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Acid Reflux in Babies

A: This seems like my son’s exact situation when he was younger. I talked to my son’s Pediatrician about it my son still having flare up’s while on Zantac & they switched him to Prevacid which seemed to work a lot better. So maybe you should see if you can switch his reflux medication he shouldn’t have to suffer while on medication.

Q: If a baby has acid reflux could they choke in their sleep on the acid that comes up?
My baby acts like he is choking sometimes on acid, it’s not spit up, it is clear and alot of it.

A: It’s probably not acid so much as just saliva. It’s completely normal, and no, the baby won’t choke to death on it–if the baby’s coughing, the baby’s not choking, he/she is clearing the lungs. TV often portrays choking as people coughing, gagging, etc. But, if you’re truly choking to death, there will be no sound coming from you at all and you cannot breathe at all to make yourself cough.

Q: My baby has acid reflux; he is 7 months. old. What can help his pain without giving some sort of meds?
I do not want his stomach to not create the acid in which it naturally needs for proper food digestion by taking medications! What are some natural remedies? Also, he eats formula- nestle goodstart; what is the best acid reflux friendly formula for a 7 month old?

A: The best thing for the baby is to listen to your doc, because it can get worse and cause more complications.

Q: Baby acid reflux…? Could my baby have this?
I am just full of questions today.

Ok, so I have been doing some research about acid reflux in infants and I’m starting to wonder if my daughter could possibly have this. She does have a doctors appointment soon, so I will be asking her pedi. about his. In the mean time, however, I would like some opinions from you mom’s who have been through this. What do you think?

She is always spitting up. I know that she could just be a “spitter”, but I also know that this is one of the main signs of reflux.

She will just randomly start screaming. I have always chalked it up to she is just tired…but know I’m wondering if it isn’t something else.

Excessive drooling…oh man the amount of bibs we go through a day. I know that that could also mean she is starting to teeth. She is 4 months old…but again I know it could mean reflux.

She coughs when I lay her down. It isn’t like a hacking cough you get when you are sick, just like a little one when you get a tickle in the back of your throat. But could that just be post nasal drip?

I’m a first time Mommy, and my daughter is just 4 months. So we are both figuring this out together. What do you Mommies think?

It doesn’t mess with her eating at all….there have only been 3 times that I can count that she started crying during her bottle. But then everything was fine. She does arch her back and kick and flale around but that is usually when I am trying to get her ready for bed. So I will mention that to my dr.
Jamie Came Early! Thank you for that web site. She actually has a lot of what is on that check list. I’m going to give the pedi a call right now and see if we can bump up her appointment. Thank you all for your suggestions and opinions. It really has helped.
I love my aggie…I did have to stop breast feeding her when she was 3 weeks because it was making her sick. Thank you for mentioning that!! That really makes a lot of sense. Now she is on the Kirkland brand formula (it is Costco’s brand, but the ingreidents are identical to Simlac).

A: Jamie just got diagnosed with reflux at 4 weeks. Unless it interferes with eating, my ped won’t treat it. He’d pull off the breast and scream and arch his back.

I have a website I’ll post.

Here it is.


Q: How do I know if my baby has acid reflux?
She very often spits up like 20 minutes after she eats even if shes just laying in her crib after she eats.The dr. switched her formula,and I burp her often too!!

A: Well, if you baby is spitting up after each feeding she could have acid reflux. My son was diagnosed at 4 weeks. I was reading that in some cases acid reflux doesn’t even start till after a baby is two weeks old. But if the spitting up is clear or white and happens often between feedings then you should see her doctor. My son went for a swallows studies, where they gave him milk of magnesum so they could see it in his belly in the x-ray and we watched it come right back up after he drank it. It’s important that your daughter gets medicine if she does have acid reflux because it helps their flapper in the throat work better, and so it won’t get damaged for long term. Keep your daughter sitting up for at least an half an hour after each feeding and feed her less more often. Less food means less to throw up. And as far as the crib, find something to prop up one end of the matress with so she won’t be lieing straight on her back. It will help.

Q: Baby Acid Reflux and Rice Cereal…how often?
I am hesitantly trying the rice cereal to treat my 2 month old for his acid reflux. His pediatrician advised that I feed him 3ozs every 3 hours and to keep his head elevated for approx 30 minutes after feeding. This was not working. I asked several new and experienced moms/grandmothers. They advised the rice cereal mixed in his formula. Well, did so for the first time tonight. So far, so good. But no one has said how often I should do this. Is it only at bedtime or throughout the day? Also, should I ween him once it begins to clear up?
BTW…I used less than a tsp per oz unlike others saying 1 tsp per oz. Unsure of how such would impact his little belly.

