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Pain Between Shoulder Blades

What could it be?

A: Gall stones have strange traveling pains like that.

See a doc.

Q: Back pain between shoulder blades from trampoline?
Okay, I was jumping on my friend’s new trampoline. I jumped and landed in a sitting position, when a shooting pain came across my upper back. Now when I do any kind of semi-vigorous movement (ex: running, jumping, light horseback riding) I feel a shooting pain between my shoulder blades.

What do you think happened? Did I pull a muscle or what?

A: You didn’t really get any good answers so far, so I’ll help you out. :)

I’m no doctor, but it sounds like a strained muscle, a pulled muscle, or a pinched nerve. Have a chiropractor check it out for you. Best of luck!!

Q: Can acid reflux cause pain in between shoulder blades in the back?
If acid reflux is severe, can it cause pain in the area of the back between the shoulder blades? Pain that radiates to the shoulders, chest and even causes acid to come up in the throat??

A: yes it can most definately cause these symptoms you need to see a doctor as if it goes untreated it can lead to ulcers in the esophagus there can also be other problems causing the pain so have it checked out

Q: Unknown Pain between shoulder blades and chest?
My mom has been complaining of pain between her shoulder blades and chest. She described it as an indigestion-like pain. Also, she said when when her back is massaged, between the shoulder blades there is something that makes a slight crunching… this may be a shot in the dark but does anybody have any ideas what this could be?

A: She has acid-reflux…go see the doctor.. they will give her medicine to clear it up….

Q: What causes pain between shoulder blades and numbness and tingling in the left arm?
I have pain between the shoulders and to the tip of my fingers of the left arm, pain goes up left side of my neck and ear. I am also experiencing very low energy. It started about 4 days ago…I am getting very concerned…Any suggestions?

A: could be a slipped disk or herniated disk

Q: Upper back pain between shoulder blades when moving neck?
So recently i went on a roller coaster ride and on it i had whiplash and i moved my neck really fast downward. now whenever i slightly move my neck down, my back hurts, more specifically in between my shoulder blades. options ?

A: Being on a roller coaster can be traumatic and sometimes even cause mild injuries such as a whiplash type injury or a sprain/strain of the neck muscles.In your case, it may even have caused some spasm of the rhomboid muscles which are in between the shoulder blades.

You should use ice for 10-15min on your neck and upper back area. Some gentle trigger point therapy will also be beneficial. It may take some time to heal. You may even want to see a chiropractor or an osteopath if the pain persists.

When you are able to move your head and neck a little more, do some gentle neck stretches.Be extra careful and don’t over stretch, as this may cause some pain.

Q: Severe Back pain between shoulder blades?
I have back pain between my shoulder pains more on the left side, its starting to hurt all the time but sometimes i will go to do something and get a severe pain and am not able to move my left arm forward or back without super super severe pain and about 15min later it will subside and then it will just be regular hurt. Any advice? oh and I am poor and don’t have health insurance or i would already be at the Dr. any ways to make it stop hurting other than taking a bunch of Tylenol?

A: deep massage.it’s gonna hurt a little.

Q: What are some good exercises to help with back pain between the shoulder blades?
I’ve had pain off and on in the area of my middle upper back between my shoulder blades for a while now…what are the best exercises to do to help strengthen that area of the back to make it less susceptible to repeat injury? Part of the problem I think is the fact that I’ve been told I have some scoliosis in my spine which must make me favour a certain side during cardio/lifting, causing the pain.

A: Have you already sought professional advice from a doctor or chiropractor? www.straightenup.org.uk – is a set of gentle stretches and exercises dsigned to help improve posture and strengthen the muscles in your back but get your back looked at first to check on what is causing this problem.

Q: Recurrent pain between shoulder blades?
I am a 20 year old female and for the last few nights I’ve experienced a very sharp pain between my shoulder blades.

The pain ONLY happens when I change positions when I’m getting ready to go to bed at night. For instance, I’ll be laying on my back then switch over to my stomach and the pain will only be between my shoulder blades for about 3 or 4 seconds. The pain never happens anytime else, like when I breathe in deep or am sitting upright.

I’ve done some research and they say that in women this can be a sign of stress or a heart attack..however I don’t think I’m stressed and I sure hope I won’t be having a heart attack at 20?

Should I go to a doctor or just wait it out and see if it goes away? It just started about 4 days ago.

A: the shoulder blades do have to do with the heart. I would go get checked and tell them when you get these pains but don’t put it off as anytime you have a problem with your body and you neglect it matters only tend to get worse.

Q: Pain between my shoulder blades . Feels like my lungs are infected but no coughing. could it be acid reflux?
tightness and raw feeling between shoulder blades which feels like infection, but no coughing. Been to the dr. for possible reflux, but no diagnosis. Now my throat is becoming really raw also. Could this be symptoms of something going on with my lungs. It feels like I’ve been laying on a bad matress at night. Could you please help? This is very annoying.

A: Sounds like trapped wind to me

Q: pain between shoulder blades?
Ive got a pain between my shoulder blades, it feels like my back needs clicking but it doesn’t it also feels on the lines of just been winded, does anybody have any ideas to what this could be?

