zantac.
Your baby might be throwing up after eating because he overeats. When he is spitting up pick him up and gently put his head to the side so that it spills out and not back into his throat that way he would not choke or have to eat half digested food.
You can wait until his 1 month appointment, but if you feel that it is really bad call and make an appointment.
To ease his reflux hold your baby in un upright position for about 10 minutes after a feeding, gently rub his stomach with your fingers for a few minutes in a clockwise position. Burp him well. Place a few folded blankets under his mattress so that he is elevated.
Reflux usually occurs in 60% of babies due to the fact that their digestive system is not yet fully developed and the esophagus does not close as tightly as adult’s does. The food is easily pushed up back from the stomach with the stomach fluid which in turn irritates the esophagus and tastes bad causing the discomfort. Infant acid reflux is adult heartburn (just so that you know what it feels)

Q: reflux baby?
********my son’s going to the hospital wednesday for an upper g i tract x ray to see if its reflux***********

he has symptoms of reflux except he’s gaining weight better than other babies his age, doc also switched him to similac alimentum…

but my question is do reflux babies also spit up CLEAR vomit too? and how quick did zantac help stop your babies pain?
oh they already said if he won’t drink it they’ll put a tube down into his stomache and make him take it.

A: My son had that test too.

Good luck on getting your son to drink the Barium. I had to force it down my sons throat!

My son was sent there, because he’s not gaining weight properly.

My son was on previcid. It took about a 2 weeks/month before it actually worked.

I dont know about clear vomit, but id assume that thats stomach acid maybe?

Q: Do any of you have a baby with reflux?
What were their symptoms like?! I believe my baby has it he SCREAMS!

A: well my daughter had it when she was on regular formula but now doesnt as she has been switched to lactose free milk

symptoms are crying when they bring up wind, and if they bring up a clear liquid with their burps (stomach acid)

try some infant gaviscon – if that doesnt help it might not be reflux.

reflux and vomiting can sometimes be a symptom of lactose intolerance, but try the infant gaviscon before anything else.

Q: whats reflux in babies? causes, symptoms and treatments plz!!!?

A: I would talk to your pediatrician about a possible food sensitivity. Some babies are really sensitive to dairy in their mom’s diets, if they’re breastfed, and a lot of formulas are cow’s milk based, which can also contribute. Dairy is a big offender for a lot of babies. If you’re breastfeeding, you can try eliminating dairy from your diet, and if you’re formula feeding, you can try a soy formula, or talk to your pediatrician about a good formula for a baby with reflux and possible dairy sensitivity.

Babies can also be sensitive to wheat, egg, peanuts, corn, and other foods in their mother’s milk or in formula (some formulas contain corn-based products, which some babies are sensitive to), so you can discuss these possible sensitivities with your pediatrician.

The only way to truly diagnose reflux is by a very invasive GI test, so most doctors will have you try elimination diets, different formulas, and changes in feeding and sleeping routines, and if those don’t work, they may want to start the baby on a medication like Zantac, Reglan, or Prevacid. Be sure to discuss possible side effects of these medications with your doctor before you use them. Some babies respond really well to these medications, while others experience some very unpleasant side effects.

Usually, a doctor will want to exhaust many treatments before referring you to a Pediatric Gastroenterologist – a doctor that specializes in GI disorders in children. Here’s some info on them: http://www.aap.org/family/WhatisPedGastroDoc.pdf

Q: How do you know if your baby has acid reflux?
what are the symptoms?

A: My daughter has silent reflux… found this website very helpful… it list the symptoms. http://www.reflux.org.au/index.php

Q: Could it be acid reflux? Cranky baby after feeding.?
My 3 week old baby has been very cranky lately not sleeping much the last couple of nights. He is fine then wakes up very cranky and grabs his belly and stretches out. I have spoken to the Dr. several times and she says I have nothing to worry about as long as he’s not spitting up, vomiting, or has a fever. I am still concerned because he looks really uncomfi and I really feel its something in his belly. Has anyone’s baby suffered from acid reflux? What were the symptoms?

A: It sounds like Colic to me. MY Baby Girl went through this after every eating and sometimes she would cry for hours, and grab at her belly. The Doctor gave me Mylicon Drops( you can buy over the counter at wal-marts). They did help some but it really did not pass fully until she reached 6 months. I wish you the best..

Q: Does my baby have reflux?
My five month old has been spitting up quite a lot for the past few weeks, like, probably at least once after he eats, and sometimes it is a LOT. He never really had issues with it before then. But he has been gaining weight (he’s 18lbs already!) and doesn’t really like scream and cry but he has been pretty whiney for a while. He sleeps about 7-8 hours straight per night. He may be teething and that could be making him whiney…. How often do babies spit up? I took him to the doctor yesterday and she haphazardly just prescribed him Zantac but I don’t want to give it to him if he doesn’t even have reflux… His main symptoms are spitting up after every feeding and being pretty irritable. Would teething make babies spit up more?
Thanks :]

A: One sign that your baby has reflux is that he will arch his back alot. Just going by spitting up is not really gonna tell ya much. My daughter was put on zantac for the acid and metoclopramide for the spitting up. Neither really seemed to help her, she just had to outgrow it. We found out she had it because she was a premie and that was one of the tests they performed before she left the nicu. I think it’s easier for pediatrician’s to just put the babies on the meds then test for it because it’s an 8 hour test with them hooked up to monitor’s with a tube that’s put up their nose down into their esophagus.

Q: Could my baby have Reflux?
She is 3 months old. And she is breastfed with a bottle of formula here and there on occasion. (but 99% breastfed) And every single time she eats she spits up. And sometimes it will be 30 minutes after shes eaten. Her burps are always wet. And sometimes when shes just sitting in her bouncer etc, She will start choking like maybe she spit up in her mouth but then swallowed it. The only symptom she doesn’t have is crying. She was really fussy and clingy about 2 weeks ago for 2 weeks straight but she seems to be doing fine now. I just thought it was a growth spurt. So could she have Reflux? Did your baby and what were their symptoms.

A: Some babies are just spitters, and if it’s not accompanied by pain or other symptoms, it’s probably not reflux.

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