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Sour Stomach Nausea

A: Soda cracks or dry rusk biscuits or melba toast can work for nausea….most pregnant women use them for morning sickness. Flat ginger ale sipped slowly is also used.

There are 3 different herbal teas which can also help. One is chamomile tea, which is really soothing. Also try Peppermint tea. Both of these can be found in supermarkets or health food stores. Just add a little honey.

Another really soothing beverage for the stomach is caroway tea. This is used for babies with upset stomachs. You get some caroway seeds from a bulk food store and put about 4 tablespoons into about 12 oz of cold water in a pan. Bring it to a boil and cover and turn down the heat to let it simmer on the stove for about 10 minutes untilthe liquid is golden color. Strain out the seeds and add some honey to taste. Sip slowly. This is really soothing and helps nausea, sour or upset stomach and gas.

Good luck.

Q: sour mouth, nausea, stomach feeling like empty all the time?
what could it be

A: I’ve had those symptoms before; they are associated with GERD (acid reflux) and sometimes with ulcers.

Obviously, if you are concerned you should see your doctor, especially since you have these symptoms “all the time.”



Q: Sour stomach, constant vomiting/nausea, diahrrea, headache, loss of appetite, what’s wrong?? :( ?
The title pretty much explains it. I have a very upset stomach…sour to be exact. I have the rotten egg smelling burps, constant vomiting (3 times in the past 2 hours), watery diahrrea and a headache. I ate McDonald’s really late last night about 11:30pm and went to bed at 2. What’s wrong with me, is this just a 24 hour stomach flu or perhaps food poisoning?? :(

Took some Pepto Bismol; hopefully that works.

A: i honestly think its a stomach flu… although it could be food poisoning, but I believe that takes a day or two to kick in.

Try drinking some ginger ale and some toast or saltine crackers to eat, to keep something in your stomach, even if you don’t feel hungry.

Lay down and rest, take some tylenol…and see if you start feeling better. If by tomorrow you are still having the same issues, I would go see a doctor.

Q: How can I help my sour stomach? (Diarrhea and nausea)
It’s nothing major, but I need to get better before work (I start at two or four, and it’s 10am here, so I have time).

My stomach doesn’t hurt, like cramps, it’s just kind of…tossy and turny. I’ve had two bouts of diarrhea this morning- both mild, nothing acute- and feel a little sick, but not like I’m going to actually throw up.

I don’t think it’s food poisoning for the simple reason that I’ve only eaten at home and I haven’t eaten anything out of date or undercooked, so it must be some type of bacteria thing.

Generally, I just feel uncomfortable.

I have eaten this morning- I thought I felt sick because I was hungry- but I only had a chocolate croissant thing and a cup of coffee, but since then I’ve only had water with a multivitamin tablet in and some chamomile tea. I have a hot water bottle on my back- on the stomach causes more nausea- and have taken some Boots ‘upset stomach’ tablets.

I do feel well enough to go to the local shop, so if anyone has suggestions, I can go there. But I need to feel better for work because I can just about stand a few hours at home feeling uncomfortable, because it’s private and not embarrassing and I don’t have to move, but I can’t bare the thought of four/six hours of feeling like this, standing at work, unable to get to a toilet if I suddenly need it.

Any suggestions?
Haha, thanks.

I don’t think I can get adult pampers on my scooter, but I shall try.

Thank god it’s not /that/ bad.

A: I’ve got your answer! Strange, we should meet again so soon, eh? Yogurt Law, Ive had the EXACT same thing for over 2 months, and had to go to the hospital, even. They had no clue what I was on about, then my son said something about the Activia yogurt commercial, with his favorite actress, Jaime Lee Curtis, and she said try an Activia for two weeks, to fix digestive problems. I was drawing at straws before because the doc only gave me nausea pills, that didn’t help!

I’ve been eating an Activia Yogurt for 3 weeks now, one a night, and my diarrhea, and nausea are HISTORY!

It works! I swear it!

Hey, I really did believe you about my rat, but it was fun teasing you!

PS I also have been staying away from greasy foods. The heavy oil does not sit well in my stomach

Q: Do you have chronic nausea? Water brash? Sour stomach?
What do oyu do for it? (tell me about your home remedies also.)