A: I don’t have any idea of what it could be, sorry, but perhaps you might consider going to see an Osteopath. They are trained to deal with problems like this and will be able to tell you for definite, rather than us all taking wild guesses ;-) Good luck! I hope you feel better soon.

Q: when I eat I get sharp pain between shoulder blades?
this is recent, slight pain under ribs on right, put it down to irritable bowl or ulcer but this is new to me.
also, dragging throbbing sensation lower right back, just above hip area.
I do have an appointment to see about it next week but I’m feeling
yucky now, any suggestions what may be the cause and how to relieve?


A: I know that I had horrible pain right under my right shoulder blade it felt like a knot that was there that i could do nothing to get rid of. It was horrible and worse after I ate there was one night that it was so bad that I was going to the ER then it would just go away. Well went to the doc and found out that I had rather large gallstones so I had my gallbladder taken out and no more pain.

Q: Fell off 4-wheeler, Pain between Shoulder Blades?
I fell off a four-wheeler today. Landed on my back, and now I am having serious pain between my shoulder blades. It’s worse when I bend over, sit up straight, or breath in too deep. I dont have health insurance and am not going to the doctor, because it’s not horrible, just very uncomfortable. It also hurts when I swallow. What have I done to myself?
I just want to make sure this isn’t serious.

A: I would rather tell someone not to go to the hospital it’s too expensive and you have to wait in discussing waiting room for hours. However, in your case it sounds lie you may have a thoracic vertebra injury, the spine in the middle of your back. It doesn’t sound like it’s broken but it does sound like it is pinching a nerve or maybe it is fractured or a small piece of the backbone is broken. There are SO many things going on in that area of your body. You really should go to an urgent care clinic. They are usually about $150 and you can make payments. If your a minor please tell your parents you need to go. I’ve been a paramedic for 20 yrs and I’ve seen your type of injury be nothing or be very serious, like ending up partially paralyzed. It’s probable a 50/50 chance but is a few hundred bucks that you can make payments on worth possible long term disability.? I wouldn’t chance it.

Q: upper back pain between shoulder blades?
i have been having twinging like pain between my shoulder blades, it feels like labor contractions in my back!!! what could this be? I have not had any back injury or anything like that-thanks
prior to this starting i had severe pain in uppper stomach/ribcage area and it felt like i had something stuck in my chest-like something needed to go down but just stayed there-pain got worse when i trued to eat,

A: It sounds like you could have an esophageal problem. You may have a hiatal hernia or a problem related to GERD. The pain in your back could be referred pain from your esophagus. You need to see a doctor about it because although unlikely if you are not a drinker or smoker, it could be a tumor in your esophagus or upper stomach.

In the meantime, eat only very small meals, frequently. Stay away from spicy and gassy foods. If you are taking any medications (like for osteoporosis or NSAIDs) call your doctor and ask if you should continue them. If taking other pills, be sure you are taking a drink of water before you attempt to swallow them, and wash them down with a full cup of water.
You can try taking some Mylanta after your meals and at bedtime. Sleep with the head of your bed elevated, either the bed up on wood blocks, or put something under the mattress to raise the head. Sleep up on a couple pillows and do not eat a heavy meal before bedtime.
Avoid all alcohol, soda, caffeine. Stop smoking if you do.

When you see your doctor, take a list of the measures you tried (those mentioned above) and let him/her know if they helped at all.

Q: I am having sharp back pain (between shoulder blades on the left side) when I breathe.?
All of the sudden while sitting I took a breath and felt a piercing pain in my left upper back between the shoulder blades. Now, it hurts to breath preventing me from taking deep breaths and even talking sometimes triggers the pain. Certain movements of my upper body also trigger the pain. I also noticed that pain in the Sciatic on the left side. What do you think it could be? What should I do?

A: The most common cause of your upper back pain will be rib related. The rib joint is very small and can suddenly tighten with breathing – especially if you are having lower back pain also.

Just think of how you walk. Your left leg goes forward and at the same time your right arm moves forward – your lower back and the area between your shoulder blade work in tandem. So if you are having some sciatica your lower back will be tighter than it should, which in turn will cause tightness in your upper back.

With time this tension builds and builds. Until one day you move in a certain direction, take a breath and your rib shifts creating your pain.

I know this sounds complex, but as I am a Chiropractor, trust me, this is the most likely scenario. The muscles between the ribs are small and spasm quickly. They also are used when you breathe.

Don’t worry though, although very painful the rib will settle within a week or so, quicker if you relax the area,don’t over strain with activity and use a natural anti-inflammatory. If pain doesn’t start to ease in a few days – seek help and possibly medical anti-inflammitories.

As for the sciatica, get it looked at. There are many self help techniques you can use which will relieve it – visit The Back Pain Advisor http://www.back-pain-advisor.com/index.html and do their free e-course. It has a lot of techniques you can do at home to help.

Otherwise consult a Chiropractor, Osteopath or your doctor for help.

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