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reflux in babies symptoms

A: when my son was eating more solids the symptoms went away so i let him sleep without his wedge under his mattress i think it was around 8 months

Q: Any advice from people with babies with reflux? Especially from people who have managed to ease the symptoms!?
Im at the end of my tether!
My 6 week old baby is currently on a hypo-allergenic formula (nutramigen) to see if a milk allergy may be causing his reflux. He has been on it for 6 days and although he seemed a bit more settled for the first couple of days he now seems to be suffering from the reflux more than ever (we stop to wind him half way through his feed and he screams so much from the pain that he then refuses to take the rest – its a real struggle and its breaking my heart to see him in so much pain). We are going to start adding infant gaviscon to his milk from this evening on our doctors advice but last time we tried gaviscon with his milk it gave him terrible painful constipation, so Im dreading making him suffer more. I just wondered what your experiences are of reflux and what you have found to be the best way of easing the pain (e.g. if a specific milk is good, etc – we are in the UK so please only suggest formulas we can get here!). We keep him upright when feeding, burp him regularly, prop his moses basket up at an angle…

He also seems to suffer from terrible belly ache that wakes him from his sleep, I think it may be colic.

A: My baby is exactly the same. I dont agree with getting a Medela special needs feeder as someone suggested as your baby does not have special needs. I have just started using Breastflow bottles from Mothercare which are fabulous I add a sachet of infant gaviscon to her formula, which is cow and gate comfort 1, and it really seems to help, I dont add the gaviscon to every feed as you are right, they get constipation so I get round it by using 5 oz water made up with 4 scoops of formula for a feed when using the gaviscon and it seems to be working. Good luck, It does get easier, my daughter is 14 weeks now and the vomitting is getting less

Q: Babies with reflux… how does the testing process go?
My twins are showing a few symptoms of reflux lately… they’re fussy unless if they’re in a specific upright position, they have bad breath, and they can’t take much at a feeding without fussing. The past couple of days both of them are eating less at each feeding, which results in them eating more often.

When you suspected your baby had reflux, how did the doctors test for it?
They’ll be 8 weeks old tomorrow

A: When we suspected my son had reflux, our pediatrician told us to try giving him Maalox 4 times a day for 2 days. It worked, so they put him on Zantac (ranitidine). When the Zantac stopped working, we switched to Prevacid, which worked well.

My other son was trickier…same start, but when it got to the point where he wouldn’t eat, he was referred to a GI doctor for a pH probe, which involves a flexible tube inserted into the stomach (through the nose) to measure the stomach pH (essentially, level of acidity) throughout the day. The pH probe was unpleasant, and isn’t used unless a kid has suspected reflux not helped by medicine or needs reflux surgery (which is very rare in typically developing children).

Good luck with your twins. If it is reflux, you all should experience some relief once it’s identified.

Q: mommys and daddys with babies with acid reflux?
what symptoms did your baby have when you thought it may be acid reflux? I think my son has it but im not sure yet. Im bringing him to the doctor (for the fifth time in his 3 weeks of life) tomorrow. Hes exorcist spitting up (only did this twice) and he is spitting up almost every burp and does not want to sleep unless he is on my or my fiances chest upright. He will occaisonally sleep on his side but not on his back. I thought he may have colic before but hes not inconsolable. He is fine as long as he is laying on us. Occasionally he will sleep in his swing also. He spits a good bit when he spits up too. Sound like acid reflux to you?

A: yes it does, my son had it so bad his esophagus would burn him & he wasn’t able to eat. he would take a couple sips then start screaming. hes been on zantac since 2 months old, also he hates being on his back…his pediatrician should me a certain way to hold him, basically holding him up right side ways, helps. but my main concern with my son was him not being able to eat, thats when it needs to be treated…i was once told all babys have acid reflux, just some have it worse.

Q: A question about reflux in babies?
Okay so I did some research and it looks alot like my son has acid reflux he has all the symptoms. So I am guessing it has been going on for about 3 weeks if not more how bad can his throat be by now without me knowing. And what happens if I go to the doctor tomorrow and my doctor tells me I am crazy but I know I am not I can’t just switch his pedi because I am waiting for his insurance to go threw so can I just stay there and insist that they give him some medicine for it?
And how soon will his throat start to repair?

