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Stomach Acid

A: Only your doctor can answer this, as the term ‘gastritis’ is a broad one kind of like ‘pneumonia’ or ‘arthritis’. Treatment depends on your particular cause and type, so for example if you have a H. pylori bacterial infection you can receive antibiotics.

Q: Does morning sickness feel like stomach acid creeping up in your throat all the time?
This week when I bend over or for no reason at all stomach acid creeps up in the back of my throat. Saturday I woke up in the middle of the night with my throat on fire. I have a pretty strong stomach and managed to not get sick, but I feel like it was always a possibility. Did anyone else get this?

A: that’s heartburn, not morning sickness. they say that if u get a lot of heartburn during pregnancy that mean ur baby will have lots of hair. i had really bad heartburn during my first trimester, so it is normal, just pack up on anti acid pills like Rolaids or Tums and drink lots of water

ps. do not drink milk or eat b4 bed, it gives u more heartburn, trust me, i’ve had heartburn for over 7 years now. try using 2 pillows to keep ur head up, that’s one of the best ways besides pills, once i got pregnant and got heartburn more than usual, i started using 2 pillows, haven’t woken up from heartburn ever since.

Q: What pH should my hydrochloric solution be when making simulated stomach acid?
i read that stomach acid has a pH that can range from 1-4, but most commonly, 2-4…but i also read that stomach acid is hydrochloric acid at a pH of 1…so what pH should i dilute my acid to? can you pls give me a small explanation to your answer just for reliable info, or give me a reliable source where you got your answer

A: Use a pH of 1 for stomach acid.

My basis: do a google search on “stomach acid” as well as my own 33 years of experience as a teacher.

the pH levels of 3-4 are developed upon the entry of food into the stomach and relate to the presence of proteins and their attendant amino acids upon digestion.

Q: How can you make simulated stomach acid?
I’m doing a little experiment that requires stomach acid.
I know that we need HCI but can you make it with out it like some other chemicals?(because it is hard to get.)
If you can’t, it is Ok if you know how,please answer.
And I want to get them easy as possiple, also fast as possible.

Thank you!

A: Stomach acid is about the same as 0.1 molar HCl.

Q: How can I increase the amount of acid in my stomach?
I have low stomach acids and need to introduce more acid into my stomach. I have heard citrus fruits/juices and vinegar…but is there anything else as well?

A: Very often, indigestion can be remedied without recourse to medication. These simple dietary modifications will all help to improve digestive function and reduce digestive discomfort, whatever the cause. Proper chewing is essential for proper digestion.
It would also help you to avoid big meals, because the larger the meal, the larger the load on the digestive system.
Small, frequent meals ease the burden on the digestive system and reduce the risk of indigestion. Another thing you can do to help your digestion is to avoid drinking more than a few sips of fluid with meals.
Any more tends to dilute the digestive secretions which break food down, disturbing digestion. Acid supplements can sometimes help to relieve indigestion, but I suggest that these are used only on the advice of a practitioner.

Q: How can I turn off the acid pumps in my stomach?
I have Stomach ulcers and gerd. I am under a great deal of stress and I am throwing up stomach acid and burning my throat. I am taking 300 mg of Zantac but the problem won’t go away due to my three sisters harassing me all the time.

A: I suggest:

Talk to your sisters and tell them they are making you ill. They have no right to be causing you to feel like this. If you have to, then cut them completely out of your life. Move house, change your phone number, whatever it takes. They are blood relatives, not blood suckers, they are meant to support you lovingly not make your life miserable.

Also talk to your doctor about the possibility that you have a hiatus hernia, a stomach ulcer (which is caused by bugs and can be cured by drugs) or perhaps low iron, which can cause stress and heartburn.

Also look at your diet as some foods can cause probelms like this. Particularly drinking tea and eating pastry or just eating late at night. Sit up straight with good support as lounging in a chair does not allow the valve at the top of the stomach to close properly. Exercise and drink enough (water).

Good Luck and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Q: Whats is a word equation to show how an indiegestion tablet nutralises the stomach acid?
Sometimes people complain about having an “acid stomach”.The substance in the indigestion tablet is calcium carbonate.

A: Hcl Acid + Ca CO3= lower HclAcid. Best i can do.