A: I get nauseous a lot, turns out I have an ulcer. Talk to a doctor about what your reason might be and how to treat it. Could be a lot of things.

Q: Sour Stomach while pregnant?
Is it normal to have sour stomach/nausea very early in pregnancy? I found out I was pregnant about 2 days go. However, I’ve been having some dizziness, slight nausea with no vomiting and a sour stomach type feeling in my stomach. Along with horrible flatulence. :(

This is my second pregnancy and I never experienced any of this with my son (who is now 3). I have a doctors appt scheduled this week but just wanted opinions on whether this is cause for alarm/emergency visit?

Thank you all in advance.

A: Absolutely!!!remember there’s alot going on in there…..congrats

Q: i got sour mouth….nausea….and stomach hunger feeling, and burpy….?
what could this be

A: sound like allergy and indigestive system screw up. I have the same feelin when I ate any food I allergy too and ate too much.

make a list of what you eat and symtom and avoid those food

Q: I’m experiencing sour stomach symptoms, but not the heartburn; what can I do to alleviate this problem?
I am experiencing the belching and discomfort in the stomach, but not the symptoms of heartburn. Just the sour stench when I belch. It also causes nausea at times. I have tried baking soda water, antacids, and eating bland foods, but nothing seems to work to alleviate this problem.

A: oh yes. I know just what you mean.
I doubt you will like this but I usually have to put my finger down my throat and just throw it up. I promise you will be 100 percent with this quick but nasty home remedy. Even my Dr said this will last for days before your body absorbs all the acid you created. and then you will probably throw up anyway.
That sulfur smell you are burping will get into your swet glands too and nobody will sit by you.
Just throw up and feel better in 10 mins.

Q: A week of nausea, stomach pains?
For a week now, I have been stomach sick. It started 7 days ago when I vomited after eating something I always eat. Since then, I’ve been constantly nauseas, burping constantly, going from constipated to having diarrhea. I have basically been eating only soups. On Thursday I tried to eat something slightly solid and I vomited again. Last night I vomited again (although I knew I ate something I should not have).

The crazy thing is, other than a constant sour stomach that worsens when I eat, I feel physically fine. I’ve been carrying on like normal, going jogging, working… just not eating solids much.

Can a stomach bug go on this long? I know I’m not pregnant. I don’t have health insurance, so I’m hoping to get some insight.

A: If you’re worried, the best thing to do is see your doctor :-)

However, the symptoms you describe sound like a gastric emptying problem. Kind of a disgusting point, I know – but have a look at what you vomit up, and take note of how long after eating you vomit. If it’s more than about 2-3 hours and the vomit still contains obvious chunks of food, you’ve probably got your answer. It could just be a very temporary thing (e.g. if you did get a bit of a bug from something you ate) or the beginnings of something more long-term.

For now, stick to the liquid-type foods and rather than having regular-sized meals three times a day, break it up into smaller, more frequent meals. You might also want to consider adding one of the nutritional drinks into your diet, just to make sure that you’re getting all the nutrients that your body needs. If it persists for more than a few days longer, definitely go and see your doctor. Persistent vomiting puts you at risk of other problems such as dehydration and severe electrolyte disturbances.

I’ve got a severe gastroparesis and haven’t been able to eat solid food for eight months…it’s not fun! Very similar to what you seem to be describing though – bloated and nauseous after eating, vomiting up any solid food (for me it’s usually about 6-8 hours after eating), etc.

Q: what’s the best medicine for an upset stomach?
My sister has bad pains and i was wondering what medicine is best?
It has to be pills, not to big.
It has to help with sour stomach, gas, fullness, nausea, and trouble going to the b-room(#2) and other stomach pains
Any medicine to help? Please and thanks

A: Pepto Bismol seems to be the best decision for ALL of those problems, and I think they make pills. Otherwise, Gas X (Simethocone) cherry flavored chewables work VERY well, and taste delicous. And for Nausuea, I highly recomend Emmtrol. This mediciene is amazing! It works within seconds of swallowing it, though it’s liquid it works immensely. You can take it every 15 minutes but for me it usually works with one dose. Hope she feels better soon.

Q: I have sour mouth and nausea and some weird feeling like bloatiness in stomach…..hard to explain…?
so i did


A: Hmmm … did you drink beer last night? That makes me bloat if I drink a lot of it. Also gives me a sour mouth and makes me kind of ill the next day.