A: If they say that it is not reflux. Keep pressing them. Also can you see a GI doctor? It will start right away. My son had reflux. Started when he was around 2 months old. My son was on Zantac 2x a day and Mylanta 2-3X a day. He also had cereal in the bottles to help with the spitting up. It got to the point where he was not gaining any weight. Also for the time being try keeping your baby upright for 20 minutes after each feeding and putting a small pillow under the crib mattress so that they are raised up a bit.

Q: 3 week old w/ suspected reflux…in lots of pain…?
Since birth my baby has had reflux symptoms, like spitting up then swallowing, coughing, hiccups, choking and gagging. He was 3 weeks early. It never seemed to cause him any pain, though. Now 3 days ago he started crying in pain a LOT, arching his back, sleeping poorly and making constant noise when he does, and having increased symptoms. I pump milk for him but have been using a couple bottles of formula a day. This all started the day i switched brands. Would a reaction to switching cause the pain? Yesterday I went back to only breast milk, but he’s still in pain. Does anyone know if that could be the cause and how long a reaction would last if it were the case? going to dr. tomorrow, but curious to see if anyone knows.

A: I was in the same boat with my 3 week old. it maybe colic try Brauer Natural Medicine Colic Relief. It helped me and its like i have a new baby. it also could be from changing from formula to breast. best thing to do is give him breast and only do top ups of formula. hope that helps

Q: Can babies still have reflux at 10 months?
We took her off her medicine around 6 months because we thought it was over (our pedi okayed this) and now it seems she is night waking a lot, moaning in the night and displaying the same symptoms. I called the pedi and she said to go ahead and try her on Prilosec again, but I’m just wondering how common this is? She was a VERY good sleeper before and she seems perfectly healthy, but seems uncomfy sleeping flat.

A: My daughter is 14 months old. She is on Prevacid and Reglan. She also has her formula thickened with rice cereal. She has a G-tube and has had surgery called a Nissen fundoplication to help stop reflux. Good Luck.

Q: Does this sound like reflux?
Our son is nearly 9 weeks old and from what I have read it sounds like he has reflux.
I would be interested in hearing what other parents with babies with reflux think of his symptoms and if it sounds like it to you and if so what things can we do to help?

1. He has hiccups almost after every feed and sometimes if we lay him down flat he gets them too. He is sometimes sick with them too.

2. Most of the day he gets very painful and noisy wind (from his bottom) and will often wake up after he passes wind crying.

3.He doesnt drink as much as the books say he should be although he is putting on weight.

4. He finds it harder to sleep at night times and cries like he is in pain.

5. He is much happier and sleeps straight away if put in his rocking chair (he seems to not like laying flat).

If anyone has any insight on whether it sounds like reflux and has any suggestions to help him I would appreciate it.

A: Some of the symptoms sound like reflux, but altogether, your baby sounds more like a gassy baby than a reflux baby. However, it is possible.

But even if he does have reflux, if he is gaining weight, then your pediatrician will likely not do anything about it. As long as the child is gaining weight, then reflux is generally considered a laundry problem, not a medical problem.

Are you formula feeding or breastfeeding? For either gas or reflux, breastfeeding is better, so if he’s on formula, you might want to relactate to help him…it’s never too late.

If he’s gassy (which you say he is), be sure to burp him well after feedings. You can also try Mylicon drops. Some parents say they don’t help at all, others swear by them…it just depends on your baby.

You can also try a different type of bottle/nipple if you won’t breastfeed…some babies swallow less air with certain bottles/nipple shapes.

Regardless, if he is happier sleeping semi-upright like in his swing, then let him sleep there. It doesn’t matter where a baby sleeps, as long as they DO sleep, so let him sleep however he is most comfortable (within reason…don’t increase the risk of SIDS obviously).

If you really want him to sleep in his crib, you can get a crib wedge at a baby store for about $20. It basically elevates one side of the crib a little so he’s not completely flat.

Q: Mommies with babies with infant reflux can you please help me?
My son is 7 weeks old and has infant reflux. We took him to the doc yesterday and she agreed with us and with the symptoms I told her he had and she put him on Zantac. She also said if that I could put a half teaspoon of rice cereal in his bottle to coat his stomach as well, but I haven’t tried that yet. My questions are if you little one has reflux how do you get them to calm down when they’re having a fit while or after feedings? Also what did your doc put your little one on or suggest you do. Did Zantac or cereal work for your little one? I just feel so bad for my little guy and want to try and help him in any way. Thanks mommies!!!