A: My doc said my son has colic and a minor case of reflux. she gave me infimil A.R (added rice) formula which was helping a little. But switched him to premium instead and he is actually better. If u want to do the rice in the bottle, u should do it with every bottle because what it does is thicken the formula so its harder for acids to push it up causing ur little one pain. I leave him elevated all the time actually, he sleeps on his boppy pillow in his crib. Try burping him half way through the feeding. And if he wants to eat more than 3 oz or sonner than 3 hrs its ok to do that. I have heard doctors say not to deny ur little one food. Every baby is dif and have bigger appetites. My son is almost 3 months old and is now eating 4 oz about every 3 hrs. Good luck, I know its sad watching ur baby in pain.

Q: I think my baby has acid reflux have any parents or other dealt with this situation?
My son is 3 mo’s old he started refusing his bottle and crying while eating he spits after almost every meal and he barely want to eat at all. he has a doctor appt. in the morning but I just need to put my mind at ease right now has anyone had any experience with this?

A: I have a 2 month old son with reflux.

He cries after every feeding, and spits of several times during and after each feeding. If we lay him on his back, he spits everywhere.

He’s pretty fussy, but wants to eat all of the time. They say some babies with reflux don’t want to eat, and some do.

We elevated the head of his crib, hold him upright for 30 mintues after each feeding, use Dr. Browns bottles (and stir the formula, don’t shake it), and really nothing seems to help.

He was really bad with this when he was getting breastmilk, and it didn’t improve with formula. Our Dr. switched him to Nutramigen, which helps some, but not completely.

He was on Zantac & Reglan and it didn’t help at all. We just got a rx for Prevacid today, but can’t get it until tomorrow. Just today we tried thickening his formula with Rice cereal (under the advice and supervision of his doctor), and it seems to help a bit.

Our baby has a hard time sleeping, coughs a lot, gags and reswallows when he spits, and arches his back and head to the side.

We’ve been working on this for about 6 weeks, but we haven’t figured everything out yet.

I should mention that he was in the NICU for 9 days because he was breathing too fast, and then choked on some breastmilk and started to turn blue at random times and had to have oxygen to help him out. Even in the NICU, he wasn’t digesting his food correctly, but they thought it would fix itself. (My baby wasn’t early.)

He was born 6 lb 12 oz and is now 10 pounds even (at exactly 2 months).

That has been my experience with infant acid reflux.

Q: baby acid reflux?
I’m pretty positive my son has reflux.. He would fuss during a feeding every now and then, but not all the time.. he does just fine at night. A little while after a feeding, he’ll get cranky.. and when he is, he’s only comforted by sitting upright.. He doesnt not spit up too much, and doesnt vomit.. He makes high pitch squeak noises when he eats… We give him gas drops after each feeding, and sometimes gripe water when he gets fussy… i would rather not put him on meds ( because if it is reflux, it doesnt seem very severe).. But sometimes i cant deal with his fussines, and it seems as if he’s in pain.. He had thrush and a yeist infection for the past 2 weeks, and is on medication for that… had tummy problems, so we started using a laxative( dr. suggested)… I believe he has gas pains, so he’s on Enfamil Gentlease for fussiness and gas..

i dont want him to take in even more medicine.. what should i do? or is meds the best thing for him? he’s 7 weeks old :)
P.S he also stops breathing for a few seconds (as if to catch his breath) during feeding, when i try to burp him, he starts crying and soemtimes wont take his bottle back… someitmes chokes and coughes… He arches his back when he wakes up.. and doesnt sleep good all the time.. sometimes very hard to get him to take a nap during the day.. Sometimes sleeps for 5 hours at night… sometimes 2-3 .. Makes throaty noises.. seems as if he’s in pain Sometimes…

A: My daughter had it and the Dr gave her some Zantac for it. She had it because her esophagus wasn’t completely developed. He did say that some children do get it. As much as you don’t want medicine, it may help. It also may really be painful for your child. Her pediatrician did tell us sitting her up helps. So whenever possible, prop them up or make an incline in the crib or wherever your child is laying. Best advice, call your pediatrician. But there are over 20 reflux medicines. They don’t hurt your baby. Good Luck!

