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Tums Pregnant

A: I didn’t have really bad heartburn, but my friend who was also pregnant the same time I was, did. Our doctor told her to drink something acidic like lemonade. You would think it would be the last thing to help relieve the heartburn, but it worked for her.
I used to drink milk, it seemed to help. Talk with your OB too, they may have some recommendations that will help.
best regards!

Q: Can you take tums dual action while pregnant?
I was wondering if you could take the tums dual action while you are pregnant.
Thank you for the replies.

A: I ate Tums like mad when I was pregnant. They are actually good for you because they have calcium in them. If Tums don’t work try drinking a glass of milk, that usually helps me.

Q: Whats all this about “celebrities” showing off their pregnant tums in the glossies?
“Look at me aint I preggers?” Whats the story please tell me?
My friends buy them – girlies
And I get exposed. Not that way!

A: Propbaly the same old rubbish – any talentless twit who has appeared on a reality show or sung a one hit wonder or snagged a footballer is classed as a celebrity and therefore worthy of filling the gossip mags and many brain-dead slobs will buy them further increasing the profits for all involved. Very sad. Don’t feed into this manipulative crap. Donate your money to a worthy cause instead.

Q: What are the syn tums for a dog being pregnant?
I think my dog is pregnant because my other dog looks like he is horny and he wants to have sex with my dog but i think they already did and how can i tell that my dog is pregnant?

A: Did you really not expect this to happen when you have a male and a female dog, neither which are spayed/neutered?

Q: Is it ok to take tums while you are possibly pregnant or trying to conceive?
I have heart burn really bad and I want to know if it is safe to take tums
I gotta know

A: Tums are OK during pregnancy. Like everything else though; during pregnancy only take them if you have to and in moderation.


Q: Is it OK for a pregnant woman to take Rolaids, Tums or other antacids for heartburn?
If the answer is no, please give some recomendations of alternative ways for a pregnant woman to combat heartburn throughout the night. Thanks

A: tums are safe. but do let your doctor know if you have heartburn often.
Avoid over-the-counter heartburn relievers that contain cimetidine (Tagamet HB) and famotidine (Pepcid AC) because there is little evidence as to how safe they are to use during pregnancy.

An old wise tale my family told me was the baby would have a lot of hair when you have a lot of heartburn boy were they so true. lol

Good luck with the baby!

Q: Im 27weeks pregnant and im suffering with indigestion, what helps faster besides tums?
Im currently taken tums for it, but they’re not helping any. What else can i take? Sounds like there’s a war in my tummy.

A: Try eating papaya. Fresh or dried works. You can also chew on fennel seeds.

Q: Can you take tums while you are pregnant.?
Can you take tums while pregnant. I have never had heartburn before and lately i have had some heartburn that gets so bad i feel like i’m gonna throw up. Can you take tums or should you stick with milk.

A: yes u can take tums while pregnant.. its completely harmless…

Q: Can you take anything besides Zantac and tums for GERD while pregnant or TTC?

A: Priolsec OTC is AMAZING!! I had horrid heartburn while I was pregnant with my daughter. Tums, maalox, tried everything, nothing would touch it! I couldn’t sleep, everything I ate or drank would cause it to flair up. Talked to my doc, she put me on Prilosec, THAT day had some relief, next morning it was completely gone! Next time I will not wait so long before asking for some assistance from my doctor!! :)

Q: Are Tums the only anti-acids you can take while pregnant?
I’m 9.5 weeks w/ #1. I have all-day morning sickness, and now I’m getting heartburn too. I take Tums daily, but they really don’t seem to be cutting it for me. Is there anything stronger I can take?! Or, how many Tums do you think I can take in one day?

A: Whoa, do not take Pepto while pregnant- it contains asprin….Zantac, mylanta, and pepcid are all okay as well as Tums…Yeah, Tums never cut it for me either!!!

Q: I took exlax and tums last week, but think I may be pregnant now. Am I going to be okay?
Has anyone taken medicine before you knew you were pregnant and had everything turn out okay? I’m just looking for some hope. I had a miscarriage 3 months ago and really want this baby if I’m pregnant.
My cycle is supposed to start on Sunday.

A: Tums are good for you, have you seen how much calcium they have? =) You should try and steer clear of the ex-Lax, but really, it shouldn’t cause any harm if you are pregnant now.

Q: 33 weeks pregnant and tums/rolaids no longer work for heartburn?
can you recomend any safe alternatives

A: Have you tried milk yet? This works for a lot of pregnant women. I hope you feel better – heartburn hurts!

Q: apparently my two year dumped a whole bunch of tums in my water,im 29 weeks pregnant is it gonna hurt the baby?
No rude answers please
No i mean i drink it and didnt know till after

A: Well how much did you drink. I would be surprised if you didn’t taste is after one sip. If thats the case then you should be fine. You can take tums while pregnant. If you however, drank the entire glass(8oz) then I recommend contacting a doctor. Thats seems like a lot of tums and may be harmful.

Q: Is there a limit on how many tums a pregnant woman can take?
I know that when you can take ten or twelve in 24 hours when you are not pregnant. I can’t find on the bottle where it says how many a pregnant woman can take. And I GOOGLED it. It might be right in front of me; being pregnant has made me a tad oblivious to the obvious. And I have heartburn really bad. I tried the natural route with a cup of decaf tea with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar then with a glass of milk and it just keeps coming back after easing up for five minutes. ]: I have already eaten four tums so I know that is alright, not all at once. I am just curious on how many we preggies can take.
Ha ha, thanks. I will attempt to trot downstairs and read the bottle, then bring it up stairs with a bottle of water. ^_^

A: I was wondering the same thing. I meant to call my doctor and ask, but I forgot. I have my next appointment on Tuesday so I’m going to talk to her then. I have wicked heartburn too…sucks doesnt it? I think you would be ok to take at least 4 or 5. If you need more then that then likely you need a different antacid all together so I would check with your doctor.

Q: Is it safe to take Tums while pregnant?
Regular strength…..

A: It’s completely safe. My doctor actually recommended that I eat two a day to supplement my calcium intake. But like everything else, make sure you ingest them in moderation.

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