A: Sorry, this will be long, but I have a lot to tell you!
My baby had such severe reflux that she actually stopped gaining weight for a while.

There’s no a whole lot that can be done to help reflux. And it’s usually not really a problem except for extra laundry. It’s caused by a little flap on top of the stomach that’s supposed to stay closed when the stomach is churning. In babies with reflux, it doesn’t work right or it’s not fully formed yet.

Zantac is an acid reducer. It does not stop the reflux at all. It simply reduces the acid in the stomach so that when the baby refluxes some of their milk, it doesn’t burn their esophagus as much. This can help with the crying and protect their esophagus. I used it as needed.

Rice cereal is a stupid idea in my opinion. It doesn’t “coat” the stomach, and even if it did, that wouldn’t make any difference. It isn’t the stomach that’s causing the pain, it’s the food when it comes up into the esophagus. Cereal or not, the little flap is still going to be the same, so it’s not going to stop the refluxing.

Some doctors will suggest adding cereal or other solids to try to thicken the food in their stomach to make it harder to reflux back up. The problem is that if you do that, you have to add a LOT of solids in order to make it thick enough to stay down a little better. Which means that the baby won’t take as much breastmillk/formula.

This is bad because there are no solids that have the right vitamins/minerals that a baby needs. Solids shouldn’t decrease their breastmilk/formula intake until they are a year old, and in order to make it thick enough to stay down better, you’d have to feed a lot of solids, and that would definitely decrease their breastmilk/formula intake.

I would never have even considered giving cereal or any other solid to a 7 week old. I started solids at 4 months because of my doctor’s urging. It didn’t do anything for the reflux, it only made her spit up in different colors. And the solids, even just rice cereal, made it burn even more when she refluxed because I think the stomach made more acid to digest the solids.

If you are breastfeeding, keep doing that. If you’re not, you can consider relactating. Breastfeeding will NOT stop or even reduce the reflux, but breastmilk is digested much quicker so there is less time for it to be refluxed, and it doesn’t burn the esophagus nearly as much when it comes up. Not to mention all the other health benefits of it. But again, it’s not a cure all…it won’t stop the reflux.

What I did was breastfeed on demand, give Zantac whenever she was fussy (very often in the beginning). I kept her upright and as still as possible after feedings. I used a crib wedge to elevate the head of the mattress a little to keep her less flat in there. Those all seemed to help a little, but she still spit up 50+ times a day.

As long as your son is gaining weight, then you don’t have anything to worry about. The Zantac will reduce the acid so his esophagus won’t be burned so much, which should cut down on his crying.

Feedings are hard, because the milk is refluxing as they are trying to eat and it’s painful. You can play around with the timing of the Zantac (as long as you don’t give it more often than prescribed!) in regards to when he eats and see if it helps.

You can also try feeding much smaller amounts more often instead of larger milk feeds if your baby will go along with that. My baby simply wouldn’t stand for that and would scream her little head off if I didn’t let her nurse as much as she wanted to! In any case, burp often, as gas bubbles will increase the reflux.

Being outside always seemed to soothe her, so when she was really miserable, I’d take her outside. I even nursed her outside sometimes.

When she stopped gaining weight, I followed my instincts after checking with her doctor, which was to start waking her in the night to nurse. I noticed that she didn’t spit up as much when she was asleep because she was not moving around so much, so I figured if I woke her twice to feed, that would be two good feeds that she would actually keep down. It did the trick and she started gaining again.

The doctor also prescribed Reglan, which did nothing for her reflux and made her shaky. It was downright scary what that stuff did to her, and I really wish I would have read about it before giving it to her. Nasty stuff.

Anyway, nearly all will outgrow reflux by one year old. The vast majority show a marked improvement when they begin sitting up on their own. My own experience was that the reflux was pretty much completely gone by the time she was 8 months or so.

Good luck! It’s a hard road with reflux, but time will take care of it. I know that’s no consolation when your baby is in pain though :(

Q: Does The NAP NANNY Help With Infant Reflux?
thinking of buying this today as I am so tired of watching my little 3 week old girl seem to battle reflux. Thank goodness she doesn’t cry. I have heard if they aren’t spitting up after each feeding or crying in pain then it isn’t reflux. Her symptoms are she seems to be choked up and can tell something is coming up but she is fighting to swallow it and keep it down. Also lots of squirming and grunting in sleep, not sure if that is reflux or just nb behavior.
**Does This Sound Like Reflux?
thank you!!!