Q: Do you know where I could get reliable info on Baby Acid Reflux?
My 1-month-old daughter’s pediatrician just diagnosed her with acid reflux and put her on some medication. The reflux has been causing her to spit-up/throw-up so much that she hasn’t been gaining proper weight. On average, newborns gain about an ounce a day and my daughter has only been gaining about half that. She’s been on the meds for almost a week now and they only seem to help with the spit-up about half the time. My pediatrician (only one in town) is absolutely useless when it comes to getting information on this topic, so I was wondering if anyone knew any good websites on the topic that could give me some tips on ways to help her not spit-up.

Thanks in advance!
I am breast-feeding, btw.

A: Jessica.. my lil 8 year old had the same thing but then also had sleep apnea. were she would stop breathing. The best thing i can tell ya is to go to www.webmd.com and then type in pediatric acid reflux and it will lead you to where you need to be. i can only tell ya that my experience with it was horrible. my daughter threw up everything. I took her to a specialist out of town and they told me to put rice cereal in her formula. this causes it to thicken which helps the infant to hold it down. so istarted doing this since she was 3 weeks of age. when she turned 1 1/2 she started holding it down a lot better. but i do recommend putting in the rice cereal in her bottle. you will need to buy the cross cut nipples for her to suck it through or just cut a lil hole in the nipples that you are using now. if i can be of any future help let me know.

Q: Bed for a baby with acid reflux, GERD?
My baby has real bad acid reflux, doesn’t want to lay flat. She will sleep in the bouncer, travel swing, cradle swing, being held, and in the Fisher Price rock & play sleeper. She is getting to big for these items and is in need of something larger that will allow her to sleep on an incline. Any suggestions, she coughs too. The dr doesn’t have any advice. So what do you parents with older babies use?

A: I know I’m going to get all kinds of flack for saying this but my sons had reflux and I put him on their stomachs to sleep. I know they tell you that is a big no no but my grandma had 5 kids and all of them slept on their bellies of course you could prop them up with a pillow but thats an even bigger suffocation hazard. My kids also spit up a lot in their sleep so chocking was also a worry of mine that seemed more likely than SIDS. But if that makes you nervous they do have the wedges for babies to sleep on now that give an incline.

Q: Should babies w/ bad reflux still sleep on their backs?
I thought of this when chatting with someone whose baby has acid reflux.

I know these days, the trend is “back to sleep” — babies should be put to bed on their backs because it supposedly reduces the risk of SIDS (even though it can, at times, create a flattened back of the skull instead!)

My question is: what if a baby has reflux and spits up a lot? Should she still be put to sleep on her back while she’s still too young to roll over and change positions? When I was a baby, I spit up a lot, including in my sleep. Due to the fact that I sometimes awoke with a pool of vomit next to me (GROSS but true!), wouldn’t you agree that babies like myself should be put to sleep on their sides or tummies? Otherwise, they’d likely inhale and/or choke on their own vomit!! :O :[

Back in the 1970s, when I was born, I don’t think there was any “campaign”, one way or the other, about baby sleeping positions. But I’m sure glad my mom put me on my side and/or tummy! :)
To MrsZ — I don’t need to go to Google and “educate myself”. I’m describing what TRULY happened to me as a baby! My mom really did find me sleeping in a pool of my own VOMIT. What about that is so hard to comprehend? :(

Babies obviously don’t vomit in their sleep unless they have weak lower esophageal sphincter muscles, which in turn allows stomach acid and/or food to backflow up the esophagus and, in extreme cases, out the MOUTH.

This problem actually continued into childhood; it was worse than bed-wetting! And now I’m an adult with major acid reflux. Fortunately, though, at least it doesn’t happen in my SLEEP anymore! Gotta be thankful for small favors! ;)

A: Both my son, who is now 4, and my daughter (6 months old) were reflux babies. Both of them started sleeping on their stomach when they were 2 months old. My dr said that even with reflux they should stay on their back, but they would literally spit up entire bottles and I was terrified of them choking.

My fears were affirmed last month when my 6 wk old nephew stopped breathing after “refluxing” while laying on his back. He didn’t even spit up enough for it to actually come up and out of his mouth, but just enough for him to choke on it.

I’d check to see what the pediatrician says, but I feel much better with them on their side or tummy. I just make sure to wait until they have enough head control to turn from side to side, and let them practice at naptime first.

Q: Want to avoid Pediatric Gastroenterology. How can I help by baby w/Acid Reflux besides switching formula?
We are gonna try Enfamil AR starting today. Dr visit is in 2 weeks for follow up.

A: There are a ton of meds out there that the dr can put your baby on, starting w/ the easy ones first like zantac and axid (they are weight based dosed so as your baby grows the dose has to go up) then the stronger meds like prevacid.