I don’t think it’s diabetes though :o )


I just noticed where you said you’ve been in the early 100’s all day. If you’re not feeling well, your liver will release sugar to help you get better. And 100’s is nothing to worry about anyway. Relax :) you probably have a bug. Your blood sugar is fine.

Q: Stomach bubbling for days,w/some pain and nausea?
My stomach has been sour and bubbling for the past three days with nausea and slight discomfort and now it is moving to serious pain.Any ideas or anyone else had this problem and got an answer?

A: This is usually caused by a virus. There isn’t any medicines that get rid of the virus, but you can take medications to deal with the symptoms. Pepto-Bismol (or Mylanta) helps for stomach discomfort, and Immodium helps with diarrhea (which is probably going to occur soon. See a doc if this lasts more than a week.

Q: HELP Please!! I have a stomach virus but why do I have sour vomit?
My doctor told me today that I have a stomach virus. for the past 4 days, I have felt nausea and vomiting on and off. I just vomited an hour ago and it was very sour..why is that?

A: Your vomit tastes sour because that is exactly how vomit should taste. Your stomach can also have food in it from a day or so ago. This is because your stomach is acidic and all out of whack. Therefore, the acids, any food you ate (which was probably very little) are going to taste not so pleasant when they come back up. If you haven’t eaten anything, then it’s probably acid or bile. This occurs when your stomach is trying to rid itself of the virus, but there’s nothing but bile to help bring the virus up and out of you.

Try getting rest, and staying hydrated. Drink water, ginger ale, or sprite/7-up/sierramist. Take very small sips. Some people prefer it flat, but I always liked it nice and carbonated because it helps me burp! If you can’t keep this stuff down yet, just suck on some ice chips. If you can eat, or your stomach is burning, eat some saltines, 1 or two at a time, or plain toast. You can even burn the toast, as this is supposed to have the same effect as charcoal tablets.

Get well soon!

Q: what is a good pill to help maintain weight and relieve nausea?
Just an overall pill to help maintain general health..
preferably weight and sour stomach. i know there’s something out there just don’t know what quiet yet!

A: There’s no such thing as a pill to maintain general health. That only comes with good habits. Nothing else. Nothing.

Q: sour stomach after stomach flu?
Ok… so I woke up Sat with the stomach flu (great way to start a weekend huh?) so i was excreting from every hole in my body all day long and ended up at the docs to get a shot for nausea. Woke up yesterday feeling a little bit better but still unable to eat anything besides bananas and bland stuff. thought i might feel even better today, but i feel about the same. Still can’t eat and still feel totally out of it. Tomorrow is Christmas and I want to be able to eat Christmas dinner… is there anything i can do to feel normal again?

A: Get thee some Emitrol (OTC at the drugstore), GOOD quality ginger ale (Dad’s Barq’s), crystallized ginger, and burned toast.

Take the Emitrol ASAP, and spend the rest of the day nibbling on the crystallized ginger (get it in the dried fruit section of the supermarket, not the spice aisle — a lot cheaper) and drinking the ginger ale. The Emitrol, which is an anti-nausea treatment, will help with any residual nausea feel and acids, as well coat your stomach which is probably pretty raw right now. The ginger will keep nausea down, as will the ginger ale (and the carbohydrates, ginger, and of course fluids will be good for the stomach). The burned toast will absorb and neutralize any residual acids (charcoal)…and put something solid in your tummy that is easily digestible.

Avoid fruits (even bananas) or any RAW foods until your stomach feels back up to par (your stomach needs to create a lot of acid to digest raw foods and most fruits and that’s not something you need right now) — consume carbohydrates in the form of breads, pasta (spaghetti and real maple syrup — mmmmmmm, breakfast of champions) or easy cereals such as oatmeal or Rice Krispies. Whatever you try to eat, don’t over do it — baby portions — until your stomach is used to having foods in it.

Tomorrow, start the day with a dose of Emitrol and a few nibbles on your ginger. And, don’t overdo it and you really should avoid any alcohol (a little egg nog won’t hurt, though)…and keep the Emitrol and ginger close by.

Hope you feel better and have a Merry Christmas.

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