A: I am no pediatrician, however I just had my son 4 weeks ago on Monday and it sounds to me that both of our children have a lot in common. He is being watched for acidic reflux as my doctor had informed me that they cant technically diagnose it as such until the third month. My doctor also told me that over 50% of newborns have acid reflux symptoms in the first few months of birth. I thought about him having this in the very beginning of my pregnancy though as it can be hereditary and a majority of people in my family have had it early on. I had registered for a Fisher Price seat that acts almost identical to the Nap Nanny and is much less expensive. It helps elevate your child so the aren’t lying on their back as they would in a bassinet or crib, exactly what the Nap Nanny does. The other perk of the seat is it acts as a rocker as well and conforms to their body so they still feel as if they are in your arms. I notice my son wanting to just be held because he is in so much pain and after 3 hours of holding him I get very exhausted so it has done WONDERS for me. I don’t know if you have spoken to your pediatrician about the issue with your daughter yet but here are a few things I have done and a few things my doctor had told me could help with our issue and have successfully worked:
1) While feeding burping between 1/2-1 oz that way they do not have as much spit up or vomit after feedings.
2) Depending on if her reflux acts up after different times (my sons is the worst right before bedtime and waking up in the morning) put cereal mix in their formula. Some pediatricians will frown on that however mine had given me the o.k. as we found that it worked. He eats 4 oz with one tsp cereal one tsp dark karo (to prevent constipation). the cereal gives them substance and in turn eats the acid.
3)obviously elevating your child when they sleep. if possible during the day keep them on their sides (rotating) so they dont have a flat back of the head.

I really hope this helps and may save you some money. I feel for you watching her go through pain I have been a wreck watching my son hurt. Its so hard when you cant take their pain away.

Good Luck and CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby girl :)

Q: Does your baby have these symptoms?
Hi there. My 12 weeks old baby boy has been diagnosed with acid reflux 6 days ago. There was no tests done, our Ped diagnosed it by me describing his symptoms and he prescribed Zantac, which I heard is the common way of treating reflux.

My son seems to get slightly better since he started medication, however all his symptoms still exist, he still spits up when burps and then re-swallow partially digested food, gives bitter face while re-swallowing, vomits(once every 3 days), nauseous (throws up but nothing comes out), coughs, chews partially digested food, he also started running diaherreha since he started Zantac (now he poops about 6-8 times a day), waking up cranky and grumpy from time to time(before he would wake up in a happy mood, smiled and had baby talk all the time).

I took him back to the doctor but he didn’t think there’s anything seriously wrong with him as he seems gaining weight well. But as a mom I knew there’s something I just don’t know what and I want him to feel better. Does your baby have all these symptoms and what this might be?
By the way I breastfeed and my baby is still on Zantac, I have no idea how long it would be.

A: My children didn’t have it, but my friend’s son did, it is common. He had to grow out of it, but medication and changing his formula helped him get better. She didn’t breastfeed him, he was formula-fed. However, since you are breastfeeding, keep doing that, because breast milk is easier digested by babies than formula is, which is supposed to cause minimal reflux. Keep treating him for acid reflux, but follow the steps on this page to see if this helps take his crankiness and frequent pooping away or at least minimizes it. This page goes over positions to hold your baby in while feeding, positioning baby for sleep to minimize the acid affecting him, offering smaller, frequent feedings throughout the day, etc.

Also, what is your diet? Do you consume a lot of acidic foods/drinks? If so, you may want to cut down on that, because that can affect baby as well, since you’re breastfeeding. Follow that guide on the web page I gave you, and make sure your diet doesn’t consist of a lot of acidic stuff, and keep him on the Zantac. If doing all that still doesn’t seem like it’s taking care of the problem, you may want to talk to his doctor again and see if it’s something else. If it’s not acid reflux, it may just be that he’s very gassy or has colic, which is easily treatable. Good luck.

