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Sour Stomach

A: Yup, a shallow teaspoon of baking soda in a large glass of cold water, stir well, drink fast. You’ll probably burp some, too. I don’t mind the taste at all, but if it’s too salty, you’ve put too much soda in the water. Just dilute.

Suck on peppermint candy. That helps, too.

I’ve heard that people have had acid stomach relief from drinking a teaspoon of vinegar mixed into a glass of water, but I couldn’t get past the smell of it.

Twists. Yup, stand up, put your hands on your hips, and twist slowly. That seems to help “get your stomach going” and might help.

Good luck!

Q: sour stomach?
What meds is best for dour stomach? I have to leave to go on a long trip, and I need to get something for my stomach.My stomach is really sour

A: Hey, ginger is really good for stuff like that, they sell tablets or you can get it in the form of tea, or buy the ginger root and make your own tea- just peel the root, cut up a little, boil, drain and drink up. Very good for your stomach, it has been really helpful to me at least. Also, before the trip make sure you eat some light food, nothing greasy or hard to digest. Toast is perfect, some rice, an apple, banana…Best of luck!

Q: Sour Stomach?
zi hve been feeling horrible since this morning with a very sore stomach. I dont know whats wrong but I have been throwing up, burping a lot and some bathroom problems. How do i fix this?

A: Pepto Bismal or any over-the-counter medication that’s meant to deal with sour stomachs. Make sure to drink lots of fluids so you do not become dehydrated from the diarrhea I’m assuming you have.

If you develop a fever or are not feeling better in 7 days, see a doctor.

Q: What can I do to lessen the discomfort of my sour stomach?
Every morning I have a sour stomach. I fill like I want to vomit since I have so much acid in my stomach. What could be the cause of so much acid in my stomach. I eat before I go to bed. I am usually stressed but somedays when I don’t have anything planned, I still have a sour stomach. Will drinking milk all the time help, Tums, Pepto Bismol?

A: Try pepto-bismal or change your diet

Q: How can i cure a sour stomach?
i have a sour stomach and i took pepto bismol but it’s not helping. any other ideas?

A: Pepcid AC or prilosec will help with this, also look at what your eating….

Q: What does having a “sour stomach” mean?
I saw a little boy complain to his mother about having a sour stomach and although I can assume it is some kind of digestive problem, I do not know what it is exactly. Is there a medical term for “sour stomach”? How can it be cured? And are there any alternative home remedies for it? Thanks.

A: It ’s just an old fashioned way of saying you have an upset stomache.

Q: My allergies have been acting up a lot lately, could this be related to my sour stomach and lack of appetite?
I’m a healthy middle aged guy, not overweight, that burns a lot of calories through the day, and I eat well too. But lately I have no appetite, just sour stomach. I have been taking antacids which haven’t worked and Benedryl, which has worked. Has anyone heard of a connection between sour stomach and bad allergies?

A: There is no such connection. Benadryl is an antihistamine and as such has mild “anticholinergic” effects which means it may act to cut down on the secretion of gastric acid. You can get a more effective acid blocker otc such as cimetidine, famotidine or ranitidine or even try a stronger blocker like Prilosec or Prevacid, also otc but more expensive.

Q: Does anyone know about sour stomach problems?
My husband has been having problems with sour stomach. He burps this nasty egg smell all the time. He was having problems like once a month but it is a weekly problem now. The doctor said its just normal sour stomach. I just don’t see how it can be recurring this frequently. He has heart burn too but the biggest problem is his stomach. Gas and the burping.

A: The most important thing is that your husband needs to start keeping a food journal. Its difficult, but its important to see if there is a food allergy. I have the same problem, and i am working through all the different reasons. A nurse friend of mine thinks i have an allergy to gluten, Celiac Disease. The older we get, the less our bodies can handle certain food. It could be stress, fried foods, dairy, breads, time he eats. The quick cure is pepto-bismol. It stops the sour smell and eases tdiarrhearea. A lot of these conditions are hard to diagnose, that’s why keeping a journal you can push the dr into looking further into it-otherwise they will laugh, give you some tums, and cash your check for the visit.
Hope this helps-and good luck!!!

Q: What is a quick fix remedy for curing “sour stomach” the day after drinking alcohol to excess?
I drank way to much last night and today I have that terrible feeling in my stomach that doesn’t want to disappear. I took Pepto and drank some tea but neither helped. Any remedies that have worked for you in the past? Thanks in advance.

(I also asked this in Health section, but I figured I would give it a try here also.)

A: A good greasy breakfast & a bottle of Gatorade to replace the electrolytes.

Q: Whats safe to take for sour stomach during pregnancy?
i went to the dr and she told me i had a stomach flu. and its VERY painful, it hurts my belly, and i have diarhea, which is nasty i know but everyone goes through it.. right.

n e ways, its been going on and ive been resting and drinking juice and water but it still hurts. so is there n e thing i can take that might make me feel better, or at least make the stomach ache die down, or get rid of the diarrhea?

A: rolaids. plus they are much tastier than tums lol

Q: Is orange juice okay to drink with a sour stomach?
I have low potassium levels, and my stomach has been aching.

I just got back from the ER and they said I threw up blood because I was puking too hard.

But back to the question, would it be okay if I drank orange juice at all? Is there anything that’ll help my stomach that I can drink?

A: I wouldnt..orange juice has a lot of acid in it that will probably make your stomach worse

Q: 6 months pregnant and sour stomach pains?
I’m 6 months pregnant and have been feeling like crap today. My chest is aching and there is a sour feelinmg in my stomach, like someone is grabbing me by the pit of my stomach and twisting. Anyone else ever feel this or have a clue what it is?

A: It could be all your ligaments stretching or you could be coming down with something. Best to get it checked out with the dr if you arent sure and put your mind at rest.

Q: can you use lemon juice for sour stomach?
I need something for sour stomach and have no money to get nothing and need home remedie I also need home remedies for flea bites I have used over the counter creams I used about 3 diffrent kinds and nothing works. Need help between my sour stomach and me itching because I have a lot of flea bites do to going over my sisters house she lives on a farm and fleas are bad I am suffering I am also vary tired do to scratching a lot

A: You could try milk for the sour stomach.

Q: What can I take for a sour stomach and diarrhea while pregnant?
I feel really yucky and I’m about to head to cvs to get some medicine. I don’t remember what’s safe for those conditions while being pregnant. If someone could tell me it would be really helpful. Thanks!

A: You can ask the pharmacists while your at Cvs.

Q: What kind of food can be eaten with a sour stomach?
I was vomtting all night and I almost started to bleed through my nose. I had diarea too. What kinds of foods can I eat?

A: try some saltine crackers or chicken noddle soup in small amounts
hope you feel better

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