Q: How do I eliminate too much stomach acid?
I was taking clomipramine and I started feeling lot of acid in my stomach I ate something and I still felt it. Any way I can rid of this feeling?

A: Yes. Drink tea. Really, but don’t put anything else in the tea like cream or sugar. What kind of tea? Well there are many, but what your looking for is any tea that tastes bitter. The stronger the bitter taste the better for you, as most of the time this is because the tea a basic, and will neutralize your stomach acid. (Found out by stumbling upon it). What ive noticed is that if the tea is cold instead of warm it acts faster.

Hope it helps.

Q: is there a way to reduce stomach acid during pregnancy?
Im not one to get sick (throw up) but in the morning, ive been vomiting stomach acid. Its not alot, but enough to be a problem. I only throw it up in the morning, with in the first 10 minutes of being awake. Is there anything I can take or something I can do to reduce the amt of acid in my stomach? If it helps, im only at 12 weeks.

A: Stay Regular.
Constipation is a common cause of gas and bloating.

Don’t gorge.
Large meals just add to the bloated feeling. They also overload your digestive system, which is not at its most efficient to begin with during pregnancy. Instead of three large meals a day, eat six small ones.

Don’t Gulp.
When you rush through meals or eat on the run, you are bound to swallow as much air as food. This captured air forms painful pockets of gas in your gut.

Steer clear of gas-producers. Your stomach knows what they are-possibly onions, cabbage and cabbage-family members such as Brussels sprouts and broccoli, fried foods and sugary sweets (which you should not be eating anyway), and, of course, the notorious beans.

If you follow this, then this should reduce your stomach acid.

Q: How do you lower stomach acid level?
I notice I have been getting lot of acid in my stomach lately and I am very concern about it I keep thinking that the acid can burn a hole through my stomach lining. Is there anything I can do without taking prescriptions because I heard that taking like prilosec causes acid rebound causing the stomach to produce more acid. I just want to know how to deacrease the acid level.
The thing is even if I ate something I still feel the acid normally you wouldnt feel it you should feel full. But I still feel the burn I did see a doctor about it and what he did was he did an endoscopy and saw that I had so much acid and he told me to take prilosec. But my poiint is im looking for something that is not a medication to control or stop too much acid temporary and also I have been drinking lot of water and that didnt help like it did before it just seems like the acid always stayed that way and I blame my mom for letting me drink sodas when I was young.
I thank you all for the replies but I have one more information to give you and what that is that sometimes in the morning I get stomach pains due to the acid and I hear gurgling noises which then leads to diarrhea my doc said it was caused from top much acid however I do disagree with it because I think it could be ibs irritable bowel syndrome. What do you guys think?

A: The rebound effect is definitely true, I am in the process of having some surgery done that is associated with this problem.

To help with acid reflux, eat smaller portioned meals. No smoking or alcohol. Do not eat late at night. I don’t eat after 6 pm. Dairy products are tough on you if you have milk in the evening.

My doctor found that I had a stricture in the bottom of my stomach where the food is to empty from. During an endoscopy test, he stretched the opening,with a balloon, allowing the foods to digest quicker. The longer food sits in your stomach, it will produce more acid. You may also have a hiatal hernia, as many people have them and do not realize it.

Talk to your doctor about an endoscopy test. Tell him that you are looking for ways to reduce the acid without medication. I found out I have Barrett’s Esophagus from the acid erosion, so don’t let acid reflux go too far without being checked. Talk to your doctor, or have your GP send you to a specialist in this area. I was on prilosec and almost everything else there is, over the counter and prescription, but they stopped working after on them for awhile.

The endoscopy test is nothing to go through. You are given anesthetic, and feel nothing. I was a bit apphrensive, but I did not know anything during the test whatsoever. I will not hesitiate to have it done again, as I will have to be monitored from time to time. I feel for you, because I know exactly what you are going through. Good luck to you, and I wish you well.

Q: How long will you have to live with the stomach acid, outside of your stomach, inside of you?
Say you punctured a hole in your stomach, or somehow the acid was too high on the pH level and burned a hole through the muscle, how long do you think you’d have to live with the acid inside you? Would the damage be irreversible or would you just die with no hope. Is it even possible for the stomach acid to burn through your insides?