Honestly the best thing you can do for your baby is go to ta ped gi…
I am a respiratory therapist and a mother of a reflux baby… reflux is very dangerous for babies, it can cause numerous breathing problems for them, and eventually cause reccurent infections and pnemonias.

it is very important to get the proper testing and treatment for your child.
Another thing is 80-100 percent of children who are intollerent to cows milk are intollerent to soy so they cannot use any of the reg formulas and usually a formula like alimentum is best for reflux babies, the intollerence, allergies makes the reflux much much worse.

you can also thicken your babies feedings w/ rice cereal… up to 1 tablespoon per ounce of formula, dr browns bottles makes a cereal nipple (that is what we used w/ my baby it did great)

if the alimentium formula doesn’t work there are prescription formulas made out of amino acids called neocate and ellecare.. we used ellecare.. its 54 dollars a can, but very well worth it for your childs well being.

make sure your child is elevated for 30 min after every feeding also

there is an online support group for reflux parents


they offer alot of advice and info

Q: Baby Acid Reflux Question?
Hi everyone, hope someone ca help me out there. My baby is 2 months old and was recently put on nutramigen and zantac as she spits up frequently and seems fussy during feedings. Anyways, she was just switched yesterday and has only had 2 doses of the zantac plus she just got vaccinated as well. She is still spitting up..how long does it take for the new formula and meds to kick in and help her? The big difference that I do notice though is that she seems more comfortable even though it is still going on. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.

A: She is still going to spit up, but not as much. With my daughter it took about 3 or so days for the Zantac to start working.
Are you doing other things to help with the reflux?
Like keeping her in a some what upright position for about 30 minutes after each feeding.
Try feeding him less more often.
Did your Dr said anything about thickening his formula? My Dr suggested doing that and it helped my daughter to not spit up as much. Although you should talk to your Dr before doing it.
Burp her more frequently.

Also, when my daughter had reflux, someone suggested using Mylanta. I asked the Dr about it and he said it was fine to use and would help. You can contact your Dr and ask him about it and he can give you the correct dosage.

Q: Does your reflux baby sleep on tummy?
Since Sunday night my 4 month old has not been sleeping well-she normally sleeps 9-10 hours. When I put her in her crib now she starts grunting and kicking her legs like she is frustrated. I propped her up on her side and she finally went to sleep. Later I checked on her and she was on her tummy. On Monday we went to the MD for her checkup and he said she would be rolling over soon and I couldn’t stop her from sleeping on her belly then. She’s been doing it every night since, all night crying and kicking her legs. Last night, or this morning at 4 I finally rolled her on her stomach and she was out like a light. She lifts her head fine and is already in the jumperoo and exersaucer. It seems that is the only thing she wants, to be on her tummy. I have heard acid reflux babies are this way. Does your reflux baby sleep this way? She is already medicated for reflux, is not teething, didn’t have gas, and wasn’t cold.

A: My son is almost 4 months old also. He does have reflux and has had it since he was only a few weeks old. My son does sleep on his stomach. Its the only position that he will sleep in. We bought a Movement Monitor because I was worried about him sleeping on his stomach and the risk of SIDS. Basically is sets off an alarm if he stops breathing. I have yet to have a false alarm. My son loves sleeping on his stomach. I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as there isn’t any blankets in the crib. He can already roll over from stomach to back.

Q: Question for parents who have dealt with Acid Reflux with their babies?
Ok so after about a week of throwing up and spitting up my sons doctor diagnosed him with AR. He gave me some great tip: thickening the bottle with rice cereal, smaller more frequent feeding, keeping him elevated after feeding. He is such a good little boy and I am so thankful that he is not fussy with it. He hardly ever cries. But by looking at him I know he is miserable. Sometimes the spit up won’t come completely up and he kind of gasps for breath, sometimes it comes up with forse, sometimes think, sometimes 2 hours after he eats. Anyway, the doc said since he isn’t crying that he doesn’t want to prescribe medication. So here is my question: Even though he doesn’t cry but is clearly uncomfortable should I talk to the doc about reconsidering? Is there anything I can give him over the counter that will help? Any other suggestions that have worked for you?

Thanks in advance!

A: I really think you should avoid giving your baby medications, unless absolutely necessary….that is just my opinion. As your baby’s digestive system matures, this problem will correct itself. And even though he is uncomfortable, he isn’t crying….so it probably isn’t as painful as it looks. Unless the problem gets worse, I suggest just following doctor’s directions, and allowing time to do its magic!

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