Q: Acid reflux?
My baby had the following symptoms since birth (now he is 7 mo) but doctors in our country don’t say anything about reflux or its possible treatment, all they say is that babies have horizontally positioned stomach and the opening muscle is weak and they have these symptoms and they will grow out of it. But I see my baby suffer a lot, so I want to know whether his symptoms show that he has reflux. If he does I want to give him Zantac.
He: sometimes spits up after eating,
fusses and when held upright burps a lot
hiccups a lot, usually starts after a burp
arches his back when being fed
refuses to sleep, arching his back, wakes up a lot during the night
he refused to eat from 2 mo till he was 5mo (I forced during that period)
now eats only 3.5-5 oz per time (25 oz per day), little appetite
he is little underweight
Please, help me to determine whether he has reflux. I repeat, I went to lots of doctors they don’t know about reflux.
Thank you all for replying, I don’t know how to rate though :(
My son is formula fed, I switched many different and this Korean one is the one he likes and eats. I took him to pediatricians, they would only say something about child’s stomach characteristics. What is reflux anyway? What exactly will I see if I take him to upper GI? Also, what is the exact name of Efamil AR and Gentle ease, I looked it up and there were soo many different Efamils.
Thank you!

A: For my son I used the Enfamil A.R. Lipil which worked very good for him.

Q: help with my 5 week old..acid reflux?
I posted a question last week about fussiness, but now am wanting to know if something could be wrong with her? I have been looking into acid reflux and have noticed some of the symptoms in my baby such as being a fussy eater, poor sleeping habis, frequent hiccups, gagging, some wet burps, and spitting up an hour or more after feeding. My little girl doesnt seem content, she seems to be very unhappy. I understand that she is still really young (5weeks), and I am a first time mom and want to know if this is normal behavior or something I should seek her pediatrician about. I feel stupid calling and saying I have a crying and fussy baby. Another thing I did was switch her formula from Enfamil lipil, to Enfamil gentlease for fussy and gassy babies. Honestly, the gas she had seems to be less but she seems more fussy on this formula. Please help!! Any suggestions would be useful at this point

A: This is really something you should talk to her doctor about. You may feel silly, but honey that’s what they’re there for. If you want try getting her some Mylicon drops and a soy formula (Similac Isomil is what we use) and this may help her out. My son used to spit up a lot and was very gassy. The formula helped out most, but the drops were lifesavers!!

But yeah, call her doctor and then they can properly diagnose acid reflux if that’s what she has…if not they may just recommend a soy formula.

Q: baby reflux problems?

My 8 week old suffers with reflux, Just recently my HV advised me to see my doc and request Gaviscon which I did and my LO has been on this now for 2 weeks. He now hardly ever spits up anything now and the acidic sickyness he used to suffer with has stopped. however he still has some symptoms ie arching his back when feeding, occasionally crying on the bottle and generally being uncomfortable when put down on his back. has anyone else found this to be the case? if so is there anything else i can do to help him?? one other thing he does which terrifies me is he retches alot and often in his sleep – nothing comes up, my doc didnt seem phased by this but i dont like it and have not heard of this before – please can anyone put my mind at ease or is this something i should be worried about??? I am waiting to see a specialist…no appointment yet though :o (


A: I would also reccommend a soy formula and putting a little rice cereal in the bottle. That is what the doc reccommended for my daughter and it helped her.

Q: I have a 10 weeks baby who has mild reflux?
I say mild because, he can sleep on flat surface after a 10-20 minutes break on the bouncer and doesnt mind lifting of his legs while changing diapers (actually enjoys it). However, sometimes he cannot be breastfed in Cradle position (only one i know). This happens mostly in the evenings (all evenings actually). He seems hungry and as soon as i hold him for feeding (cradle position) he starts crying and shows all symptoms of reflux. He cannot be consoled unless i hold him upright. I dont think i have access to buy he wedge (dont live in the USA). So want to know if there is any other positions i can try when he is so distressed.
I am afraid this is making him feed less. fewer times and shorter durations as sometimes he gets distressed while feeding and needs to be held up or put in a bouncer. after that often doesnt resume his feeding

A: Assuming you are breastfeeding you should try to breastfeed at least every 2 hours. More often is better. Breastmilk is a natural antacid. And realistically it is biologically normal for human infants to eat 2-4 times an hour.[1]

Also you should try some different feeding positions, it will become easier as he has better head control. You can try sitting him completely upright to feed. Or you can lean over on a pillow and try to get him on more of an angle, probably about 30 degrees is good.
Here are some pics:

If your baby sleeps in a crib the SAFEST way to incline the crib is to place books under two of the legs. This is safer than putting anything on or under the mattress.

Also crying makes reflux worse so try to limit it.

Also read this, it helped me:

However GER should happen throughout the day, if it is only in the evening it sounds more like colic. In any case nursing more often, different nursing positions and inclining the crib have no negative side effects so it certainly can’t help.

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