A: You are describing a “perforated peptic ulcer.”
Typically, collapsing in shock would be very, very fast. Pain would be severe even before perforation happens, usually. If this were happening, you probably wouldn’t be able to type a question on Yahoo Answers.

Q: How many moles of stomach acid would be neutralized?
How many moles of stomach acid would be neutralized by one tablet of Regular Strength Maalox (CaCO3) that contains 0.6g CaCO3?

A: Molar mass CaCO3 = 100.087 g/mol
0.6g = 0.6/100.087 = 6*10^-3mol

Balanced equation:
CaCO3 + 2HCl ? CaCl2 + CO2 + H2O
1mol CaCO3 reacts with 2mol HCl
6*10^-3 mol CaCO3 will react with 6*10^-3*2 = 1.2*10^-2 mol HCl.
Answer: 1.2*10^-2 mol HCl.

Q: How can probiotics survive stomach acid to be of benefit?
So called friendly bacteria in Probiotic drinks are supposed to do us good, but how do they survive the hydrochloric acid in the stomach to achieve anything..or is it a marketing gimic?

A: Looks like marketing gimmick to me.

Surely rather than giving the friendly bacteria coats, if they’re supposed to be for the colon they should be aimed more directly at the colon?

Instead of selling them in faffy wee bottles they should come with a tube and funnel?

Q: What is the ph level of 5% acidity distilled white vinegar? Will this be a good simulator for stomach acid?
I’m doing a term project on drug coating and need to find a appropriate simulator for stomach acid. I can’t get my hands on hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) or anything that dangerous.

Plus, let’s assume that one drank water with the pill, so that it would have diluted the stomach acid to some degree.
The 5% distilled white vinegar is just a regular store-bought commercial product.

A: First, the pH of vinegar. Acetic acid has a Ka of 1.8E-5. The equilibrium expression and the Ka expression are

HA —-> H+ + A-
Ka = [H+][A-]/[HA]

Notice that an H+ is produced for every A-. This means your expression becomes

Ka = [H+]^2/[HA]

So what is [HA] to start with in a 5% solution of acetic acid? Well, if 5% of a liter of solution is acetic acid, that means 50mL of the 1000 mL is acetic acid, and the other 950 mL are water. Acetic acid has a density of 1.05 g/mL and a formula weight of 60 g/mol, so 50 mL is 53g or 8.7 moles in 0.950 L of water. This is a 9.2M solution of acetic acid. That is [HA].

so… 1.8E-5 = [H+]^2/9.2M, or

(1.8E-5*9.2)^0.5 = [H+] = 0.013M

pH is defined as the -log of this number, which is 1.9

Now for the comparison. Hydrochloric acid has a Ka of 10. This means that a 9.2M solution of HCl is 9.2M in [H+] and has a pH of -0.96. This is two full units lower than for the comparable concentration of acetic acid. So you can see that HCl is a much stronger acid than acetic acid. In your stomach the concentration of HCl is about 150 mM, which gives a pH of about 0.82. It is still more acidic than the much more concentrated vinegar.

I do not think that acetic acid would be a good simulator for HCl. There are lots of carboxylic acids in the proteins in food, so if acetic acid were acidic enough to degrade proteins then those acids would degrade the proteins also. It might well degrade your tablets, though, depending on what the coating is made of.

I would try using lye to degrade your tablets. This is a NaOH, a strong base, not a strong acid, but it has the same effect on many substrates as a strong acid. Should be okay for your tablets, since things that are susceptible to strong acid hydrolysis are almost always susceptible to strong basic hydrolysis also, just not susceptible to anything in the middle. Stirring your tablets in a 130mM lye solution would tear the coating apart just like 130mM HCl would, only using a different mechanism.

The point would be that you have provided an equally harsh aqueous environment to the stomach and degraded the tablets. Just a suggestion!

Q: If you were impaled in the stomach would die bleed to death or would the stomach acid kill you first?
Let’s say that you were just impaled and the sword, spear, whatever, went through your stomach. If you don’t pull it out, would you bleed to death, or would your stomach acid kill you?

A: bleed to death or sudden death if organs were damaged, if ur conscience leave the protuding invader in its place and call an ambulance. stomach acid wont kill you…just give u heartburn :-)

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